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Summery:HPDM SLASH! Harry Potter has an abusive boyfriend and has convinced himself that he deserves everything that he gets. What happens when Draco Malfoy just so happens to walk in on one of the lovers' quarrels? Rated M for a reason!

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Harry had definitely seen better days. He cursed under his breath as he put the raw meat on his swollen eye. This was going to be hard to cover up, especially when he worked as an Auror. The division of the ministry he was positioned in seemed like a very private branch. In reality, everyone either knew or knew where to learn everything; it was what they were paid to do. Problem was, no one really knew where the line between business and personal was.

After some time trying to get the swelling to disappear Harry decided to make dinner for him and his lover. His lover was another Auror, his senior by three years. Harry liked the thought of going out with an older man, someone who probably had more experience and someone who was more mature. He broke up with his first love Ginny a year after becoming an Auror and realized his sexual preference. It wasn't too long after that when he met someone new. His name was Eric Baldwin, Auror in one of the other departments. It started with casual flirting and a year later the Eric moved into his flat.

Life was great, for a short while at least. Then the jealousy started and the possessiveness started. Eric hated him going out to drink or even to visit Ron and the other Weasleys. That hatred soon started to get violent. They were going out for little over a year before the first bruise was made.

Harry started to stir the broth when he heard loud footsteps resound through the hall outside their flat and he immediately recognized the drunken steps to be from Eric. The door slammed open to confirm Harry's thoughts and Eric stumbled inside. Harry looked down to the floor knowing what might happen. His eye still hasn't recovered and Eric's already back.

"Harry, look at me!" Harry jerked his eyes up to meet the dark eyes of his lover. "Where's my food?"

"You'll have to wait a few more minutes. It's still cooking."

"Still cooking, eh?"


"Well that's not going to feed me now, is it?"

"No." Harry looked down feeling ashamed. When he looked back up he got an immediate slap in the face. He knew he should have got the food ready earlier but he couldn't even open his eye before he put the meat on. He knew he deserved it.

"That'll teach you."

Harry ignored the pain of the slap. It had enough force to throw him back a few steps but he could do nothing about it until Eric left the room, he fell asleep or the least likely of them all being that he became sober.

Harry couldn't even use a healing charm. Eric never let him use his magic anywhere but at work, and required that they set their wands by the door when they were home. He claimed that it was better for not only Harry but also their relationship. If one got mad, then the other knew that a hex wouldn't be thrown at him. Harry thought it seemed reasonable and didn't mind doing things around the house the hard way.

The timer beeped, signaling the soup and bread were done. Harry immediately pulled them out of the oven and turned off the stove and set them on the table. He turned back to get bowls and utensils and suddenly his arm hurt. His first thought was that he must have did something wrong again, but he didn't hear Eric or feel him. Putting his arm up to his face he saw a big red burn on the inside of his lower arm.

"Harry! Where's my bowl and spoon? You can't expect me to eat without them, can you?" shouted Eric.

"Sorry." He rushed to the cupboards and pulled out two bowls and then two spoons from the drawer, ignoring the pain that spread from the burn to around his whole lower arm. He hurried back and put them on the table. Eric started eating, having no consideration for Harry.

When finished, Eric spoke two words. "Bedroom. Now." Harry used to look forward to the nights with long hours of just sex. It felt so passionate and hot in the beginning. Somehow it soon turned rough and sometimes borderline S&M. Tonight wasn't going to be any different. He stood and started walking to the door, Eric following. They filed inside and Eric walked to the bed while Harry stayed right in front of the door, awaiting the usual command.

"Strip." Harry began taking his clothes off. First the shirt and then trousers and then what was underneath trousers. He stood stark naked.

"Give me a head job." Again Harry did as he was commanded and walked to Eric, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread waiting for Harry. He knelt down and pulled the zipper of Eric's pants down. Then he reached in and pulled out Eric's special member from inside. The fellatio started as Harry put his mouth over the tip. A minute passed before Eric grabbed his head and made him start deep-throating it. A couple minutes later and Eric released into Harry's mouth without warning.

"Swallow." Harry did and the night continued. Eric was rough, barely preparing Harry before entering. Of course it only hurt, not feeling the joy of sex when Eric was drunk but as long as Eric enjoyed it, then he could live with a little discomfort.

Harry woke up the next morning to notice a couple things. Eric was gone somewhere, his backside was sore, and there was now a huge scab covering the burn he had received earlier. Lastly, he noticed a some drops of blood on the sheets. He didn't feel like getting up but he knew he had to. He couldn't take too many sick days and this wasn't too bad. He stood up feeling the dried cum between his legs and staggered slowly to the bathroom.

One shower later, Harry felt a little better. He got dressed and walked into the kitchen. He never expected to see Eric sitting at the table, his head in his hands.

"Eric? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the ministry already?"

"I called in sick for both of us. I woke up and saw that blood and knew I hurt you more and didn't even pay attention to the fact that you were hurt to begin with. Again I pushed you too far. I'm really sorry, but if you had dinner ready on time and didn't burn yourself in the first place maybe this wouldn't have happened." Not once did he pull his head out of his hands while saying that. Harry knew, he felt really guilty and knew that he never really meant to hurt him. He walked to Eric and hugged him from behind.

"It's ok Eric, I deserved it. Please don't worry about it but can swear you will never drink again?"

"I swear. I absolutely swear. I want to make this up to you. How does a dinner at The Wizard's Palace sound?" The Wizard's Palace was a super nice restaurant that few people could get in, let alone afford the food. Harry, who saved the world from You-Know-Who, made him one of the people who were always on the list.

"Sounds good."

"You should go back to bed and get some rest."

"I'll have to change the sheets and I really don't feel up to doing that."

"I'll change the sheets. Just sit down and wait." Eric hurried to the bedroom before Harry could protest. Harry was in no shape to sit down, so he sort of leaned against the table in a way that was semi comfortable. Eric was back out in roughly ten minutes. He quickly walked to Harry and picked him up, princess style.

"Eric, put me down, I don't need to be carried."

"No." Eric carried Harry to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. He pulled off Harry's shoes, socks, shirt and lastly his glasses before placing a soft kiss on his lips. "I'll wake you up when it's about dinnertime." He walked back to the door and added "Harry, I really am sorry," before leaving and shutting the door softly.

Harry fell into a light sleep full of dreams and the occasional nightmare. The last nightmare scared him enough to wake him up. Sitting straight up in bed he looked to the clock that said 5:30. Eric should have woken him up. "Oh well," Harry thought out loud, "He's busy and under a lot of stress. He can't be doing everything for me."

He stood up finding he was still sore but not as much as before. Then walked into the bathroom and splashed some water onto his face. Harry looked in the mirror and found the shiner to still be there, lighter of course, but still there. Great, how was he supposed to go out with that on his face?

He walked back to the bedroom and got dressed in nice dress robes, ones that weren't too formal but were still above casual. He then made his way into the kitchen. Empty, save for the few empty beer bottles and the half empty Fire Whiskey bottle. Those bottles were a sure sign that Eric was drunk. "Not again," said Harry to himself. He cleared those away and decided to just sit and wait for Eric to come home. He didn't have to wait long because Eric opened the front door of their flat, walked over, grabbed Harry's arm and Apparated to the restaurant.

The Wizards Palace was pretty much what the name implies. It's a large building decorated somewhat like a palace from a person's dreams, concealed in the wizard world. It was mainly a hotel but the restaurant was the main reason anybody wanted to stay.

The waiter immediately set them at a table and brought out a glass of water and a menu for each of them. Harry was silent as Eric chose and ordered for them. Looking around Harry noticed a familiar looking face. The face of the person he least wanted to see. Malfoy. He was a few tables away, alone and apparently bored. Harry tried not to look at him but something kept urging him to look to the left. Eric was either too busy or too drunk to notice the glances his lover was sending to the other man. A moment later and Eric excused himself from the table.

Draco Malfoy, who was also keeping an unnoticed eye towards Potter, saw his chance. He walked to the table; each step seemed to prove his arrogance. He took the seat that was just emptied, across from Potter.

"Hello Potter. Fancy seeing you here."

"Malfoy." Draco was surprised. No glare or slight sneer from Potter. Instead his eyes showed slight confusion and also a little fear.

"So, Potter. What are you doing here? And who was that man that you were with?"

"None of your business." Draco had to admit, Potter was actually quite handsome and his green eyes were beautiful. Draco could almost feel himself already falling. He would take this as a challenge. Making his old rival fall for him would definitely be fun. Then after he had Potter wrapped around his finger, he'd drop him like a rock. Maybe then he'd feel what Draco felt when he turned him down flat.

"Anyways, here's my card. Call me," he said with a wink and walked back to his table. He knew Potter was definitely going to be curious and end up calling him.

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