Haruhi trudged home gloomily after school that day, the same way she has since Hikaru officially went AWOL: deep in thought, concerned about him and how he was feeling. She had been able to get back into the rhythm of her regular routine not long after Kaoru's funeral and was usually in her typical hard-working mindset, but that never allowed her worry for the older twin (who was technically no longer a twin) to subside.

'I wonder if he's just not coming back to Ouran ever again', she thought as she continued home. She contemplated all the possibilites for what he might plan to do. 'I'm sure he could easily transfer to any other elite school with his family's money. Coming back to Ouran might remind him too much of all the times he's had there with Kaoru. But even if that is the case and while this is all probably still hard for him, he should still at least let us all know what's going on. Ugh, I guess I should still give him a break.'

While she didn't show it often, Haruhi did genuinely care for and love her fellow host club members, even when they annoyed the hell out of her, and they did for her as well. Hikaru was included. She knew especially how much he cared for her. So why she of all people was in the dark about what was going on was definitely a mystery to her as well.

When Haruhi finally approached the door to her and her dad's apartment, she was far from prepared for what she would see after unlocking the door and opening it.

Her bag fell right off of her shoulder as her eyes and mouth opened up wide to the site of her now practically obliterated apartment.

The living room table and a few chairs were tipped over and broken, drawers were pulled right out with their contents spilled all over the floor, the walls looked as if Ranka threw Tamaki back into them tenfold, broken glass (which were probably once beer bottles, considering the smell emitting from them) was everywhere, the carpets were stained with what smelled like alcohol, it goes on.

It took Haruhi a few moments to let this all sink in. Once it did, she immediately came up with what she considered the only reasonable conclusion.

'Oh, Dad...I thought that you had recovered by now, but I guess some old habits die hard. And I'm sure my own personal problems have only been putting undeserved stress on you,' Haruhi thought as a saddened expression came upon her face. After it had been some time since her dad had come home drunk, she was relieved to think that his binge drinking days were over. This mess proved otherwise.

Or, that's what she thought was the real conclusion.

After getting over the inital shock, she quickly but carefully walked around the broken glass and pieces of wood that were once furniture. She was still shocked though; she never imagined her dad going on such a rampage after getting drunk. It didn't seem like him, but she couldn't think of another explanation. All she hoped now was to find him and somehow console him.

Finally making it to his room (where a trail that reeked of alcohol led to), she hesitatingly opened the door, trying not to make too much noise so she wouldn't scare who she thought would be her dad.

"Uh, dad...I'm home...are you okay?" she asked nervously as the door creeked open. She peeked her head inside to get a good view of his room.

The bedroom looked pretty normal for the most part. Only one emptied bottle was lying on the floor, completely intact thankfully. That and someone was obviously lying right in the middle of the twin-sized futon underneath the covers, his head laying right on top of a pillow with the covers over it as well. Haruhi could hear his exasperated moaning, which made her slightly cringe.

"Dad...have you been going overboard with the drinking again?" she asked as she quietly tiptoed over to the side of the futon. "It's okay. I'm here and I can get you some pain reliever and water if you want right now, but you have to quit this habit. It's not good for you," she told him comfortingly as she soothingly rubbed his head. She figured she'd scold him about wrecking their home later. "Now come on. You'll suffocate under there." She took her hand off his head and grabbed the covers to pull them off.

She was in no way prepared to see who it really was that had been drinking and going on a rampage in her own home.

As soon as she lifted off the covers to get a good look at who the culprit really was, she gasped and immediately dropped the blanket on top of his bare chest.

"...Hi-...Hikaru?" Haruhi stared in horror as the severely drunk Hikaru, still lying on the bed, groggily opened his eyes and looked her straight in the eye. She began backing away in fear. She almost yelped once he shot right up and stared intently at her.

"Haruhi! What're you doin' here? This is my sanctuary! I'm supposed to be alone! I want to sulk and rid of my sorrow alone, so get lost!" he exclaimed angrily. His speech somewhat slurred. No question. He had surely been drinking, probably right out of Ranka's cabinet.

"Excuse me? Hikaru, this happens to be my apartment and my dad's room! I don't even know how you could have gotten in here!" Haruhi yelled right back at him, not risking getting any closer to him as she slowly crept backwards a bit before hitting the wall behind her.

Haruhi definitely felt the urge to cry now, which did not happen that often. Only a terrible or frightening occurence, such as her mom's death, Kaoru's death, her dad almost killing himself by excessive drinking, and especially the sound of roaring thunder could make her tear up. But seeing a friend like this for the first time since the funeral, no, a best friend like this who had just experienced a huge loss destroyed her inside. She would never imagine Hikaru Hitachiin would turn to drinking in order to handle his problems. She thought he'd be stronger than this. Plus, she thought that he'd let her help him get through this, that way there was no chance that he'd ever resort to something as horrible (not to mention as unhealthy) as this.

"Hey! I've been through enough these last few weeks and I don't need any of your crap, Haruhi! So just leave me the hell alone!" He shot a menacing glare right at her, pulling a full bottle out from underneath the pillow and pointing it at her before ripping off the cap and downing most of it.

Haruhi realized what a delicate situation this was and didn't want to be too hard on poor Hikaru, but she needed to be forceful to a point. She resisted the urge to let her tears fall. Acting swiftly, she went back over to the futon and snatched the bottle right out of Hikaru's hand before he could consume every last drop.

"What the hell was that for, Haruhi? Give it back!" he snapped at her, flailing his arms about to get the bottle back from her as she lifted it as high as she could. In his drunken state of mind, he obviously didn't think to get up off the bed to obtain it.

"No, Hikaru! Don't you realize how dangerous this is for you? I understand the sorrow you must be feeling right now, but-"

"Undestand?" he cut her off, clenching his teeth. "How in hell could you understand my pain?" He shot up right off the bed and towered over her. Though Haruhi was feeling absolutely terrified of him right now, she tried her best to keep her composure, though she couldn't help but slightly tremble in fear. "Kaoru is gone, Haruhi! Gone!" The former twin was now beginning to tear up as well at the sound of his late brother's name. "What's the point of anything anymore? We did everything together! As long as he was by my side, I always knew that everything would be okay no matter what! We didn't need anyone else! Everything was perfectly fine until that dumbass showed up and convinced us to join his stupid little occult! Kaoru would still be here if it weren't for that retard and his retarded club! If he and those other bastards care, the next time you see them, tell them that I said that I hope all those stupid-"

Just like that morning in Karuizawa, Hikaru was shocked when Haruhi's hand made contact with his cheek. He shut up instantly.

"That's enough!" Haruhi began panting heavily after smacking him. "Again, Hikaru, like I and everyone else keep trying to tell you, I couldn't be sorrier for your loss, but we just want you to be happy again! We realize how close you and Kaoru were, but no one can do anything about it! We all want him back, maybe not as badly as you do because you were his twin and you guys had a special bond, but we still do!" Hikaru didn't turn back to face Haruhi. He just stayed still and looked away from her, but she continued anyway. "And of course I understand your pain. It was horrible when I lost my mom and it'll never go away. The pain of losing a loved one...it's...inexplicable. I understand that much and you know I do.

"But I'm begging you, don't you dare put the blame of all this on Tamaki-sempai and the others! They all love and care about us deeply, even Kyoya-sempai! Even though he doesn't show it, he does have a heart and he does genuinely care about all of our well-being! And Honey-sempai and Mori-sempai...they couldn't love and care more about us even if they tried! They could and will protect us whenever we need them! I know they would've been there in a heartbeat to save Kaoru had they known. And Tamaki-sempai...seriously, there's no one on this planet with a bigger heart than his. Once you get past his egotistical exterior, you know he cares for everyone and anyone. He reached out to you guys because he thought the host club we be good for you guys, and it has been! You guys had opened up and became happier since! He's definitely not to blame for what happened to your brother.

"And I can't say I know for sure what Kaoru would want for you to do now, but if he was as loving of a brother as I'm sure he was, this is far from what he'd want you to do! He would be hurt to see you turning to alcohol of all things! He would blame himself for sure if he saw you doing this because of his death! I promise you, there are much better ways to alleviate your sorrow and to enjoy life again! I'll help you myself if I need to, and only if you'll let me. Please..."

Haruhi soon found herself reduced to tears, falling into Hikaru's bare chest. He still refused to look at her for a moment, but he then turned forward and frowned down at the sobbing girl.

An evil-looking grin then came upon his face. Haruhi unfortunately was still crying and obviously didn't look up to see his face. Had she, she would've known right away that trouble would be on its way.

"So you'll help satisfy my needs, will you Haruhi?" he asked her mischievously. Haruhi's tears subsided, but she didn't hear the tone in Hikaru's voice.

"Of course, Hikaru, anything. Anything that isn't alcohol. There's nothing worse than that."

"Nothing is worse, you say?" He began lightly cackling, which struck Haruhi as odd, but she figured he was still somewhat drunk and out of it. The stress must have been getting to him.

"Yeah, I guess-ah!" Haruhi soon found a pair of arms quickly gripping her own and slamming her right onto her dad's futon. "Ow, what the hell are you do...oh God...no...Hikaru..." Hikaru wasted no time lunging himself right on top of her, keeping her trapped right underneath him. She knew right away that there were no physical means of escaping. He had her trapped, and any frightening situation she had ever been in before in her life was out the window as of this particular moment.

"Heh heh, prepare to help me, Haruhi. This will definitely be healthier and more satisfying for me than your dad's cheap beer," Hikaru said, smirking down at her, looking too pleased with how the situation was going.

It was surely intimidating to Haruhi, having a drunk best friend (without his shirt on) trapping her underneath his body. It was a similar situation (and position) to what Kyoya pretended to almost do to her that one night in order to teach her a lesson, but she was sure that this time, the bad guy wouldn't hold back, especially considering he was drunk, and that there was no lesson for her out of this, other than to flee the next time one of your friends becomes drunk.

"Hikaru, think about what you're doing before you do something that you'll regret!" she begged him, her voice shaking as she began choking on her oncoming sobs. The tears returned, but this time, Haruhi was far more fearful than sad. She felt how much she was sweatting underneath her uniform out of fear. If Hikaru wasn't so strong and was pinning her down so hard, she would've tried flailing her limbs in defense, but there was no chance of getting out of this physically. "Think about what Kaoru would-"

"Enough about my dead, never-coming-back brother right now, my dear." Hikaru put his right index figer to her lips as he started to lose his balance, but he managed and kept her pinned down. Her distressed expression had no absolutely no effect on him, which it would've usually. "It's not about him right now. Right now, it's just you, me, and ridding me of my sorrow," he said in a tone that was mixed with seduction and menace as he chuckled.

"Hikaru, no..." were the last words that Haruhi choked out in almost a whisper before she began sobbing for real once Hikaru yanked off her tie and started sucking on her neck, which was only the beginning...

That life-scarring event took place about two months ago. Since then, not much had changed from what was now the usual for Haruhi and the rest of the host club. A couple weeks after the funeral, she and the other hosts went on with their regular lives and continued their club activites as they usually would, though Kyoya was far from content with the loss of profits that the twins used to bring in. None of them had heard from Hikaru since the funeral (besides Haruhi, though she was able to keep it a secret from everyone, including Ranka), but Kyoya decided to let it go. While he was concerned for Hikaru, he stayed professional and didn't show it.

Honey and Mori continuously feel guilty for not being able to save Kaoru from his demise. Honey would not try to conceal his tears, but Mori, though far from happy, kept his stoic disposition anyway. Following Kyoya's advice, they tried not to let their guilt consume them and kept their regulars entertained. It was their last term at Ouran, so they had to try to make it a good one for their usual guests considering, but it was a struggle, no doubt.

Tamaki was still the king and acted so, but it was obvious that he didn't enjoy hosting as much anymore. He never had anything to go balistic over anymore now that the two 'dopplegangers' were pretty much gone for good. He even stopped referring to everyone as his 'wife' or 'daughter' or whatever other family names he used to use with them; he barely even fawned over Haruhi anymore. For the most part, it just seemed like everyone was forcing themselves to continue with their host club activites and enjoy them. Their customers were well aware of it, but everyone seemed to mutually (though unknowningly) agree to just act as they would've if Kaoru was still with them.

But out of everyone, Haruhi was obviously the most out of it. Since her little encounter with Hikaru, she was even more miserable than she was just after Kaoru's death, and anyone could tell. She almost never even attempted to smile anymore, and why would she? People, including her dad, her customers, and fellow hosts (who all tried to be happy again) would obviously ask something else was wrong (besides the recent tragedy) and she'd just say that she was fine or do whatever she could in her power to just avoid the question. Either way, she couldn't fine herself cheering up. Despite that though, she figured that while it'd be hard, she believed that time would definitely heal all wounds; and she surely believed that everyone else would eventually get over the fact that Hikaru was gone for good and that they continue on with their lives for real some day with real smiles on their faces. She also hoped that she could get over being...raped, and forget it ever happened.

That was very unlikely, because two months later, Haruhi and Ranka found themselves in a doctor's office, a gynecologist's to be exact.

"Dad, what are we going to do?" Haruhi asked him tearfully as she was sitting impatiently and twiddling her thumbs, waiting for her doctor to show up. Since two months ago, she would easily find herself crying to sleep practically every night and having nightmares about that day. Along with that, she also found herself getting worked up over little things, but she just figured that it would be normal considering all the stuff that had happened to her recently. "I can't go through with this! I and everyone else are supposed to be trying to get back to our lives and this might ruin everything!"

"I know, Haruhi, and I'm still very sorry I allowed him to do that to you," Ranka said, trying his best to look Haruhi in the eye, but he felt very guilty.

He remembered that day well; Hikaru randomly showed up at their doorstep looking pretty okay and asked if Haruhi was home yet. Ranka said she wasn't but that he could stay and wait for her. He then had to leave for another shift and figured that Hikaru was able to be left alone. He wouldn't have ever guessed that he couldn't have been more wrong. Most would imagine that he'd go on a rampage and be ready to murder any guy who would do such a thing to his daughter, but Haruhi calmed him down and once he realized Hikaru's situation, took pity on him.

"I know that everything will be okay. Just call it a father's instinct."

He tried giving her a small smile, and for the first time in months, she was able to somewhat return it.

"I hope so. I'm just praying right now that the one test I took was just wrong and that my nausea has just been from stress." Just as Haruhi was about to continue speaking, her doctor finally came in. Haruhi politely asked Ranka to leave so they could be alone. He understood completely and walked out in silence, still smiling warmly at her. Haruhi was now too nervous to even pretend to look happy, but she did try for her dad.

The doctor quickly asked Haruhi some basic questions before asking her to lie down. As the doctor asked her, Haruhi's mind was racing. She was more than aware of the likely possibility, but she didn't want to think so at all. Her and Hikaru's lives were pretty much laid out at this point, but now, that could all be gone because of one stupid thing Hikaru did. Either way, at this point, both of their lives were definitely changed for good no matter what, but the question was how drastically. Haruhi was about to find out.

'Mom, I'm sorry that I allowed this to happen, but I hope both you and Kaoru won't be too disappointed in Hikaru for what he did and have faith in us,' Haruhi thought as she lifted her shirt and felt the gel against her skin. She flinched, but settled down quickly as her doctor pressed the wand against her stomach. The two of them looked at the monitor to search for what they thought might be there.

'Please God, have mercy on me. More importantly, have mercy on Hikaru. I know he made a mistake, but hasn't he of all people gone through enough?' Haruhi had her eyes shut tight as she felt the wand move along her skin. She refused to let the waterworks come out anymore.

"And there it is; right there is a heartbeat." At the doctor's words, Haruhi's heart dropped and her eyes shot right open at the monitor.

She was speechless the second she saw it...'it' being none other than her and Hikaru's unborn child...conceived through unintentional rape.

"Oh my God..." she said quietly, covering her mouth with one hand. Like that day, she struggled to choke back her sobs and keep her tears from falling.

The cheap test was right after all. She had no idea what to think right now. While she dreaded this possibility becoming a reality, she couldn't find herself as upset as she expected. Just completely blown away. It was official: her life and Hikaru's were definitely changed for good, and very drastically for that matter.

"I know, there must be a lot going through your mind right now," Takanura said, smiling at her, then looking back at the monitor. Obviously, she wasn't completely aware of the circumstances of how this all happened. She kept moving the wand around to get a better examination. Haruhi didn't say a word; this was all still too much for her mind to absorb at the moment. "Let's see, there's a hand right there, and what would become it's chest, and it's head, and...oh my."

That remark got Haruhi right out of her daze.

"What? What's wrong?" Haruhi asked frantically, looking back from the doctor to the monitor. Takanura definitely looked surprised, but serious at the same time, her expression not faltering a bit. "Is the baby al-"

Haruhi saw what Takanura was looking at. She was about to tell Haruhi, but she could tell that Haruhi clearly saw what it was herself: another head.

Just like she had been doing every night the past two months, Haruhi couldn't be strong enough to hold it all in and she began crying softly as she looked at the monitor in a mix of shock and fear, the blown away feeling fading at this point now that it pretty much sunk into her head. The room was silent for a while. Takanura looked at her worriedly while she held her mouth with both hands as she sobbed. Her hands didn't move from her face that whole time, but they eventually found their way to her stomach.

'Oh my God. Hikaru...I'm so sorry...I'm sorry that this is happening. I know this is too much for you to handle and I promise that everything will be alright. I'm sorry...'