NARUTO: Shippuden

The Force Unleashed.

Hey people. This is my first fanfic. Or, first attempt to make one… Anyways, I don't own any of the characters or whatever else is mentioned in this. Set after the Force Unleashed video game and During Naruto Shippuden: Sage Training Arc (Manga – I'd say around chapter 418. Anime – Around episode 156)

Anyways, apologies in advance if I made any mistakes in terms of spelling or ploy. I tried my best. Enjoy!

Chapter One

"He is dead."

The most feared man in the galaxy, Darth Vader, and his fearful Sith master, The Dark Emperor Palpatine, stood in the destroyed throne room, over the corpse of a Jedi.

But not just any Jedi.

Starkiller, his real name Galen Marek. The "secret" apprentice of Darth Vader. He defeated three Jedi Masters, killing two. He rescued Bail Organa and his daughter, Leia from Imperial-controlled planets, Felucia and Kashyyk, respectively. He even ripped an Imperial Star Destroyer out of the sky using only The Force.

He then infiltrated what was supposed to be the greatest Imperial weapon of all, the Death Star, and even defeated Vader, who stood there, a great amount of armour and his helmet ripped off in the process.

The Emperor hoped for an apprentice to replace the broken shadow of Vader's former self that stood by him. Instead, he got himself into a Galactic Civil War.

"Then he is more powerful then ever." The Emperor replied angrily. "He was meant to root out the rebels… His sacrifice will only inspire them"

Vader sensed his master's anger. Whether this was because he now had a rebellion to deal with, or because he had lost his change to replace Vader, he didn't know.

"But now we know who they are. I will track them and hunt them down… Just as you always intended, Master."

Palpatine began to move away, then faced Vader "You must be relentless, Lord Vader! If even a single Rebel survives, this Alliance we have unwittingly created… Will be our own undoing"

Palpatine then exited the Throne room. Vader stared down at his former apprentice, and then noticed a strange blue aura appear and surround the lifeless body.

"What?" Vader ignited his red sabre, but the blue aura faded. "He is still alive? How!"

"Lord Vader?" A group of Stormtroopers had entered the Throne room, an Imperial Officer leading the Garrison.

"Clear this mess up. Put that Jedi's body in a holding cell and await my arrival. Do not inform the Emperor." As he said this, Vader exited the room to his chambers, so he could recover.

The Imperials were frozen with fear at the Jedi, wondering how someone could even defeat The Dark Lord Vader... The Officer faced his men

"You heard those orders, now move!"

Vader sat in his chamber, the device placed the helmet on his head, and it locked itself onto the neck of the body armour.

"Lord Vader! There is and emergency!" The Imperial Officer that he had ordered to take Starkiller's body had entered the room, his hat was missing and he had several burns, he was stumbling, inches from death.

"The Jedi… scum… has… escaped!" The Imperial Officer fell onto his knees and then the ground, dead.

Vader immediately turned on a console, a pair of Imperials appeared on screen, then faced Vader.

"Yes, my lord?"

"Commander, enhance security on all hangars, make sure a single ship doesn't leave. Track every ship that does manage to do so, and keep all tractor beams on standby."

"Yes, my lord" He turned to a console and started working on it "Activating all tractor beams… My lord…. All tractor beams on Sector 3117 have been disabled! We've tried contacting the hangar there, but no one is responding. We-He's… escap-

The Commander began to choke, Vader's hand outstretched.

"I want that Jedi destroyed! Send my Star Destroyer after it!"

"Y-yes my lord!" The Commander fell, barely alive and gasping for breath. "All squads, standby, locate and destroy that fighter! Two cruisers on standby, you have clearance. Use any methods necessary. Repeat, any methods necessary to destroy that ship!"

Vader sat there, full of rage. How could he escape? He was barely alive a matter of hours ago! He also did not sense a strong connection to the Force from that TIE fighter… Something wasn't right, but unfortunately, he had no idea what was wrong.

A group of Imperials, lead by a Star Destroyer Captain, were heading towards the Captains shuttle. They heard a lightsabre be ignited. Half of them were dead before they could even turn around. The others tried to shoot at the man, but Galen Marek finished them off before they could even get a shot directly at him. He looked at the Imperial shuttle then quickly entered it.

After he had killed the crew, he took a seat in the Pilots chair and started the craft; it took off into the dark Outer Region Space. He turned on the com-link and listened to Imperial chatter.

"Admiral, any reports on the Jedi?"

"Yes my lord, we were able to plant a tracker on all ships before they left. One has gone into Hyperspace, and all ours are still in orbit of the Death Star."

"Which system is it heading for?"

"It seems to be going very far… It looks like it's heading for the Mygeeto System…"

Starkiller grinned; the auto-pilot had worked. And now they would be more concerned about a runaway Jedi rather than a stray Imperial shuttle. He was able to get out of the scanners range before they could pay attention to him.

"Hm… that war-torn planet hasn't been occupied since the Clone Wars… Very clever, Jedi, but I have you now. Set a course for Mygeeto, await for my arrival before you make the jump into Hyperspace."

"Yes, my L-"

Starkiller turned off the com-link. He was safe… now, to find Bail… to find the Alliance… to find… Juno.

The Force was telling him something else.

"You can't go to them… not yet"

Starkiller turned, his lightsabre ready, he then recognized the voice "Father?"

"You are powerful, my son. Powerful enough to even take on Darth Vader. But not the Emperor… You must search… for an apprentice. One with power that this galaxy has never seen…"

"What? How am I meant to find someone with that kind of power! Palpatine is too strong!"

"Not for this young warrior… He has his own form of combat, beyond the Force. Teach him the ways of the Force, and he will teach you his ways of fighting. And this boy… He is…"

Naruto Uzumaki sat on a stone tile, completely still. On a very sharp point which rose to the sky. His Senjutsu Master, Fukasaku, watched on as he saw his student surpass his former, Jiraiya, who had been killed very recently by the Akatsuki, a group who were after the Kyuubi within Naruto.

Naruto grinned a little as he gathered Sage Chakra. He felt the Nature energy flow within him... He felt stronger.

And then he sneezed.

He lost his balance, and fell around 100 feet. Fukasaku did not help this time, as he normally did. He smiled, knowing what was about to happen.

Naruto crashed into the ground.

"Ouch… Hey, wait a minute… that didn't really hurt"

The elder frog jumped onto the ground "You're in Sage Mode, boy! You're body's been "activated" in several ways!"

"Sage Mode? Haha, awesome!"

Naruto sneezed again.

"It appears someone's talking about you, Naruto-boy!"

"Bah, you don't really believe in those superstitions, do you Gramps?"


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