Naruto Shippuden: The Force Unleashed

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Chapter 8

The God Realm stared as the Kyuubi's form emerged. He was the only Path left, and the Hell Realm had been destroyed, meaning that it would stay that way.

"I see…. The Kyuubi's power… it is emerging from Naruto's rage. It reacted as soon as I stabbed his companion…"

He took a step or two back, needing time to concentrate his chakra. He clapped his hands in order to do this.

"If this battle goes on too long, the stronger it will get… I'll finish this now with "that" move…"

However, Galen, who had been stabbed by a chakra rod, was able to stand up. The wound was not that deep, and happened to be where Darth Vader had stabbed him, too long ago. His thoughts returned to the battle, and he noticed Pain turn his head towards him

"Oh…? You survived. Not only that, you're standing… you Konoha ninja really are impressive, I must give you that." He raised a hand towards Galen

"However, I cannot allow you to interfere with the work of a God. Be gone. Shinra Tensei!" He used the jutsu, his concentrated chakra meaning it was more powerful than usual. However, he was stunned to see Galen repel it with what appeared to be a Shinra Tensei of his own.

"Impossible! How did you do that…!"

Galen was panting a little, having needed to draw out a lot of power for his Force Push to be able to counter it properly. However, he was smirking.

"I am no Konoha ninja… I'm not even from this planet… but if I need to protect my apprentice, I will take you down!

Pain was stunned, more at the "Not from this planet" part. He was about to turn away, until he got caught by the chakra blast from the Kyuubi form. He was sent flying, the chakra overwhelming him

"It seems he managed to catch me off guard…" The Pain fell to the ground, not moving any more, stunning Starkiller.

"To think that he was able to take that guy out in one shot… I feel so much hatred… so this is the Kyuubi?" He faced the demonic form, igniting his lightsaber. Pain may have been defeated, but his battle was far from over.

"This feeling… it's just like before" Sakura turned to face the direction from which she could feel the chakra "W-what's happened?"

"It's Naruto-kun!" Hinata landed next to her, her Byakugan active, looking in the same direction as Sakura "H-he's sprouted 5 tails…. H-he took down one of them in one hit!"

"Five tails? That's more than that time with Orochimaru… I need to find Captain Yamato"

"Galen-chan!" Fukasaku had reached Starkiller, looking on towards the Kyuubi, who seemed to be building up more chakra

"To think the Kyuubi would emerge…. We must fuse, Galen-chan!"

"No!" Galen protested "We haven't practiced it. You said yourself that it's too risky… I'll have to take him down using my own power!"

"I see your point… alright, you can take him on! Use Bun-chan, Ken-chan and Hiro-chan to support your attacks. Once you weaken him enough, Ma and I will use our Genjutsu! If we can get him in that, sealing the Kyuubi will be no problem! But hurry, the seal will weaken the longer this fight goes on. If we don't help him in time, the seal might just break!"

Marek said nothing, simply grimacing

"It's never easy, is it…?" He sighed and readied himself. He charged at the Kyuubi, making Shadow Clones as he did so.

They collectively charged at the Kyuubi, which was preparing yet another chakra blast. Fukasaku was worried

"It's no good! The Kyuubi's got too much chakra, he'll be wiped out!"

The Five-Tailed Kyuubi shot yet another chakra blast, sending the clones flying and causing a dust and smoke cloud to form around where it hit.

Once it cleared, the clones were gone… but so was the original Starkiller. It took a moment for both Fukasaku and the Kyuubi to see him. He had used the smoke as a diversion, and was in mid-air, heading towards the Kyuubi, prepared to lunge with his lightsaber.

However, when he went to try and stab the Kyuubi, it was able to block it

"What the- he's… blocking my lightsaber!" Not only was the Kyuubi able to block it, he pushed him back with great force, forcing Marek to let go of his lightsaber, sending it and him flying in different directions.

He was able to get his balance and land on his feet, but he was getting nervous

"He blocked my lightsaber and was able to push me back with just his arm… this power really is incredible… I could barely hold off Pain with the Force, and he was taken down easily just now, but…"

"I have to try!" He began concentrating, drawing up a lot of chakra. "Just keep still…"

Fukasaku only watched on, realizing his plan "The boy… he's going into Sage Mode! He's not just drawing up Sage Chakra, either. This… this power, is it those abilities he showed before…? What do you have planned, Starkiller-chan?"

Having drawn up his chakra, he opened his eyes, looking at the Kyuubi, ready for his second attack. The Kyuubi was also ready, having readied his own chakra, too.

This time, the Kyuubi shot many smaller but faster balls of chakra.

"Great, this must be so that I can't avoid his attacks…" Marek kept his cool, however, and used a combination of both his speed gained through Sage mode and his Jedi abilities to dodge the chakra bullets. He then created a shadow clone.

"This Jutsu isn't perfect… but I may as well give it a go! It's my only shot at winning!"

Both generated a Lightning Jutsu using their left hand, and built up a powerful Force Lightning attack in their right. They then joined their hands, so that the original Starkiller was holding a Sage Lightning technique and a Force Lightning technique in both his hands.

"I see! He's using both his Lightning Jutsu and his own unique abilities to create a Lightning Technique that should be more powerful than even Kakashi's!" Shima, who was also watching on, grinned, this boy truly was smart.

The power surrounding Starkiller was immense, so much that the ground around him was being torn at by the lightning. He then charged at the Kyuubi, dodging the second wave of chakra bullets whilst getting closer to him.

"Eat this!" Starkiller unleashed the Force Lightning, stunning the Kyuubi, preventing it from shooting chakra bullets. He held the attack whilst walking towards the Kyuubi, his Lightning Jutsu needing to be at blank range to work.

He approached the Kyuubi, and grabbed him, his Lightning Jutsu meaning he was protected from the Kyuubi's chakra skin. He then used the Lightning Jutsu to power the Force Lightning, making the Kyuubi even more paralyzed.

"Fukasaku, Shima! This is your chance!" He looked back in desperation, as he was using a lot of power to maintain the jutsu.

The two Elder Toads smiled, their chakra already concentrated, all that was left was to perform the Genjutsu.

"Good work, Starkiller-chan!" Fukasaku called out to him "Just give us a moment to get the Genjutsu rea-"

He was cut off, as he watched Starkiller get blasted away from Naruto. He had lost his Sage Chakra, and was now panting, having used a lot of Force power too. That was none of his concern, as he had been blasted back despite having restrained Naruto…

He looked for the source of the blast, and his eyes widened. There, with a half ripped cloak, and his headband gone, was the God Realm, his arm held up, having just performed a Shinra Tensei.

"Perhaps you should pay attention to your surroundings as well… a shame" The God Realm almost smirked a little, much to Starkiller's annoyance

"How?" He asked in desperation "I saw you get torn to pieces by that chakra blast!"

"Simple. I let him hit me, and I have been preparing my trump card jutsu… The Kyuubi is now mine."

Starkiller shivered a little, as the amount of chakra he could feel from Pain was on another level… what kind of jutsu was this? Pain seemed to have a small orb in his hands, and he smirked a little as he started the jutsu

"Chibaku Tensei!"

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