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Chapter one

Takahiro Takahashi age 18 just finished high school. He's had a big change in his life recently. His parents died in a car crash, and he's been taking care of his younger brother, Misaki Takahashi age eight. Having no other relatives to take them in, Takahiro knew this was the only way for Misaki and him to stay together.

"Misaki! Time to eat!" Takahiro called. After hearing no answer, Takahiro went up to Misaki's room. "Misaki?" Takahiro found Misaki laying on him bed with a stuff bear his mother gave him in wrapped in his arms. Takahiro gently shock Misaki.

"Mmm … what?" Misaki grunted, he never really did like getting woken up during a nap.

"It's time for dinner." Takahiro said quietly.

"Okay" Misaki slowly got out of bed, taking his bear with him.

Dinner was pretty normal until Misaki asked, "When's mother going to cook again?"

Takahiro was shocked at the question. 'Oh no! It looks like I might have to tell him our parents died. Oh, how do I tell an eight year old his mother and father are dead?' Takahiro was lost for words for a while, but finally spoke.

"Umm Misaki, mother isn't going to cook for us anymore" Takahiro tried to explain.

"Why Nii-chan?" The young Misaki asked.

"Misaki you know what death is right?" Takahiro asked.

"Yes I know what that means, why do you ask?" Misaki questioned.

"Well Misaki I don't know how else to tell you this, but mother and father are dead." Takahiro said almost about to cry.

"You mean they died to the car crash? You told me they were only hurt! Why did you lie to me Nii-chan?" Misaki screamed with tears streaming from his large green eyes.

Takahiro took a deep breath then spoke, "Because I didn't want you to worry about our parents. It's my entire fault I didn't tell you. I'm sorry I lied to you."

"That's not good enough!" Misaki screamed then ran off crying. Leaving Takahiro not knowing what do.

Misaki ran up to his room, and started sobbing into his pillow. "Why did he lie to me? No one ever tell me anything!"

A few hours later Misaki feel asleep with a tear stained face. Takahiro walked up to check on his younger brother. After Takahiro saw what his brother had been doing he felt bad.

"I don' know what to do anymore. Our parents just died, and I'm the one who has to take care of my brother. I just don't know anymore!" Takahiro started sobbing.

He got up, walked to the kitchen, and pulled a knife out of the knife holder.

"I'm so sorry Misaki." With that Takahiro stabbed himself in the heart. He fell to the ground after he hit his head on the counter. Blood gushing out onto the floor, even a moron would know he's dead.

"Takahiro I brought donuts." Akihiko Usami says has he walks into his best friend's house only to see the scene before him. His best friend dead on his kitchen floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE!" Akihiko exclaims.

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