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Chapter 4: Introducing... Aline Penhallow

Izzy: Party tonight?

Me: Can't. Studying.

Izzy: -_- Clary rarely studies. So why now? Or r u spending time with Jace, tat's y?

Me: No, I'm srsly studyin. Gotta get a distinction for at least 5 sbjs.

Izzy: Oh. Y?

Me: Scholarship.

Izzy: Damn. This sux a lot. Oh well... I'll find someone else 2 rope in. Wat lsn r u hving now?

Me: Ms Ingrid. *puking*

Izzy: The scandal teacher? Hahas! Gr8 man!

Me: *rolls eyes* whatev. Anyways, ttyl. She's here.

Clary kept her iPhone in her pocket just as soon as Ms. Ingrid, a.k.a Ms Scandalous by Isabelle, walked in. Her notebook was clutched against her chest as her dress clung on tightly to her skin. She might dress skimpily and act as a teenager, but when she teaches, it was as if she was a totally different person. Maybe that was the reason why she was not sacked. The class stood up and greeted her in their usual monotonous tone and she did not seem to mind, as usual. She placed her stuff on the teacher's desk and looked outside the door, as if looking for someone. She then beckoned for that someone to come in with a wave of her hand. All eyes turned to look at the newcomer. It was a girl.

She looked as if she was part-Asian. Her silky dark hair was tied into a French braid which was tied slightly sideways. Her lips were painted glossy pink, suiting her pale features and her delicate almond-shaped eyes. Her sharp chin was pointing like a cat's, her whole face giving off a mischievous and alluring expression. She was not really that pretty, not as pretty as Isabelle, but she was striking. Her uniform was neatly ironed and pressed as if it was new, though most likely it was. Her necktie however, was tucked out of her blouse and her skirt was really... short. At once, Clary caught the far-off glances of her male classmates. True enough, they were caught up with this new girl. Ms Ingrid stood up and approached the girl.

"I'll like to introduce to you a new classmate of ours. This is Aline Penhallow."

Aline eyes scanned the class briefly, not bothering to look closely. Same old, same old. This was her second time transferring schools in a year. Though it seemed as if she was going to be stuck in here for the rest of her school year as her father seemed to think this was the best way to groom his daughter to be a woman with manners and contributing in society. Her eyes went to a girl with curly red hair which was tied into a ponytail and emerald green eyes which contrasted with her hair. Somehow, that girl seemed so familiar, but Aline did not know where she had seen her. The girl stared back at Aline, her expression a mixture of confusion and... fear. That was weird. Why would she feel fear? Aline had not even done anything to scare her... yet.

"Alright. Now, where should Aline seat? Hmm... How about next to... Jace? Jace, you don't mind, do you?" the skimpily-dressed teacher was talking, pointing to a side in the classroom. Aline's eyes followed the hand and stopped short when she saw who the teacher was pointing to. It was the gorgeous blonde guy she had seen yesterday. His blonde hair was gleaming under the sun and his eyes... They looked as if they changed colour every time he moved. He looked like an angel, but Aline could guess that he probably acted the opposite of an angel. He looked up boringly and stared at her. However, unlike any other guy, he did not seem to react. He just stared at her, his expression remaining as if he was bored, and nodded lazily before staring back out of the window as if he could not care less.

For the first time, a guy did not pay any attention to her. For the first time in her life, a guy did not gawk at her. Aline felt as if her ego was blown into bits by this very perfect guy. She felt as if her heart was breaking into pieces just because he ignored her. Never mind, she would get him to like her, as always. Getting such a hot guy would satisfy her a lot. Smiling to herself, she strutted to her new seat, making sure that she swayed her hips so that she commanded everyone's attention.

"Hey, you don't really mind, do you?" the new girl, Aline, asked him in a sugar-coated voice. Jace barely even glanced at her, just shaking his head. He heard her pulled out the chair and sat down on it. As Ms Ingrid carried on with the lesson, Jace just stared in front, physically there but not mentally. Right now, his thoughts were drifting off to Clary who was seated so far away from him. He wished Clary was the one sitting next to him and not this new girl. He could smell the fragrance coming off Clary, the warmth of her skin, the colour of her eyes, the feel of her hair. Everything about her was committed to memory. They had made their relationship public and already, it seemed as if he found himself walking into girls who had red puffy eyes as if they had been crying. Jace smiled to himself. His heart will always belong to Clary and no one else. He stared at the back of Clary's head as she focused during the lesson, sometimes brushing away her fringe, sometimes biting her pen as she thought hard. Right now, looking at Clary's antics was the most fun thing to do.

"Alright. Now, in your own pairs, I want the both of you to discuss about the changes in Macbeth right after he heard the prophecy from the three witches. Give me at least 3 detailed points. Refer to Act 1 Scene 3 only. Begin now."

That was the instruction Ms Ingrid had given them 10 minutes ago and now, they had only 5 minutes left to do their work. Aline looked up from the Macbeth book she had loaned from Jace and stared at her partner who was writing the points down without even discussing with her. After 3 minutes, he pushed the paper to her without saying anything and went back to looking outside the window. Aline stared at the paper silently and indeed, he had written everything in his neat cursive handwriting. As she stared at the paper, Aline had this burning desire to tear the paper in shreds and demanding him to discuss with her the points like what they ought to. However, she controlled her temper and turned to Jace.

"Shouldn't we have discussed the points together?" she asked, smiling at him while pushing the paper back to him with her right hand.

"There's no need to. Discussing with you will only get the points messed up," he answered in a bored tone, still not looking at her.

Aline sucked in her breath, shocked out of her wits. This guy had just discreetly called her stupid! No one had ever talked to her that way, let alone in that voice!

"Oh really? So, you're saying that you memorised the book? You don't look to me like a Literature student," Aline commented, adding sarcasm in her tone.

"What I do or what I look like does not concern you. We might be sitting next to each other but we are not partners. So, if you want a partner, why don't you change a seat with someone who talks and discuss. I'm sure everyone else here is willing for you to seat next to them," he said. Only now did he turn to face her and when he did, there was nothing in his eyes except anger. Anger for something she did not even do. But Aline was not the type who submitted to fear. She wanted to prove herself to this unknown boy who had completely ignored her for the whole time.

"So, why do you say you don't mind me sitting next to you when in fact, you do? Is it just to please the woman who claims she is a teacher but does not dress or behave like one? Or is it to please a girl in this class that you are actually kind-hearted enough to let a new girl seat next to you but you don't even care after that? Who are you trying to impress, Jace?" Aline asked, adding venom in her voice as she said his name with spite.

"What I do or what I say is none of your concern. Perhaps you have to know Ms Ingrid and my classmates more clearly before insulting them. And who I impress or who I like is not in your list of necessary concerns. The only person worth impressing is someone who I love most. So, if you're done with these irritating questions, let me ask you one question. Are you sure you're in the right place? Because in my opinion, you should have stayed in your own Institute of Mental Health and never have left."

That was the last thing he said before lapsing back into his solitary bubble. Aline was left dumfounded by whatever he had said. She had never felt so... hated. However, at the same time, her growing attraction to this unknown guy grew bigger. She wanted him, wanted him all to himself. He might be playing hard to get, but sooner or later, he would succumb to her, as usual.

"Who is she, Wayland? You seem to know her from somewhere," Clary said while they were having lunch at her favourite place which was near the garden.

"I don't know her, Fray. She's a new girl after all," Jace said, shrugging while helping himself to another sandwich in the paper bag. Clary chewed on her croissant, deep in thought.

"Are you sure? She seemed very familiar to you. Kinda chatty. And the way she looks at you, it's as if she wants you all to herself," Clary confided after swallowing her food. Jace stopped eating and looked at her, his eyes blazing.

"I should be flattered that you were staring at me, Clarissa. But, yes, I'm sure I have not seen her or know her from anywhere. And to tell you the truth, I hated her from the first moment I saw her. I know her personality from the way she dressed as well as from the way she acted and talked in class just now. She might appear friendly but even sometimes, looks can be deceived. Be wary of her, Clary," he advised her, his eyes boring into hers and filled with seriousness he rarely showed. Clary nodded and averted his stare. She stared at the croissant in her hand and realised that she had thought of the same thing as to what he had said. Of their first impression of Aline Penhallow.

"On the other hand, you look very cute when you're jealous," he teased while patting her on the head with his free hand. Clary could feel the heat on her cheeks rising from that comment and mumbled something in reply.

Aline stared out of her window of her dormitory room, her arms crossed. Below her, she saw Jace and the redhead earlier on in class walking hand in hand to the direction of the schools' library. It was then did she realise why that girl looked so familiar and why Jace completely disregarded her. She had seen them before yesterday when she first arrived. Only yesterday, the girl had straight hair, though from the looks of it, she had straightened it just temporarily for yesterday. Aline heard someone unlocking the door and a jingling of the keys when the door creaked open. Her roommate, Rochelle, had arrived.

"What's up? You called?" Rochelle asked, raising her BlackBerry. Aline did not turn away from the window. Instead she only nodded. Rochelle gave a sigh and stood next to her to see what Aline was staring at. Rochelle gave a tiny sigh when she saw Jace and the redhead together.

"They look really cute together, don't they?" she said to Aline.

"Tell me more about them," Aline ordered. Shrugging, Rochelle turned away from the window and moved to her bed.

"Jace Wayland is the most popular guy in school. A lot of girls confessed to him but he had always turned them down, saying he's not interested. The girl is his best friend, Clarissa Fray, though she's much more known as Clary. She's this prodigy in Art. Heard she was aiming for a scholarship to an Arts School in Russia. They're really close, even before they were together in a relationship. They've been best friends since they were in the First Year. In the Second Year, Jace had saved her from falling off a cliff. They're only going out together just yesterday but there were rumours that they've been together since the New Year. That's all I know about them," Rochelle confided as she sat cross-legged on her bed.

Aline pursed her lips as she listened to her friend's brief explanation. Aline turned away from the window and stood in front of Rochelle.

"You're not close to them, are you?" Aline asked, her mind already whirling with a plan.

"No, not really."

"Hmm... Scholarship, art prodigy, eh? Perfect!" Aline said in malicious glee.

"Please don't tell me you're thinking of that," Rochelle groaned, regretting telling her about Jace and Clary.

"Oh, I'm so thinking about that."

"Look, whatever you're thinking, I so do not want anything to do with it. Why are you doing this? Can't you give them a chance?" Rochelle declared, already feeling fed-up with Aline's antics.

"If you're not going to help me, I should just phone my father and tell him to drop the deal with the Davidson family. I'm sure my father won't mind when he hears that Mr Elbert Davidson's daughter is not helping his only daughter. Though I'll pity your father when he realised that his own daughter was the cause of the deal dropping," Aline said, sighing as she picked up the phone on her table and was pressing her father's number.

"Hello, daddy. I'm not having such a fun time in Hayes Academy since my roommate, Rochelle D..."

Rochelle bit her lower lips before she spoke, letting Aline hear the words she had expected to hear from Rochelle's mouth.

"Alright, as long as it's not too serious. Don't drop the deal, please. For my father's sake, I'll help you."

"Oh, it's ok Daddy. She's actually nice, just that she did not know me that well. Ok then, I have classes to go to. Love you lots!" Aline said into the phone, smiling slyly at her friend. She ended the call and placed the phone down before turning to her friend.

"What are you going to do now? How are you going to make him like you? Keep in mind that Jace is different from any other guy. Once he loves someone, he's bound to her," Rochelle warned.

"Oh, I'll make him fall for me, hard. No one can resist me, no matter how hard they try. Every one succumbs to temptation, no? I always get what I want, Rochelle. I'll come up with a plan and you just have to help me implement it, just like a puppeteer and his puppets. In the meantime, let's asked a good friend of mine to be Clary's 'friend' now, hmm? I'm sure he'll be most interested. Heard he's a prodigy in Arts too," Aline said, her lips widening as the plan formed in her mind.

The noon bell rang. Sighing to herself, Rochelle picked her bag from the bed and walked out of the room to her next class. Aline went to her table and took her phone. She unlocked it and stared at the list of calls she made today.

There was none. Everything had just been a facade. Now, she had Rochelle tied to her. All that was left was asking him for help.

Clary looked up when she felt someone tapping her on her shoulder. She found herself staring into the black eyes of a dark-haired boy who looked so eerily familiar and eerily unknown. He smiled down at her and Clary felt unsure as to how she should react.

"Hey, I need help with my Art. Heard you were a prodigy in it, so I need your help," he said, with a hint of a Russian accent in his voice as he gestured that she should follow him.

"Who told you that I'm a prodigy? I'm just average."

"Oh, a certain bird told me about it. So, are you helping me or not?" he asked, his eyebrows knotting into a frown. Sighing, Clary stood up and went over to his place. She took a look at his painting and frowned.

"There's nothing wrong with-" Clary was saying but a finger was placed over her lips to keep her quiet. Clary felt herself panicking as she realised what the guy was about to do. She tried looking around for help but realised that she was in a secluded corner of the room.

"You did not look well enough, Clarissa," he said, his accent thickening as he whispered in her ear, his voice like velvet. He removed his finger which surprised Clary. She whirled around to look at this unknown guy who was sitting on his stool while he sketched. In quick broad strokes, he sketched something on a new paper with a black marker. After 6 minutes, he had sketched a picture of her in the moment. Her hair was swaying in the wind, her expression calm as she painted on her own canvas.

"This was what caught my attention. What do you think? Is it good enough to pass?" he asked her, grinning at her while he tore paper and handing it to her. After recovering from her shock she took it gingerly and with a quick glance, nodded. He stood up and offered his hand to her.

"I'm Damen. Damen Levin."

"Clary. Clary Fray," she said, giving her hand too.

"Well Clary, I have this feeling that we're going to be good friends," he grinned, taking her hand and giving it a shake.


Damen, even his name sound so sexy...

I don't want you to hang around him, Clary

Hey, Clary, I like you, a lot. Can you be my girlfriend

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