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Also, know that the ages of certain characters have changed as the anime states that Naruto failed the final exam 3 times so I made him a bit older, here's the listings:

Rookie 9: 15

Team Gai: 16

Naruto: 17

The mission had been simple, hunt down the Sound Ninja and retrieve one Sasuke Uchiha. Himself and his team led by one Shikamaru Nara had given chase, each one taking on one of the Sound Ninja who had taken Sasuke from the village. Naruto had ended up fighting the Strong Bone used known as Kimimaro, during the fight Sasuke had broken free of the large container they had been holding him inside of... only to rush off towards the countries border. Thankfully one Rock Lee had shown up to handle the Bone using Nin, allowing Naruto to rush after Sasuke.

He had cornered the Uchiha, trying to reason with him to return to the village, Sasuke merely replying he was finished with Kohona and would seek power with Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin. Naruto and Sasuke soon began to fight in the historic spot known as the Valley of the End, where the First Hokage faced his rival Madara Uchiha long ago. The fight was long and hard, Naruto eventually being forced to use the Chakra of the demon he held within himself, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Sasuke on the other hand had his newly acquired power of the 2nd level of the Cursed Seal, turning him into a Drag queen demon looking monster.

Both fighters had used their strongest attacks, Rasengan to Chidori... only for Sasuke to come out on top, knocking Naruto unconscious before leaving to Orochimaru's location. Kakashi Hatake, Naruto and Sasuke's Jonin sensei had found the knocked out blond, before returning with him to the village to recover from the Chidori wound he had taken.

That's where things went bad

"For failing to retrieve Uchiha Sasuke, the near deaths of some of your Team mates, and failing you mission in general, we the Council of Kohona find Uzumaki Naruto to be Guilty of all charges"

Tsunade Senju, the 5th Hokage had quickly refused the sentence... however every member of the Council had agreed to it, meaning there as nothing she could do to reverse the verdict, she was however to lessen the sentence as the Council had called for his death. Instead he would be banished from the Leaf Village for the rest of his life, forced to become A Missing Nin.

Now he would soon be escorted out of the village by ANBU, forced into the dangers of the world without a soul to assist him.

What he didn't know was that his life was about to change in a way he couldn't possibly imagine.

Star Shinobi: Till the End of Time



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"It's time Uzumaki", The ANBU spoke as he opened the door to Naruto's apartment, the depressed looking blond nodding as he turned to leave with the Nina, wearing his infamous Orange jump suit with a large stuffed backpack on his back, carrying his most important items... which was mostly Ramen cups he would need in the future. One his neck he wore the necklace Tsunade had given him after winning their bet a while back. However, unlike usual, he was not wearing his headband, the one given to him by his Academy instructor Iruka. The headband in question was in his right hand, as he no longer could wear it as he was not a ninja of the leaf.

"I'm ready ANBU-san", He sighed, unable to keep up his usual happy attitude as he walked over to the ninja.

"... For the record Uzumaki-san", The ANBU suddenly spoke," I wish to thank you for all you've done for this village...".

Naruto was a bit surprised by the ANBU's words, but managed a smile," No problem", He replied, the ANBU nodding before Naruto was led out of the building and down the street, the villagers smirking at him as they knew he would be gone from their sights forever more. Naruto felt happy at least about that, never having to deal with the glares any more at the very least.

After a long walk Naruto found himself at the gates, The Hokage Tsunade Senju, her assistant Shizune, his sensei Kakashi Hatake, and of course his previous teacher Iruka. He had been wanting to see off his fellow Rookies, but the Council wouldn't allow him the chance to "Corrupt them" as they put it. Shizune was the first to move, surprising everyone and Naruto himself at her boldness as she hugged him tightly, Naruto couldn't help but feel better at the warm feeling of being hugged by someone who cared.

"T-take care of yourself", Shizune told him after recovering enough, wiping some tears away as she pulled back," And don't just eat Ramen, kay?".

"Alright... Shizune-nee-chan", He replied, the woman surprised by the title before she simply gave him another sad smile, tears threatening to show again.

Next up was Iruka, who also gave him a hug," I'm gonna miss you little brother", Iruka told him, Naruto smiling once more at the title given to him as the man he saw as a brother as well. Once they pulled back Naruto moved to give Iruka his headband back, only for Iruka to push it back to Naruto," That was a gift, even with what has happened recently your still a proud Ninja of the Leaf to me", Iruka told him.

"But... Thanks Iruka-nii-san", Naruto replied, his smile a bit more fuller from Iruka's words. Naruto slipped the headband into his pocket, at the very least he would caring the first gift his sensei had given him.

Next was Kakashi, who was without his book for once,"... First off Naruto", Kakashi began, Naruto listening intently," I would like to apologize", He said, regret in his single showing eye, Naruto a bit confused by his teachers words," I was supposed to treat each of you, my students, equally and teach them so... yet I allowed myself to focus on Sasuke's training more then you and Sakura's, all because I was living in the past", Kakashi spoke, seeming to be thinking back on something,"... However I shouldn't make excuses, I failed each of you as a Sensei and I wish I could take it all back... I'm sorry Naruto".

There was a long silence as Naruto thought over his sensei's words, before Naruto smiled at his teacher," It's alright sensei... just try and do better next time... and don't be late", Naruto finished.

Kakashi was a bit surprised he had been forgiven so easily, before he allowed himself an eye smile," Right", He chuckled lightly, before reaching into the side pack on his belt, pulling out two scrolls," Since I won't be able to teach you any more I've prepared a copy of each of the 1000 jutsu I know in one of these scrolls", He said, surprising everyone there, most of all Naruto," The other has a few items I'm sure will come in handy for you in the future".

"Kakashi-sensei...", Naruto said in awe, taking both scrolls in hand, looking them both over before pocketing them and giving his sensei a bright smile," Thanks!".

Kakashi nodded, ruffling Naruto's hair before backing off, the form of a sad looking Tsunade walking up. Naruto soon found himself being squeezed to death by Tsunade's tight hug, the older woman not wanting to let him go.

"B-Baa-chan!", He gasped out," C-can't... breath!".

"R-right", She replied, pulling back with a smile to him," sorry about that", She told him, staring at him for a moment before kissing his forehead, just as she had done when he won their bet a while back, Naruto unable to stop himself from blushing just like time," Alright... I wish that idiot Jiraiya was here for this".

"Ero-sennin will be back", Naruto said with a soft smile to her," Just... let him know I said good bye".

"I'd send him out to find you... but", She said with a frown, recalling part of the reason she had gained him a reduced sentence was so he would not be able to be trained by any member of the leaf village, luckily Kakashi had found the only way past such a thing.

"It's fine... maybe I'll run into him on the outside?", He mused, giving her one final hug," Bye... Baa-chan".

"Bye Gaki", She whispered back as she returned the hug, which lasted for a good while before they pulled away from one another.

"Good Bye guys", Naruto said once more before he began leaving the village, sending the gate guards, Izumo and Kotetsu a wave which they returned.

Unknown to the group, others were watching the send off, under orders from a certain Old War lover. The ROOT shinobi took off, their orders were to subdue Naruto and remove him and the Kyuubi from existence.

"Coming out of Gravitic Warp"

His eyes focused on the world that appeared before him, reminding him quite a bit of earth," So this is where he is? HER kid?", He asked his companion, who nodded to his question," Good, scan the surface of this rock and see if you can lock onto IT'S energy signature".

"Roger", His Female companion replied, doing as he asked with a typing speed that anyone would gawk at,"... I could only find one life form with an energy signature matching the target, though it seems quite repressed".

"That's all I needed to hear", He laughed, jumping up from his seat as he moved into the back of the craft," Send me down, I'll talk to him".

"Watch what you say to him", She called after him," You know how you are".

"Who? Me?", He asked innocently.

Naruto groaned as he arrived at the end of the Forest, having been Tree jumping his way towards Wind Country in order to visit Gaara and maybe stick around in Suna for a while. He had been traveling for over an hour now and was now finding himself staring a large amount of grass land what would lead him to the border of Wind Country. Naruto jumped down from the tree he was on, landing on the ground below just as he found himself surrounded with what appeared to be Five Kohona ANBU.

"W-what the!", He yelped in surprise, looking around at each of them in shock.

"Uzumaki Naruto!", One of the ANBU spoke, moving forward with a Hawk mask on his face," By the order of Danzo-sama you are to eliminated!".

"Who the hell is Danzo?", Naruto wondered, moving into a fighting position as he knew he'd be fighting for his life.

"None of YOUR concern Demon", The ROOT Nin replied sinisterly as each one began moving through hand signs," Just stand there and ta-"

Before the fighting could commence however a large flash appeared in the center of the two groups. As it died down the form of a tall man with short blond hair appeared before the ninja's very eyes. He had coal colored eyes, a black leather sleeveless top with an open V-neck, black pants made of the same material as his shirt, Black Boots, Gauntlets on his hands with the an extension like sleeve on his left arm that almost reached up to his shoulder. The man in question looked around, a bit surprised by the stares he was getting from both groups, before his eyes locked onto Naruto.

"There you are!", He said with a smile, slowly making his way towards Naruto," your Uzumaki's kid right?".

"H-huh?", Naruto asked in surprise," Y-you know my parents?".

"Of course I do, why wou-", He began to ask, only to gain a look of realization," I see, so the Old Man never told you...".

"You mean Old man Hokage?", Naruto asked, wondering who this guy was and how he knew so much about him.

"Hey you!", The ROOT growled, earning the strange man's attention," I suggest you back away, That demon has been given a death warrant, he is to die in the name of Lord Danzo!".

"Is that so?", The man asked, turning to the five men with a smirk on his face, lightly popping his knuckles," Sorry Gentlemen, but I'm afraid the blond here is coming with me, my boss would be pretty angry if I don't bring him back with me".

"Boss?", Naruto asked in confusion, before his eyes narrowed," Who the hell said I'd go any where with you!".

"Not now, we'll talk later", The man replied, waving Naruto's question off as he turned to the pissed of ROOT ninja," Look, I have no beef with you guys, just let me and the kid get out of here and you can go about your business".

"Who the hell do you think you are?", The ROOT ninja growled, moving to ready a Kunai... only to instantly feel a fist in his chest as the man seemed to instantly appear before him and shove his fist into the ninja's gut, surprising everyone there.

"My name's Cliff Fitter", The man stated with a smirk, letting the ROOT ninja fall unconscious at his feet, the other four leaping back," I'm a Klausian and a member of Quark... and your all going down!".

"Hell yeah!", Naruto called out, hands forming his single seal once more," Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!", He called out, summoning 20 clones that charged forward to assist Cliff, who was a bit surprised by Naruto's clones.

"Not bad kid!", Cliff laughed, once more speeding off towards a ROOT. The ninja growled, pulling out some Shuriken, sending them flying at the rushing Cliff. Cliff seemed to smirk as he leapt over them, dropping down onto the ROOT ninja with a swing of his fists, two punches sending the ninja flying, only for a log to appear in his place," Damn, Forgot about that stupid Replacement move they use here".

"You got that right!", The ninja's voice spoke from behind a nearby tree, Cliff turning just as the Ninja leapt into view, rushing through hand signs," Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!", The Ninja spoke, a large ball of fire crashing down on Cliff from the ninja's mouth region.

"The Symbology of this world", Cliff sighed, his hands suddenly starting to glow as he hold both palms at the incoming fireball," Here's something REALLY cool!", He laughed, before her summoned an Orb of pure energy, the Fireball harmlessly hitting it as the Ninja found himself falling towards it," You see this! This is my Sphere of Might!", Cliff called out, right before the ROOT ninja hit the orb, letting out an scream of pain as he hit it, dropping to the ground soon after, scorched from the enemy. Cliff undid his Sphere, dusting his hands off," What a joke!".

Nearby Naruto's clones swarmed two of the ROOT ninja, the ROOT ninja doing taking out each one easily enough, one at a time. As they finished the last one they found no Naruto in sight... before he suddenly jumped out of the nearby forest," Rasengan!", He called out, the swirling ball of chakra in his right hand as the clone he summoned vanished. Naruto slammed the Rasengan into one of the ninaj's gut, the ROOT letting out a groan of pain as he was sent flying, crashing hard into the ground, knocked out.

"Demon brat!", The other ninja growled, sending a kick into Naruto's gut, the blond gasping as he was sent into the air, landing on his feet nearby, gripping his stomach in pain, the ninja charging forward to attack again. Before he could get into a fight with Naruto, he was struck from the side with a punch from Cliff, Naruto quickly summoning Four of his clones as the ROOT ninja was out of it from the force of Cliff's punch. The clones rushed over, One punching the ROOT ninja in the face as he called out," U!", with three of the clones kicking the Ninja high into the air," ZU! MA! KI!", The called out as each one kicked him high into the air, the original Naruto having leapt up to meet the soaring ninja," NARUTO RENDAN!", Naruto called out, slamming his foot as hard as he could into the ROOT's gut, sending him crashing down into the ground at Clff's feet, the force of the attacks and his landing knocking the ninja out.

"Not bad kid!", Cliff chuckled, giving the fallen ninja a kick to the side.

"Your not bad yourself", Naruto replied as his clones dispelled, before her looked around," Where's the last one".

"Over there", Cliff replied, pointing to where the last Ninja was making a run for it," Want me to take him out?".

"Hell no!", Naruto replied, taking off after the ninja as Cliff did as well, Naruto soon outran by the older blond," That's cheating!".

"No cheating when it comes to real combat kid!", Cliff laughed, jumping into the air as he neared the feeling nin," Here's another move of mine! Hammer of Might!", He called out, both fists encased in the same energy as his sphere from before, Cliff punched into the air, sending two high speed spheres of energy at the Ninja, hitting him in the back hard and knocking him out like the others, before Cliff landing with a smirk," Ha! I'm a one man wrecking crew!".

"Show off!", Naruto yelled at him as he continued rushing to Cliff's location.

"Whatever you say kid",Cliff replied, before looking to Naruto as the other blond rushed over," Took ya long enough, we'll have to work on your speed".

"A-alright!", Naruto said loudly, making Cliff gain a curious expression on his face," Start talking! I wanna know how you know me, Old Man Hokage, and who my parents are!".

"... Alright then", Cliff replied calmly, moving a hand to his waist in a relaxed position," I'll tell you everything you wanna know... as long as you come with me".

"Come with you?", Naruto asked, a look of confusion overtaking his look of anger," To where?".

"Well... that's where things get complicated", Cliff replied a little sheepishly," You see as I said before, I'm a member of a group know as Quark and my boss sent me to get both you and one other kid and bring you both back to her".

"Why me?", Naruto asked

"Not too sure", Cliff replied, though Naruto was unsure if this was a lie or not," But I can promise it's for nothing diabolical... I mean, I DID just save you".

"I would have been just fi-... alright", Naruto sighed, deciding to give up the argument for now," Let's say I go with you, WHERE are we going?".

"... Into space", Cliff replied, pointing to the sky.


"... Good bye crazy person", Naruto sighed, moving to walk away.

"I'm serious here!", Cliff shouted, grabbing Naruto by the shoulder," I can prove it too you!".

"Go ahead then", Naruto replied, crossing his arms over his chest, waiting patiently to see Cliff's proof.

"Hey Mirage, drop the camo", Cliff spoke into a strange device with a smirk, pointing up for Naruto to look.

Naruto blinked, before looking to where Cliff was pointing, eyes widening in shock at the sight he held. High in the sky a large silver... something was floating, it looking to be made of some kind of metal with a strange symbol on its side, Naruto quickly figured it was for that "Quark" group Cliff had mentioned. It was a few minutes before Naruto looked to a smirking Cliff.

"... S-space?", Naruto couldn't help but ask.

"Damn right kid", Cliff replied," You come with me and not only will I tell you all you want to know... but think of the things you'll see, after you speak with my boss if you want to return here I'll be more then happy to take you back... so how about it?".

Naruto gained a thoughtful look, wondering what he should do for a good while,"... You swear?", Naruto asked, eyes locking onto Cliff with a gleam of maturity that made Cliff instantly nod,"... Alright then", Naruto replied, smirking to Cliff," I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet you Cliff".

"Likewise, and now that we have that handled", Cliff mused with a chuckle, finding Naruto was reminding him quite a bit of someone," Ready to get going?".

"Huh? But that thing isn't here yet", Naruto replied, the younger blond confused by the strange man's words.

Cliff could only laugh as both blond;s suddenly were surrounded with the same light he had appeared in, a moment later vanishing from the planet's surface, leaving the knocked out ROOT ninja behind.

"Hm", The form of a shadowed being within the nearby forest mused, having watched the whole fight," Leader-sama will wish to know of this", Zetsu mused, before sinking into the tree and vanishing as well.

"W-what the hell!", Naruto yelped out as he and the other two he had been transported with appeared in a strange room, both blond's inside of a strange machine.

"We were just transported", Cliff informed Naruto with a smirk, ruffling his hair as he passed towards a door that to Naruto's surprise slid open as Cliff neared it," It's like that move you Ninja use... Shunshin or something right?".

"I see... but you could have warned me you jerk", Naruto replied, crossing his arms as he began following Cliff.

"It's funnier to watch your reaction", Cliff replied with a shrug as he walked down the hall they were now in," Come on, I wanna introduce someone".

The blond ninja followed Cliff into another sliding door, finding himself in the ships cockpit, three rows of side by side seats within, meaning it could hold up to six people. Naruto recalled they had one more person to pick up, meaning they could hold more people... maybe he could get someone else to come along before they left the planet?

"Naruto", Cliff spoke, snapping Naruto from his thoughts," I'd like you to meet Mirage Koas, a fellow Klausian and my partner in crime".

"It's nice to meet you both", The form of a beautiful blond haired woman spoke, wearing a strange military uniform with the same symbol as the ship on her jacket, Naruto blushing as he looked into her beautiful light blue eyes.

"Y-yeah, nice to meet you", Naruto replied with a foxy smile.

"Careful kid", Cliff whispered to Naruto, who looked to him curiously," Whatever you do, don't fall for her".

"W-who said I was!", Naruto yelped with an even darker blush.

"What are you two talking about?", Mirage asked curiously.

"Nothing!", Both men replied quickly.

"... Right", She replied, sending Cliff an "I know what you said" look before moving back to her seat.

"Well... seems I'm in trouble", Cliff mused with a frown, before looking to Naruto," alright kid, we're gonna be heading off now, if there's any last thing you wanna do before we leave... better say it now".

Naruto mused to himself, wondering if he should ask to bring someone else along... but even if he did, who would it be?


Name: Cliff Fitter

Age: 36 (33 currently)

Weapon: Gauntlets

Race: Klausian

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 212 lbs

Info:Cliff is a Klausian fighter with a heart of gold. At first glance, he seems to be all brawn and little brain...On the battlefield, Cliff is a madman with superhuman strength and endurance.

Name: Mirage Kaos

Age: 27 (24 currently)

Weapon: Gauntlets

Race: Klausian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 117 lbs

Info: She's a long-time friend of Cliff and his partner in Quark. Quiet and mild-mannered, she is an excellent fighter, as befits the daughter of a dojo-owner. Cliff learned to fight at the same dojo club and throughout their youth had many matches.