~Trinity by Paper Tongues~

I am reaching from the depths of my soul
Hear me pleading I'm a child I'm the poor I am needing
To draw on your virtue you better believe it
Trinity don't say goodbye
And you know that time after time we will survive
That's why I'm still alive


There's a time in everyone's life where they have to come to terms with a situation. It will probably happen many times, and it definitely will not get any easier each time it does happen. These situations can be ones of happiness and joy, or ones of sorrow and sadness. No matter the circumstance it is a part of life. Now there are some people who know how to deal with it quickly and move on but there are others who have no idea what they're doing and whether or not there's even an answer out there for them. These people who move on quickly often miss the message or are quick to surpass the lesson that was taught. The people, who are troubled, are left confused for days, week, months and even years.

For me, it wasn't an easy thing to be confused and hurt and sad. It was troubling for years. Dealing with the pain, trying to find answers, discovering more questions, circling around and not processing anything. Being on auto-pilot and not living life anymore. Through all this though, I persevere, learn the truth, get answers and get help.

This is my story. A story of sorrow, confusion, loneliness, love, and finding a new life. One that I hope will inspire and help others find answers and push through their own darkness.