This was always supposed to be a one shot, that turned into a two shot. It's not my best work, I'll admit that, but it's a start. I have another A/O fic in the works, should be posting that soonish.

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The restaurant was blissfully not busy. Alex was also glad for the distinctly dimmed mood lighting because the blonde was blushing almost crimson as the maitre d' led them to a corner table. She knew the owners of the restaurant quite well, and it was her usual out of the way seating. She hadn't quite expected to be led there tonight, and she wasn't sure what Olivia would think. At the very least, she got her flush mostly under control by the time they were actually seated.

"I hope you don't mind Italian, I quite like this restaurant," she said companionably. "They do an excellent gnocchi pesto and on occasion, I let myself have some pannacotta."

If she could have seen her own smile, she probably would have defined it as impish. It got a similar response from the brunette opposite her.

"I love Italian." There was something about the deep, molasses quality of Olivia's voice that made Alex respond in ways she knew weren't remotely PG13. She had a feeling that even if all the brunette did was read the phone book, it would still have had the same response.

The menu was a good excuse not to talk, which was good because for the first time in her life, Alex was completely lost for words. She wanted to be her normal self, witty, erudite and poised. Instead, she was desperately afraid she'd do something stupid, like choke on her own saliva again.

The waitress was far too efficient however, and it wasn't long before they're food was ordered and she was obliged to say something, or look even stupider than if she'd been choking.

"So, do you come from the City?"

Olivia's question came as a welcome ice-breaker, and reminded the blonde that to the woman opposite her, she was a stranger. She'd spent the better half of a year learning everything she could about Olivia Benson, but she'd bet money the reverse wasn't true.

"No actually, I'm from Massachusetts. Boston originally."



"One of the Boston Elite?"

Alex chuckled. "I'm not sure elite is quite what you'd think. My father is a pharmacist and my mother teaches third grade."

The detective smiled, taking a drink of her wine. "Somehow I pictured you as the child of lawyers, private school and Harvard."

Alex laughed, a full throaty laugh. "Hardly."

She relaxed, taking a sip of her own wine, and slowly getting more comfortable in her chair. By the time their dinners arrived, the women were fully engaged in conversation, and barely noticed the food arrive.

To her relief, the break of eating didn't dim the conversation. She was almost overjoyed when Olivia suggested trying the panacotta after all. The blonde was having such a good time she was unwilling to let the time go.

By the time the cheque did arrive however, their candle had burned down to a barely visible stub, and they were the only people left in the restaurant. Alex looked around, a little sheepishly, and her acute discomfort returned.

"I think they want us to leave," Olivia grinned.

"Mmm," Alex picked up the folder holding the bill. "I'm getting that subtle message." She looked over at the waitress, who was standing at the bar but eyeing them obviously.

Sliding her card into the folder, she was surprised when a warm hand covered hers.

"How much do I owe you."

It was almost impossible to answer with the feeling of Olivia touching her again, but she felt she had to.

"It's ok, it's on me."

"No, no I can't let you do that."

"Sure you can," Alex winked, "you can owe me next time." She felt some of her verbal slickness coming back, trying to wrangle a second dinner out of the first.

For a second, she was genuinely frightened that it had backfired, because the look on Olivia's face was so unreadable, Alex was sure her cover was broken. Until the brunette broke out in a smile.

"Fine, but the next one's on me."


The bill paid, and coats gathered, there was nothing more they could do but start to head home. The restaurant was only a few blocks from Alex's house and she intended to walk. She knew that Olivia lived more than walking distance in the opposite direction, and didn't quite know what to say to her. She desperately wanted to invite her back home for a drink. Was that kosher? Would that be ok? Would that be far too obvious.

"I've had a really nice night Alex." The comment was unexpected, but warmed the lawyer in a way she could never find words for.

"It was mutual." Shucking her hands in her pockets, she took a deep breathe. "I have wine at home, if you'd care to come up for a drink." It was caution to the wind, but she just couldn't help herself.


That's all she said, a simple ok, but it was enough to make Alex Cabot feel like Christmas had come early. More than one, all her Christmases, and all at once.

By the time they actually got to her apartment, in relative but companionable silence, she felt partially like she was walking on air and partially like she was about to throw up.

The silence was almost awkward as they rode the lift up to her apartment. Alex desperately wanted to break it, but honestly was at a loss for words. At least when she was at work, she was distracted enough from Olivia to function. Now, outside the bounds of the squad room and the courtroom, she felt powerless.

The silence was almost deafening by the time she got to her apartment, finding the key and slotting it into the door. She could have sworn she had goosebumps by the time she had let them both in and closed the door behind them.

"So…," Alex cleared her throat. "Wine or beer?"

She looked at the detective, and what she saw there was once again, unreadable. For a long moment the two women just faced each other, and the only sound that could be heard was their breathing.

God, Olivia was just so goddamn beautiful.

And then she heard it. It was soft, almost a whisper but still with enough tone to have that soft, molasses feel to it: her name.


Oh Christ.

Suddenly, Olivia was no longer four steps across the room but right there in front of her. Alex couldn't breathe, the walls closing in and making her dizzy. She could smell the brunette's scent, light but incredibly sensual. Her breasts were moving up and down with each swell of breathe, and moisture began to pool at the juncture of the lawyer's legs, which were weak, jelly like.

"Alex…" this time it was breathed, the sweet scent wafting so close and making the blondes mouth water.

Oh Christ.

An then: the unthinkable. Nothing on god's green earth could have prepared Alex for this: The feeling of Olivia Benson's lips on her own, moving with purpose and definite arousal.

Olivia's hands were moving, one in Alex's hair and one on the blonde's waist, pulling her in, holding her close.

The kiss deepened, Olivia's tongue running across the lawyer's lower lip, asking, begging for admittance and being allowed. She opened, letting the brunette take what she wanted.

It took her seconds to get enough wits to respond, pressing herself greedily against Olivia and moaning at the sensations rioting through her body. Their tongues tangled, as she tasted the woman she'd desired for so long.

Why this was happening she didn't know, and how she'd gotten this lucky she couldn't possibly fathom, but she didn't care. Olivia was here and they were kissing and it was incredible.

The brunette's hand tightened on her waist, their lips meeting over and over, until Alex thought she couldn't stand any more. Her own hands were clenching at Olivia's shirt, bunching the fabric, twisting as she fought for more contact, to feel more of the beautiful woman against her.

When their lips broke free she thought she'd die, but Olivia's kept moving, across her chin, to the angle of her jaw, kissing, tasting, and when she used her teeth, for a small nip, Alex moaned.

She'd never wanted someone this much. She'd never craved anyone like this, never needed to be naked more in her life. Whatever feelings she'd held prisoner inside for over a year were breaking free and overriding any sense or compulsion she might have had to stop and think about this.

Instead she turned her head, finding Olivia's lips and pulling her back into a kiss that was hot, wet and oh so very good. She felt the brunette's hand slide from her hip down to her ass and pull her closer, with a growl.

Oh fuck, Olivia Benson had just growled while kissing her.

That made her so wet.

She moved her hands from the fabric of the detectives shirt and slid them under, flattening them against the smooth skin of the brunette's back. It was soft, but she could feel the hardened steel of Olivia's muscles rippling underneath.

She barely noticed when the detective began walking them backwards, still kissing, still tangling their lips together. Alex didn't want it to stop. She didn't want the kisses to ever end, and when they bumped into the back of the couch and their mouths sprang free, she gasped.

"God," Olivia muttered thickly.

The brunette manouevred them around, still tightly gripping Alex, until the lawyer felt the arm of the sofa pressing into the back of her legs. It was mere moments before she tumbled backwards, letting out a small cry of surprise, and partially dismay that the delicious contact was broken.

She didn't have to wait long before Olivia was leaning over her, one leg on the floor and one knee on the other side of Alex, straddling her. Her arms were outstretched, so that she hovered, her body less than an inch from the blondes but still so paralyzingly far away.

And for the first time since they had kissed, their eyes locked. Although she was now more self-conscious than ever, she couldn't look away from the deep, brown eyes that enthralled her; that entranced her.

With what sounded like a half strangled moan, Olivia's head dropped, mouth searingly hot on Alex's, driving the blonde half mad with lust. Her hands came up, grabbing on to the detectives hips and pulling down, aching for that contact.

Olivia's pelvis came crashing in, fusing the two women from the waist down while her mouth began to move with more urgency on Alex's. The brunette came down onto her elbows, allowing their entire bodies to touch, chest to chest, leg to leg and most tantalizing of all, centre to centre.

Unable to help herself, Alex moaned into the kiss, grinding up and shuddering at the friction that only served to heighten her arousal. She was almost certain that if Olivia touched her now, she'd explode with a single caress.

Tangling her hand into Olivia's hair she threw herself into the kiss while the other hand scrambled to get under the brunette's shirt, touching the soft, warm skin there and moving her hand up.

She felt so good. She felt so amazingly good that it was like a dream, but the wetness between her thighs told her it was real.

It was insanely real.

She was hungry for more, but couldn't get enough. When Olivia shifted so that her leg was no longer on the floor, but now pressing up into Alex's centre, the blonde couldn't help herself, crying out, her mouth breaking away from the kiss.

But the brunette was not done, her mouth moving down across the brunette's chin, down to her neck where it played havoc with the lawyers senses. As Alex whimpered beneath the sensations, Olivia's hand moved up, sliding under the blonde's shirt and moving purposefully up.

When it found the swell of a breast it cupped, thumbing over a nipple already straining, and making Alex cry out again. She could feel Olivia's teeth and lips sucking at her pulse point, marking her.

She didn't care, she was hers. Olivia could take her here, now, and as often as she wanted.

When the hand on her breast slid up to pull one lace cup down, thumbing over the nipple. The brunette rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, heightening already over-intense sensations and making Alex arch her entire body up, thrusting her centre into Olivia's knee and making her world explode just that bit more.

She couldn't help it, it was too much.

"God, Liv, please!"

With a carnal groan, the brunette slid her hand out of Alex's shirt and moved down. She came back up, capturing the blonde's lips with her own and starting a kiss that was no less intense than those that had gone before.

So concentrated was she, on the feel of Olivia's tongue against her own, of their lips melding over and over, of the sheer taste and feel of the woman, that she didn't notice where the brunette's hand was until her pants were already unbuttoned and the zip was being pulled down.

She couldn't get her thoughts straight. Olivia was on top of her, kissing. She was so turned on that her body was shaking, and the brunette's hand was sliding, in, down. It pushed aside her panties and suddenly Alex's world flipped on its side.

"Oh … Alex," Olivia's lips breathed just milimetres from her own.

Those fingers. Those long, elegant fingers that Alex had long admired, were touching her, stroking her, and coating themselves in her wetness. Fingers scissored, either side of her clitoris, stroking and touching, gliding.

"God… please… oh god...," she panted.

Olivia's fingers slid lower, probing at her entrance.

"You're so wet…"

"Livvvvvvvv…" her moaning filled the air.

And then the fingers were gone, slowly removed, leaving Alex more bereft than she'd ever thought she'd feel. Blinking confusedly she looked up at the brunette, wanting to beg for more, not certain how to find the words.

"Bedroom…" The word came gasping out of Olivia's mouth, so garbled it took for it to be said a second time before Alex registered the meaning. "Bedroom."

A few seconds of blankness later, the blonde sat up, pushing the brunette back with her. A few more seconds later and they'd both scrambled off the couch. It was a slow backwards move to the bedroom because she couldn't keep her hands of Olivia. The detective was no less involved. They stopped once, the brunette pushing Alex up against a wall, mouth hot and heavy, tongue tasting and teasing. When the detectives knee pressed back between the blonde's knees she thought she might come then and there on the spot. It was almost a saviour when Olivia pulled away, dragging Alex the rest of the way to the bedroom.

As they stood, next to the bed, it was though time slowed, the urgency streaming away for just a second as Olivia's hands came up to cup the blonde's face.

"You're so beautiful. So very beautiful."

She never thought she'd hear those words come out of those lips. Alex had no other reply but to fuse her lips to Olivia's once again. Their hands scrambled, shirts and pants discarded. Alex felt her bra go flying, and fumbled until she managed to get the brunettes off as well.

She lifted, cupping one perfectly rounded breast as Olivia's mouth went wild on her own. She'd only just managed to feel a perfectly formed nipple harden in her palm before hands were on her hips, impelling her onto the bed.

They tangled, legs intertwining. Hands searched and stroked, heat rising. When Olivia's mouth found the hardened nub at the centre of Alex's breast, the blonde thought she'd die. Writhing against the brunette, she shuddered, whimpering her pleasure into the cool night air.

They moved across the bed, until Alex was straddling the blonde, hyper aware of the incredible body beneath hers. She ran her fingers lightly over Olivia's hard stomach, feeling the skin quiver under her touch. Her mouth tasted, sucked, and engulfed every thing she could. It was Olivia who pulled away first, swearing epithets and shuddering against the brunette.

She straightened up, sitting up against the bedhead and pulling Alex hard against her. Before she could say anything, let alone object, she was straddling Olivia's lap, the detective's hands pulling on her hips until she was kneeling up, breasts level with the brunette's mouth.

She threw her head back as that perfect set of lips latched on, bringing her left nipple to a hard peak, worrying it with her tongue and then biting down, just this side of pain, until Alex cried out. She thought she'd die of pleasure as Olivia bit her way across, nipping to her right breast.

And then those fingers were pulling on her panties, until she moved, allowing them to be thrown haphazardly across the room. She was pulled back, straddling the brunette's lap again, fingers digging into her cheeks as Olivia moved her mouth over the blonde's long, slender neck.

The pleasure was thrumming through Alex's veins, sparking out and making her undulate against the woman beneath her.

"Fuck… Liv fuck…"

She was so aroused, so ready to explode she couldn't see.

And those fingers were back, sliding into her wetness. She heard Olivia gasp, moaning at the sensation.

"You feel so good," she whispered against Alex's throat. "So very good…"

All she could moan in return was "please."

Olivia flicked her fingers across Alex's clitoris, making it throb, brushing across the hardened nub again and again. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, the blonde felt the fingers slide south again, playing at her entrance.

"Yes… Christ … yes…"

Two fingers pushed, slowly but oh so very slowly into Alex's core. Her cry echoed off the walls, as she was utterly filled. It was instinct, making her rise up on her knees and sinking again, the brunette's fingers plunging inside her.

A hand came around, grasping her ass, helping her rise up, come down, slowly fucking herself on Olivia's fingers. And those magical fingers curled, moved, making the blonde whimper and babble, begging for release she knew was so close.

"Please, oh, please, oh, please…"

She barely registered it on the edge of consciousness, she was so focused on the fingers moving inside her, and the thumb coming up and brushing over her clitoris again and again. But she did hear, just, the words coming out of Olivia's mouth:

"I've got you, I've got you… come for me, god come for me Alex."

Pumping herself harder, riding Olivia's hand like her heart would stop beating if she stopped moving, the horizon flew towards her.

Then she came, harder than she'd ever climaxed before in her life. Nothing could have prepared her for the waves of pleasure that flowed through her like a tsunami. Every nerve ending in her body exploded as she cried out her orgasm, nuzzling against Olivia's cheek and convulsing.

The waves kept coming, crashing through as the brunette's fingers flexed inside her, finding just the right spot to make her spasm, pleasure like she'd never known before, until slowly, but slowly, it ebbed away.

Completely thrown, limp and weak, she slumped against Olivia, burying her face in the detective's neck and letting her hands slide down to hold onto hips. Her breathing slowed, piece by piece, until she became aware of Liv holding her, stroking her back, and breathing not to evenly herself.

Gently, Alex lifted her head, to once again stare into the eyes of the lover she'd craved so long. Olivia's pupils were dilated with desire, her cheeks flushed. Her breathing continued to be uneven, and just a flick of her eyes south showed the blonde the rise of one incredibly sexy chest.


Tentatively, she reached her hand down, trailing her fingers over the swell of Olivia's breast, until she found a rosy bud, tweaking it softly as she went. She could see everything in Olivia's eyes, washing over her. She thrummed her thumb across the hard tip, making the brunette quiver, and readjusted so she was back to straddling the detective.

Alex let her hand drift south, sliding it down across Olivia's abdomen, which quivered under the soft touch. As she got to the edge of the detective's black panties, Alex could have sworn she heard the other woman gasp.

The blonde leaned in, pressing her nose to the soft skin just in front of Olivia's ear. One hand held the head of the bed, steadying them, while the other dipped down until she could brush soft, and stunningly wet curls.

"Oh," Alex moaned softly.

She'd never let herself think about what this would feel like. She'd had many thoughts about what Olivia might be like under many conditions, but she'd never let herself get this far. That would have been too much.

Now she was here, touching, being, and… moaning.

Sliding her hand lower, she let her fingers slick across Olivia's hard clitoris, feeling it swell just a bit more beneath her touch.

It was the detective's turn to moan, bucking her hips ever so slightly under the weight of Alex.


Alex smiled against Olivia's cheek, the brunette's epithet giving her just that bit more confidence to keep going. She sought out the detective's soft, moist entrance, feeling the woman shudder beneath her, and doing the same herself.

"Please…." Olivia moaned. "Alex please!"

Her name. Olivia had moaned her name. She was begging for Alex to fuck her and the blonde was trembling so hard, poised right on the edge.

"Liv…" she breathed. "Oh Liv…"

She pushed two fingers in, exquisitely slowly, closing her eyes and breathing, enjoying the sensation of Olivia closing around her, tight, hot and spasming. Even better was the guttural moan that emanated from the brunette's mouth. When her fingers were buried as deep as they would go, she gently flexed her fingers, searching out the spot she was sure was there.

She knew when she hit it. Olivia's cry was enough to make the blonde come out in goosebumps. Olivia's hands found her hips, gripping so hard Alex was sure she'd have small finger shaped bruises, and she didn't care.

Slowly, almost painfully so, she withdrew her fingers until just the tips were inside and then just as slowly, pushed them all the way back in. God Olivia was wet. So wet that Alex was sure she could have fit at least one more, if not two more fingers deep inside the brunette.

Instead she curled her fingers up and brought her thumb up to brush gently across Olivia's hard, throbbing clit.

"Yesssss…" The brunette hissed, clenched teeth as Alex softly stroked her centre. Liv's head was thrown back, now, as the blonde nuzzled the crook of her neck.

"Al… ex," Olivia stuttered. "Please… please Alex… harder…"

Oh god, there was nothing sexier than the detective begging.


Alex increased her pace, still thrusting all the way in and then withdrawing, curling her fingers with each thrust and slowly but surely getting faster and harder. Every third thrust she brushed her thumb up over the tight, hard nub of nerves that seemed to make Olivia gasp.

The brunette's noises became more frantic, harder, as her fingers scrambled on Alex's hips.

"Fuck, yes, fuck… oh god… oh god… Alex… I'm gonna… I'm gonna…"

And then Olivia came all over the blonde's hand. Her centre contracted, spasming around Alex's fingers almost painfully as they simultaneously moaned, Olivia at the pleasure coursing through her and Alex at the detective's words.

Oh Christ.

That was… amazing. She wanted to tell Liv how amazing it was but she wasn't sure she could talk. Her fingers were still buried deep inside the brunette and the last thing she wanted to do was take them out.

Plus she didn't quite know what to say.

Very gently, she moved her fingertips.

Olivia moaned.

"Too much," she gasped. "Too much." The detective's hand reached down, grasping Alex's wrist and slowly pulling the blonde out and away from her centre.

Alex missed the contact immediately, despite the fact her hand was covered with Olivia's wetness. She fought the urge to lift her hand to her lips and taste it.

Instead she used it to cup Olivia's side, hugging the brunette who was breathing erratically into the crook of her neck and holding on tight.


Blinking awake, Alex turned her head. Lying next to her, face down, was Olivia. Alex thought she'd never see anything so beautiful in her life again, and she thought she'd never again have a wake up quite like it.

It took her about five minutes of staring at the woman, awestruck and so very, very carefully still, to really come to terms with the fact that Olivia was in her bed. She could still feel, in every delicious ache and twinge, the very reasons for Olivia being there.

Alex couldn't fathom how she'd gotten this lucky, but she had.

Sliding out of bed, she padded to the bathroom. She took a little longer than normal, brushing her teeth, making sure her hair wasn't too disheveled, and then gently made her way back into bed.

For a few seconds she thought she might have gotten away with it, letting Liv sleep on and maybe, just maybe, getting to watch. However creepy that sounded, Alex couldn't get enough of the sight of the brunette.

So when Olivia's eyes opened, just a fraction, a small amount of air gasped from the blonde's lungs, just enough of a breath to make the detective's sleepy eyes open a little bit more.

After a few more seconds, it became clear that Alex was still staring at the other woman, and it was getting to just this side of creepy.

"Hi," she said, softly, almost shyly.

Alex Cabot had woken up beside very few people. Most of the people who made it into her bed were ushered out well before the night was over. The few people who'd managed to stay had, well, they hadn't exactly made her overjoyed the next morning.

This was a little bit different.

This was Olivia.

"Hi." The reply was just as soft, and made frissons of sensation filter down Alex's body. Even though she could feel the tender ache between her legs from the night before, when Olivia had made love to her a few more times than she was used to, there was still a readiness for the brunette to do it again.

"Want some coffee?"

Alex tried not to drool as the brunette, still naked, stretched and turned over. The blonde briefly got a glimpse of two amazingly sensual breasts before the sheet was pulled up to cover.

"That sounds… fantastic."

It meant getting out of bed, but now she'd offered, Alex was kind of obliged to go through with the offer.

Getting up, she threw on her gown, tying it around her waist and half prayed that Olivia was watching her. The other half, of course, was still rueing the awkwardness of this moment and praying Olivia wasn't watching at all.

Why was this awkward?

She'd gotten what she wanted. She'd gotten Olivia into bed, and then had hot, tumultuous sex all damn night. It hadn't been awkward when it had happened, it had been silky smooth and the most incredible sex of her life.

So why was it awkward now?

Simply because she had no idea what it meant to Olivia. And she had no idea how to ask the detective either. More than anything, she didn't want the wrong answer. The last thing Alex wanted was to hear that this had been a one off, or worse, a mistake.

Instead she walked towards the door. She was halfway down the short hall to the kitchen when she heard Olivia's voice float towards her.

"Alex… can I borrow a t-shirt?"

Of course, all Liv had was her dress top from the night before.

"Of course," she called back. "Second draw down, on the left."

Putting the water pot on to boil, the lawyer spooned just enough coffee into the percolator to make two cups. She leaned against the counter and stared at the water in the percolator pot.

"Is that dark roast?"

Turning around, she spotted Olivia coming through the kitchen door. The t-shirt the brunette had chosen proclaimed Alex's Alma Mater in bold letters, and she thought Harvard had never looked so good. They looked remarkably sexy when combined with the pin-striped dress trousers that Olivia had grabbed off the floor.


Despite turning her back to the bench, Alex still gripped the counter with both hands. Part of her was afraid she'd just reach out and grab the woman in front of her, ravish her right there in the kitchen, and the other half was afraid she'd do something stupid, like throw the coffee all over the floor.

Or choke on her own saliva.

"Smells good."

Damn. Damn, damn, damn but it was awkward.

"Liv…" the nickname rolled off her tongue.

"Don't." Olivia was in the kitchen now, leaning against the bench and looking right at her. It wasn't that big of a kitchen, and since Alex was completely perpendicular to the brunette, there was even less room between them.


What a word. It became achingly clear, very fast, that this had been a one off. That Olivia was feeling more than awkward and Alex was about to find out. She really didn't want to hear.

Steeling herself, and putting back together her trade-mark icy poise, she turned back around to the coffee.

"Don't worry Olivia. I understand." She removed the now heated water from the stand, poured it into the top of the machine and replaced it below. "Would you like the coffee to go?"

The silence hung like an angry elephant, invading the room.

"God please don't do this," there was soft, pleading tone in Olivia's voice that Alex didn't quite recognize. "Please don't pretend this didn't happen…"

It took a moment for the words to sink in. The buzz in the attorney's head had nearly filtered out the noise but she caught it, just on the edge of hearing.

Turning her head, she looked straight into the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.


Hurt. Olivia looked hurt. The glimmer of pain in those eyes was definitely Alex's undoing.

"No… I didn't…" At a complete loss for words she turned, facing the woman she'd pined after for so long and grabbed her hand. "I thought you… I thought…"

She could feel Olivia trembling, and knew that now, more than ever, she had to regain her vocabulary and oratory abilities.

"I thought this was... I thought you didn't know I existed outside of work."

Olivia gazed back at her, the pain wavering and turning into confusion. "How could you think that? How could anyone ignore you Alex, you're … you're amazing!"

The blonde felt a flush rise over her cheeks, but before she could reply, the brunettes words kept coming.

"I thought you thought I was just some other hard assed detective to whip into shape…"

Alex laughed, unable to help the chuckle that bubbled up from within. "Hard assed yes… but just some 'other'… no Olivia, you've never been some 'other' to me."

The brunette took a step closer. "I'm not?"

"How could you be?" Alex whispered, suddenly it was too much to keep her eyes focused on Olivia's, instead she moved them down to their joined hand. "From the moment I met you in the squad room I…"

She tried not to choke on the end of your sentence.

"You…" Olivia prompted, gently.

"I haven't been able to think of anyone else."

Truth. The truth out there, between them. She hadn't wanted anyone else but Olivia in a long time, and now the brunette knew it.

Olivia's free hand came up to cup the blonde's cheek, bringing their gazes back to meet.

"I never… I never thought you felt that way about me."

"You're amazing… how could I feel any other way?" Alex nuzzled gently into the hand holding her, a bare sliver of movement but enough to make Olivia tremble again.

"I never thought… I never…"

"You kissed me," Alex looked up, feeling far more strength now Olivia was holding her, now she knew that rejection wasn't on the cards. Her eyes sparkling, she got a little of her old spirit back, "you yelled at me!"

Olivia had the grace to look a little guilty. "I know… I'm so sorry."

"It's ok."

"I… you ran away. I hurt you. I could barely forgive myself for hurting you. I'm not sure I have yet." The brunette's soft thumb came up to brush Alex's cheek, making the very slightest of smiles appear on the blonde's face. "And I knew if I could hurt you… I wasn't nothing to you."

"Never," Alex swore, "you could never be nothing to me."

"And then we had dinner and… I took a chance…"

The blonde took a step forward, pushing her body into Olivia's and gripping the other woman's hip with her free hand. "Olivia…"

"So please… please don't say this didn't happen."

Taking her hand out of the detective's, she used it to cup the brunette's head and bring her into a soft, soft kiss. "I wouldn't. I couldn't."

"I've wanted you from the moment I saw you," Olivia confessed against the blonde's lips. "God, I want you now."

Alex chuckled. "We've wasted a lot of time…" and then grinned as Olivia pulled her even tighter against the brunette's lean body.

"We have," the detective agreed. Her mouth came down again, but stopped just millimeters from the blonde's mouth. "Lets not waste any more."