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Adorable. Literally, if you had to explain Cat, that would be the only word that's fitting. Yeah so she's a little spacey and… ditzy… strange, spontaneous, sensitive- anyway, she's adorable.

The way her eyebrows furrow when she's confused. Or that huge smile she gets when you show her something shiny. Or her laugh. God her laugh. I've never actually heard someone laugh like "hehe". It's not annoying or anything it's… adorable.

I'm not sure if she's on medication, or needs it. Most people are convinced that she's a crazed bipolar overly dramatic mad woman. I'm a little sold on that myself. However, I think she's just misunderstood. And I really, really want to get her. Understand her. Find out why she is the way she is. I'm not one for judging people but with Cat… it's kind of hard not to. I mean, the girls got hair like a fire hydrant. Well, not red but magenta. Ya know, if adorable was a color, I think it would be magenta. Seriously doesn't it seem like it would be?

So, why am I ranting about Cat? Because she happens to be leaning against my locker trying to explain rainbows to me right now. I haven't really been paying attention but I'm pretty sure she said it has something to do with unicorns.

She's got these big brown eyes that you could just drown in. I'm like a lost sailor every time I look into them. Trying to navigate through choppy emotions with a map of thoughts that I just don't seem to understand. Wow… Tori that was beautiful. I never knew you were so poetic.

Anyway, sometimes I have to look away or avert my eyes to another part of her face because I get so lost in her eyes. I have a take a moment to get my bearings then I can resume my search. Like now for instance, averting my eyes to her lips. Those full, glossed, pink lips. She forms each word so carefully. Like it's a sin to mispronounce or stutter. Which is quite impressive considering how fast she talks.

Her smile. Bright though sometimes I feel it's forced. It makes you wanna smile too. You have no idea what she's happy about but it makes you wanna be happy too. Like today, I forgot my lunch money so I'm running on zero energy. I was in a pissy mood but now, I feel like I wanna hug a puppy. I'm happy as a clam. I've never understood that saying. How do we know that clams are happy? And now I'm sounding like cat.

And the dimples, really, now God's just showing off.

She has this perky high pitched voice. Sometimes it's really annoying. But then again, it's nice to see that someone can still find the good in a crappy day. Every once in a while, it'll drop to a low tone when she's being serious, and by 'every once in a while', I mean it never happens. I've only heard it once. Right after some kid called her stupid. She didn't understand a blond joke (go figure) and he loudly exploited that she was stupid. Through all the laughter from other students, I almost missed it, her voice dropped low and she said "I'm not stupid". It was actually kind of scary. Though she said it more to herself, it hit me hard. Maybe, just maybe, there's a whole part of Cat that we haven't found yet. I'm not convinced that this person in front of me is all that there is.

"But I'm almost positive they don't contain skittles." She says finally finishing. Jeeze this girl just babbled on about rainbows for ten minutes and she's not even a little out of breath.

"Well that's… interesting Cat." I say.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she yells offended.

"It means I thought it was… insightful… uh… how do you feel about the term "happy as a clam"?" I ask trying to change the subject. She instantly explains how living underwater is fun and joyful but that it's wrong to assume things.

Jesus I swear she's as sensitive as a doctor's prescribed toothpaste.

"Talking to her can't be good for your health." We hear someone say coldly as she walks by, dragging Beck behind her. Then there's Jade, whose about as sensitive as a toothbrush. I'm not sure if either of those metaphors made sense, but you get the gist of what I'm saying.

I swear I see hurt for a brief moment but it's quickly discarded by a smile and a wave.

"Ya know you don't have to pretend. If she hurt you… you don't have to act like its ok." I say.

"What are you talking about? Jade's such a kidder! She just loves messing with me." She says grinning. She was almost tempted… almost… to say something not so happy. I know there's something in there that's deeper then she'll admit.

She has this strange sort of pull on me. She makes me want to know her. To really know her and understand her. Like I want to sit at her feet while she tells me stories about her life. What a younger Cat was like. What adventures play out in her head. Why she is the way she is.

"Tell me a story" I let slip by mistake. She gives me a "WTF" look and I quickly think up something to cover. "Uh, the weather's looking… stormy." I say.

"Aww I hate it when it storms." She says pouting. At least she bought it. Aww… she's so adorable when she pouts. "Wait… how did you see the sky? We aren't near any windows." She asks with her head tilted slightly.

"Uh, news report. I watched it this morning so I'm taking a guess?" I say. Convincing Vega, real convincing.

"Oh… ok then. Bye!" She says as the bell rings.

There she goes. Skipping off to God knows where. I don't even think the word 'cute' puts her into perspective. I know I've said it a billion times but 'adorable' is just perfect.

I've always sort of admired her bold choices and ability to smile through anything. And I might even have a slight crush on her. I get butterflies when I see her sometimes. After I talk with her for a bit they go away though. I get kind of excited too. Not like, "I wanna rip your clothes off and make you scream" excited but that, "slightly anxious/nervous, I'm glad your around me" excited. No, I'm not gay. I know that in the sense of that I don't want to love her or kiss her. I'm just intrigued by her.

And I'm totally walking home today. If I had spent the time that I had been thinking, walking to Trina's car, then I would be driven home. I know she's my sister and somewhere in our hearts, we love each other. But if I'm not at her car five minutes after the bell rings, she leaves. Yeah, I may love her, but she can be a bitch. Not saying that I don't have an attitude every once in a while but it's nothing compared to Trina.

Sometimes I think it would be more fun to be shot then spend a day with her. And by shot, I mean in the face. And then explode.

I head out of the school and begin walking on the side walk to my house. It's a pretty nice day out today. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect walking conditions.

"Hi Tori!" I hear explode from behind me. I jump and nearly fall over.

"Jesus Cat! Don't do that." I say catching my breath.

"Oops, sorry. Hey you rhymed! Fancy meeting you here" She says walking along side me.

"We just spoke less than ten minutes ago." I say slowly.

"Yeah, but I'm still glad to see you." She says grinning.

Yupp. A thousand butterflies just decided to show up in my stomach. She's glad to see me the same way I'm glad to see her too. At least I think… it could just be Cat's "normal" self.

"So you don't have a ride either?" I ask. She shakes her head no.

"I guess we're walking buddies today!" She says throwing an arm over my shoulders.

"Yeah… I guess so" I say quietly trying to lower my heart rate. Who am I kidding, slightly? I have a full out crush on this girl.

"So do you think that Jade and Beck have "done it"" She says randomly.

"What?" I say almost choking on the air I just sucked profusely. There's this filter that most people have that tells them things that are ok to say and not ok to say before you say them, Cat does not have this filter. And the whole being random thing is just a bonus.

"Do you think they've "done it"" She says nonchalantly.

"Uh, well, knowing Jade they've probably already made a few hardcore porno's" I say. She giggles and smiles to herself.

"What about you Tori?" She asks looking right past my eyes and strait into my soul.

"What about me?"

"Have you ever done it?" She says anticipating my answer.

"Oh… no. I haven't. Not yet at least." I say swallowing hard.

"Yay, maybe we'll both lose it together then!" she says with a huge smile. Wow Cat, think about what you just implied, then rephrase. I know she didn't mean it like that, but… part of me wishes she did.

Just a little.

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