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… …. ….. … …. …. ….. … … ….. …

"I still can't believe it worked" Cat laughs.

"Neither can I." I laugh with her.

"So how was that?" She asks looking up at me.

"It was perfect. They're all definitely gonna laugh"

Cat just got done telling me a story about something that her brother did during the week. She wanted to run it by me so I could help her say it in a way that the rest of our group would understand. I have to say, she's getting quite good at it.

Right now we're sitting outside the school waiting for her mom to come pick us up. Cat's in my lap and leaning back on me. Man does this feel good. I love holding her. Her peace brings me peace.

So if you already haven't noticed, I'm back to my normal self now. It took two and a half months to swim back to shore but Cat was there the entire time. Sometimes I would get really frustrated or want to give up, but she was always there to help me through every storm. Sure enough we did find land and I became Tori again. I'm Tori, and she's still Cat. The only difference now is that we understand each other.

I sparked a revolution. Everyone in the school saw what had happened to Cat and I and what's still happening. They want to be a part of it. They're all divers now. It's quite the crazy thing to think about. I even saw Trina hanging out with Sinjin yesterday. Now that, it some extreme diving. I never knew Trina had it in her.

However, of course Jade's still Jade and refuses to be a part of our diving movement. But if I think about it, I'd be worried if she did support it.

Beck and Andre are just as simple as they were. They've really been enjoying finally being able to understand Cat. For real this time, it's not in my head.

My parents were a little hesitant when I told them about Cat and I. Heck, they still are but they love me and they love Cat. There was nothing more to say after that.

Trina and I are trying to get a little closer but she'd still rather be looking in a mirror than talking to me. Eh, she'll come around right?

Cat's parents weren't hard to tell at all. They were actually proud that Cat found "someone like me" to quote them. Cat's brother shaved his head because he was so happy… then he ate his hair.

And Robbie… oh Robbie. He returned back to his sweet dorky self. I finally gave him some of my thoughts in case you were wondering. Honestly, what happened to him was the same thing that had happened to Cat. We always got on him for being "weird" and it finally got to him. He tried to be normal, so he got rid of Rex.

Rex. That's what happened.

Something I later understood about Robbie is that he needs Rex. Rex is kind of like his alter ego. Without having Rex as an outlet for the asshole in Robbie, it became a part of him. Robbie and Rex were one person at the time, that's why he was so irritating and irrational. Bottom line, Robbie needs Rex to be "normal". If someone had caught it sooner, then we could've avoided all that havoc. But then again, because no one noticed it, Cat and I are together. Beautiful things come out of painful times. Anyway, Robbie apologized thoroughly to the both of us and even made Rex apologize. Our little group is back to normal… er... well, our version of normal that is.

"Cat?" I say.

"Yeah?" She answers looking back at me.

"You're beautiful" I say. She smiles and shakes her head.

"That's the eighth time you've said that today."

"And the eighth time I've meant it today" I say. She blushes then lays back against me.

Right after that her mom pulls up to take us back to their place. They wanted a family dinner and insisted that I come. They actually said they don't mind if I call them mom and dad. Of course… I don't think we're quite there yet.

Mr. Valentine asked what my intentions were with his daughter and I made sure that he knew that I was here for the long haul. I fully intend on marrying her after high school.

Cat Vega. Now that, sounds good.

… ….. ….. ….. … …. …. ….. … …

Cat and I were going to go out to the movies tonight after dinner but at the last minute I decided that we would just watch the sunset on the roof or something. You know, I'm trying to be romantic. Mrs. Valentine volunteered to take us to the beach to watch it instead and I immediately agreed. The beach and the sunset? It's perfect.

We pull up and Cat immediately jumps out and lands flat in the sand giggling. Yeah, and I still love her. She gets up to walk closer to the water and notices I'm not with her.

"You coming?" she asks.

"Yeah go ahead. I'll be right there." I say.

Cat skips off to the beach then out of nowhere starts sprinting. I turn back around and Mrs. Valentine rolls down the window.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.

"How do you do it?" I ask. She looks confused for a minute then it clicks in her head of what I'm talking about. I wanna know how she does it. She raised Cat and knows her better than anyone. How does she do it every day, going back and forth between her world and Cat's?

"I do it the same way you do. You don't dive into one world or another. You're the bridge between the two. Look at yourself as more of... the beach. Where the ocean meets the land." she says with a smile.

I smile back. Huh, I think it's more than just irony that she suggested taking us to the beach. Either or, I love that she understands me."But I mean every day? Isn't that hard?"

She looks down for a moment than back up to me. "Do you love my daughter?" she asks.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Do you believe that she's worth it?"

"Absolutely" I answer.

"Then that's how you do it. Sometimes it's hard when the waves beat down on the shore, but when the weather's like this, you remember why you do it and that you wouldn't trade it for the world." She says. I smile again turn back towards Cat.

"Just call when you two are ready to leave. I heard there's a new sushi place about a mile down the coast and I'm feeling hungry" She says before pulling off.

I run up to where Cat is and sit in the sand behind her. She slides back and leans against me as we look out over the water and onto the sunset. Something about it calms her and it calms me too. It's so beautiful. The sky looks like it's on fire with the bold orange colors and then it looks softer with the bright pink parts. It's our time and what makes it even better is that the beach is totally secluded.

I love this. I love her. I'm finally at peace.

But there's one thing that's still on my mind…

"Cat?" I ask.

"Yeah?" She asks turning her head to look at me.

"I know this might seem kind of random…" I trail off.

"No it's not" She says flatly. I still forget that nothing is random to her.

"Right." I sigh. "How many medications are you on?" I ask quickly. It's like ripping off a band aid.

Cat's eyes widen for a moment then she turns completely around to face me with a serious expression. Nice, now you've done it Vega. You upset her and now you should go drown yourself in the ocean. Go go.

"Ok, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have mentioned it, but it's just been on my mind since Robbie and I fought a few months back and I didn't know if it was the truth or not and-" I ramble.

"Tori" She says pressing her finger to my lips. I stop and look into her eyes hesitantly. "Calm your storm" she says softly. I take a deep breath and she moves her hands into mine.

"Sorry" I apologize.

"It's ok." She says with a laugh. "You honestly wanna know how many medications I'm on?" she asks.

I swallow hard. "Yes" please don't be more than 10…

"I'm not on any." She says with a small smile. What…?

"Huh?" I say beyond confused.

"It's true that I was on eight back when I started dating Robbie but… after you... after I got to know you and after you understood me, I didn't need them anymore. I haven't been to a doctor, I haven't seen any social aids, I got off of my medication… Tori, you changed me." She says.

If that doesn't knock the wind out of you I don't know what will. "For how long now?" I ask.

"About two weeks after I hit Jade. They downed my prescriptions to four and what happened was a… reaction I guess you could say. After that I continued taking less and less and… here I am. Haven't been on them for almost six months."

Wow. I guess I wasn't as crazy as I thought. I did change Cat. Not necessarily in the way I wanted or in any visible way but… I did change her. I helped her. I still completed my mission and came out with a better ending that I could've imagined.

This is what I live for. Understanding. Understanding and Cat. I love her more than anything and I understand her. I docked my boat and became a diver. I navigated my way through uncharted waters. I did it.

Out of everything I wanted to do, I just wanted to understand her. I knew there was so much more to her than being adorable. I did it and I was right. There is more to an ocean than its names.



"I love you" I say.

"I love you too" She giggles. She leans forward against me and pushes me so I'm laying back the sand. She is so beautiful. The look in her eyes and the sunset behind her make this moment perfect.

"So, after all of this, would you say that I've satisfied you're wants, hopes, and dreams?" I ask brushing her hair behind her ear.

"Not those" she says simply.

"No? Then what did I satisfy exactly?"

"My… Undisclosed Desires" She says then pecks me on the lips.

"Undisclosed Desires?" I ask.

"Mhm" She says gazing into my eyes.

"Cat" I laugh then continue,

"You're adorable."

.. ….. ….. ….. … … …. ….. ….. …

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