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~Sakura and Sasuke's Tutoring Sessions~

Prologue: How It Began



"Hey, Uchiha-san!"

Twelve-year-old Sasuke felt heat creep up the back of his neck when he heard the familiar voice call out for him. He scowled at the uncomfortable feeling of his stomach flipping. "Maybe it was something I ate?" he thought. Pressing the pause button on his controller, Sasuke peered over his shoulder to look at his pink-haired friend standing in his doorway.

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke asked, confused as to why his classmate was in his bedroom.

"Oh, I just came by to return your video game. Deathly Knights was so cool! I stayed up all night playing it. Thanks for lending it to me, Uchiha-san." Sakura smiled, adjusting her glasses and pushing away her long bangs. The eleven-year-old girl came to sit down next to him on the leather couch, placing the game in-between them.

"You're welcome," the young Uchiha responded, slightly pouting. He hated that she was so formal with him when she called him 'Uchiha-san'. He thought they were supposed to be friends! Sure, they weren't exactly close friends, but still friends nonetheless. They've known each other since kindergarten, for goodness sake!

Something laying haphazardly on Sasuke's bedroom floor caught Sakura's eye. She leaned down to pick up the object and found it to be a video game titled Dragon Blade.

"I bet I could kick your butt at this game," Sakura stated arrogantly, holding up the cover.

"Tch, no you can't," scoffed Sasuke.

"Yes, I can!"

"No, you can't!"

"Uh huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Sasuke-sama," a female voice interrupted. The two seventh graders whipped their heads around to find one of the Uchiha maids standing in the doorway. She continued, "Your parents have requested your presence in Fugaku-sama's study." Sasuke dismissed the maid with a wave of his hand. The servant bowed deeply before departing.

"Your parents are home?" asked Sakura, surprised. Only on rare occasions did the owner of the multi-billion dollar Uchiha Corporation and his wife pay a visit to their youngest son, Sasuke, who practically grew up parentless. The maids and butlers who worked in the Uchiha mansion had taken care of him all his life.

"Aa," Sasuke replied. The twelve-year-old boy's expression was impassive, but after knowing him since she was four, Sakura could clearly see the look of dejection and hurt in his eyes.

Sure, Sasuke loved his parents and would never doubt their love for him, but he couldn't get over the sense of abandonment and loneliness that scarred him. Sasuke's parents came home only a handful of times every year because of how busy they were.

The eleven-year-old, pink-haired girl reached over and placed her tiny hand on top of his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Sasuke quickly retracted his hand as if her touch burned. He protectively clutched his tingling hand to his chest, avoiding all eye-contact. Sakura, realizing what she had just done, blushed heavily and scooted away from her dark-haired crush.

"Annoying," he muttered under his breath, glaring at his hand. The young boy was confused and frustrated. Why did he always feel... funny whenever Sakura touched him? Maybe it was an effect of girl cooties?

"Did your brother come as well?" asked Sakura, wanting to break the awkward silence.

"No, he's still at boarding school," the raven-haired boy answered. He hadn't seen Itachi in months. His parents always had problems disciplining him, so they sent the rebellious Uchiha heir to a strict boarding school to teach him a lesson.

Sasuke hopped off of the couch and grabbed a video game from his shelf. Tossing it at Sakura, he simply said, "Here. Take it."

"Condemned." Sakura read the cover aloud, adjusting her glasses. She looked back at her classmate with a smile on her face. "Arigatou! I'll return it as soon as I'm done."

"Hn." Sasuke nodded his head, smirking as he poked her bang-covered forehead. The eleven-year-old girl clutched the video game to her chest and skipped towards the door.

"Bye, Uchiha-san!" she called over her shoulder.

He winced.



In Uchiha Fugaku's Study

"Sasuke, your mother and I have something very important to tell you." Fugaku leaned back in his large, black leather chair. The huge room with shelves full of books and files echoed his voice.

"What is it, otou-sama?" Sasuke's brows furrowed. He folded his arms on the big wooden desk that separated him and his father.

Fugaku got straight to the point: "Itachi has renounced his title as the heir. Since you are next in line, the duty of being head of the Uchiha clan now falls on your shoulders."

"You mean that..." Sasuke trailed off, his thoughts muddled.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun." Mikoto, who was standing behind his chair, placed her delicate hand on her youngest son's shoulder. "You are the new Uchiha heir."

Sasuke's onyx eyes widened.

"Do you accept the title?" Fugaku asked. Sasuke nodded slowly, unable to form words in his shocked state. Mikoto smiled brightly, leaning down to kiss his forehead. Sasuke made a face, wiping off the area with the back of his hand. Fugaku hid a smile at the exchange.

Clearing his throat, the Uchiha CEO said, "Now that it's settled, there are certain responsibilities and traditions that come with being the heir that you should be aware of."

"Such as?"

The two parents exchanged hesitant looks.



A Few Weeks Later...

"She looks sad," Sakura whispered, ceasing her trek down the Uchiha mansion's hallway.

"Who?" a confused Sasuke asked. He shifted the cover of Condemned that Sakura had just returned to his other hand, as he stopped along side his classmate. The bespectacled girl pointed down the hallway. The newly appointed Uchiha heir followed her gaze.

There stood Mikoto gazing up at a portrait of Fugaku and herself which hung on the wall. She raised her hand to lightly trace the frame. Sasuke's mother let out a depressed sigh and her shoulders slumped.

"She's lonely. She misses your father," Sakura observed. Sasuke nodded his head.

It was one of those few times where Mikoto didn't accompany Fugaku on his business trips. Uchiha Fugaku was a workaholic who did most of his business out of the country, and Mikoto tagged along on her husband's trips almost all of the time. Mikoto tried to stay home with Sasuke as much as possible, but Fugaku would drag her along on his business endeavors, leaving little Sasuke in the Uchiha servants' care. Though he would never admit it, Fugaku was heavily reliant on his wife and needed her by his side, or else he would go crazy from all the stress. She kept him grounded, and vice versa.

"It's okay though. Mother won't be lonely for long. She's leaving tonight to meet with my father in Okinawa before they head out of the country. She'll be gone... again. I guess that's the downside to marrying an Uchiha heir."

"I would never marry an Uchiha heir," Sakura stated out of the blue, adjusting her glasses.

"W-What?" Sasuke was caught completely off guard by her statement. The Uchiha heirloom that his mother had recently given him thumped against his chest when he turned his body sharply to face Sakura. Sakura had been there when Sasuke received the heirloom. The heirloom was a necklace. It was a silver chain with a beautiful silver ring used as the pendant. The ring was engraved with the Uchiha crest, an uchiwa fan. Simple yet elegant.

"Your mommy barely gets to spend time with you, and when she does, she misses your daddy because he's away." Sakura gestured to the Uchiha matriarch. "I would never want to be in her position. I would never want to go through that."

Sasuke felt like someone kicked him in the gut. His hand instinctively reached up to clutch the ring that rested against his chest.

"So you'd never marry an Uchiha heir?"

"Yup." Sakura nodded her head, not realizing that her answer brought distress to the twelve-year-old boy standing beside her.


Sasuke tucked the necklace into his collar. He didn't want to look at it.

"Well, I should get going," Sakura said. "Bye!"

"Bye..." Sasuke muttered, touching her forehead with his index and middle finger. He turned around and headed towards his room.

The eleven-year-old Haruno skipped down the grand hallway and into the large entry way. The butler held the door open for her as she made her way out of the mansion. The doors closed behind her and she sat down on the marble steps, waiting for her chauffer to drive her back home.

Sakura brought a hand up to her forehead where Sasuke had touched her. She smiled.

"But to be with you Sasuke-kun," she whispered to herself, "I'd go through anything. No matter what the cost."


The Next Day At School

"He's so dreamy!"

"I heard he likes girls with long hair. I'm never going to cut my hair ever again!"

"Sasuke-kun is so cute!"

The group of seventh and eighth grade girls squealed simultaneously. They all were ogling at the resident heartthrob of Konoha Private Elementary School, Uchiha Sasuke. The said boy was sitting alone on the playground's swing set. His best friends—Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto, and Nara Shikamaru—were playing soccer nearby. His friends noticed Sasuke was in a bad mood, so they thought it would be best to not bother him.

"What's wrong with Sasuke?" asked a twelve-year-old Yamanaka Ino, gesturing to the newly appointed Uchiha heir. Kunai Tenten and Hyuuga Hinata, Sakura's two other best friends, just shrugged their shoulders and resumed their card game. Sakura frowned as she watched Sasuke sit by himself, fiddling with the silver chain around his neck.

"I don't know what's wrong with Uchiha-san," Sakura stated.

"Sakura, for goodness sake! Stop calling him 'Uchiha-san'. Isn't he your friend? Why are you so formal when addressing him?" inquired Ino.

"Because I don't want him to think that I'm one of them," Sakura responded, pointing to the group of giggling fangirls. The blonde-haired girl rolled her eyes, pushing her best friend towards Sasuke.

"You should go talk to him to see what's wrong," Ino urged the younger girl. Eleven-year-old Sakura blushed hotly and shook her head. She continued to protest, but Ino ignored her excuses. Sakura finally caved in. She approached the dark-haired boy.

"Hi," she greeted, fiddling with her glasses. Sasuke tensed when he heard her voice. Tucking the necklace back into his shirt, he looked up at Sakura.

"Is something wrong?" questioned Sakura, concerned.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted. He stood up and walked away without saying a word.

Sakura was shocked. That was the first time he had ever avoided her.

But little did Sakura know that Sasuke would continue to avoid her... for the next five years.

End Prologue


Chapter One: Sakura's Problem


SAKURA'S P.O.V. (Monday: Morning)

I walked down the halls of Konoha Private High School, hurrying to my first period class. Out of nowhere, someone bumped into me, sending me hurtling towards the ground. I quickly spread my arms out to catch myself before my face became a friend with the floor. The fall caused my thick glasses to slide off. Without my corrective eyewear, my vision instantly blurred.

"Watch where you're going, four-eyed freak!" someone called out as I frantically searched for my glasses. I would've flipped them off, but I was too busy trying to find my glasses. I finally found them and quickly placed the glasses on my face after a few minutes of searching. I sighed and dusted myself off. I observed my outfit: a baggy sweater and jeans. How flattering.

The bell rang and I ran to my calculus class.


I was sitting in my first period calculus class. The class was filled with many of my fellow Seniors. My seat was in the front row, situated directly in front of Uchiha Sasuke, the school heartthrob. I was constantly receiving death-threats from Sasuke's fangirls because of the stupid teacher's seating arrangement.

Sasuke was undeniably the hottest guy in the whole school. He was the captain of the basketball team and he was also part of the soccer team. His family owned the multi-billion dollar company, Uchiha Corporation. Not only was he athletic and rich, but he also had the brains. He was ranked the second highest student in our class, me being the first. His dark, bad-boy side attracted the attention of almost all the female population of our school. Though he had a lot of fangirls, he's never had a girlfriend. I found that fact extremely weird. He could have ANY girl he wants, yet he chose to remain single.

Sasuke and I had met in kindergarten. I was four at that time while he was five, like most of the kids in our class. I was younger than a majority of my classmate by a year. My parents saw that I was more advanced than most kids my age, so they placed me in school earlier than expected.

Sasuke and I actually used to be friends, but for some reason he stopped talking to me during seventh grade. Our friendship didn't really qualify as best friend material, but we were kind of close. We would occasionally talk to each other, play together on the playground, and visit each other's homes. He also had a weird habit of poking me in the forehead. I never really understood why, though. A small smile graced my face when I reminisced about the times Sasuke and I shared. Sasuke's actually really sweet and caring beneath his cold exterior. I developed a HUGE crush on him over the years of getting to know him. Thank goodness only my best friends knew about it...

I didn't want him to know that his avoidance bothered me, so I didn't question why he started to ignore me. We just drifted apart.

I had just started on the homework Kakashi-sensei assigned the class when I felt like I was being watched. I turned slightly in my seat and scanned the room. Right behind me, Naruto—Sasuke's best friend—laughed and slapped Sasuke on the back. The dark-haired basketball captain just ignored Naruto, his head buried in his folded arms that rested on his desk.


The seventeen-year-old blonde diverted his gaze from Sasuke's hunched form and caught me staring at them. Naruto bent his head forward to whisper something into Sasuke's ear.

Sasuke suddenly bolted up into a sitting position and looked directly at me, staring with wide eyes. He had this... weird expression on his face. I whipped my head away and resumed working on the assignment, embarrassed to be caught staring.

'Was it just me or was Sasuke blushing?'

I quickly shook away that ridiculous thought. Sasuke NEVER blushes.

"Sasuke and Sakura, please come to my desk. I need to discuss something with you two," Kakashi-sensei commanded. Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru started to snicker and sent the seventeen-year-old Uchiha knowing looks. Sasuke's fangirls glared at me and started gossiping amongst themselves.

I hesitantly rose from my seat and approached the teacher's desk. My head was bowed as I fiddled with the hem of my bulky sweater. Sasuke came to stand next to me with a stoic look on his face; his hands were shoved in his pockets.

Kakashi-sensei started talking: "Sasuke, your calculus grade is extremely low. If you continue to do poorly, you will have to be dropped from the basketball and soccer teams. Your parents notified the school, requesting I assign you a tutor. Since Sakura is my best student, I thought if would be best if she was your tutor." Kakashi-sensei looked me straight in the eye. "Sakura, are you willing to be Sasuke's tutor? He desperately needs your help."

My heart was beating a hundred miles per hour as I started to sweat profusely. I WAS BEING ASKED TO TUTOR SASUKE!

Any normal girl would've jumped at the chance to tutor the infamous Uchiha Sasuke, but I just wanted the ground to swallow me whole. I didn't want to spend any time alone with him! He probably already thought I was a freak! There's no need to make him think I'm even more weird than what he already thought!

After spacing out for about five minutes due to the intense shock, I was about to decline when Sasuke leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, "Sakura, I can't afford to get kicked off of my teams. I need you."

I glanced at the teenage Uchiha and was surprised to see that he had a slight look of desperation etched onto his face, instead of his usual blank, uncaring expression. I mentally sighed in defeat. He really needed my help, and I just couldn't turn him down. I hated being nice...

"F-Fine, I'll tutor U-Uchiha-san," I stuttered out like in a Hinata-like fashion.

Was I hearing things or did Sasuke just sigh?

Kakashi-sensei smiled behind his mask and said, "Okay, It's settled. In order for Sasuke to pass my class, he must ace the test that is coming up next week. Sakura, you are to tutor Sasuke everyday after school. Is that clear?"

"H-Hai." Ugh, I've been hanging out with Hinata too much!

Kakashi-sensei dismissed us from our little discussion and let us return to our desks.

I nervously sat back down in my seat. I was trying my best to ignore the enormous amount of death glares I was receiving from Sasuke's fangirls. His fan club was going to kill me if word got out that I was going to be tutoring Sasuke! I just had to make sure they never found out.

Kakashi-sensei suddenly announced, "Sakura, make sure you go over the power rule with Sasuke during your tutoring sessions. He seems to have a lot of trouble with that."

A deafening silence fell upon the class until...



There were many other insults and death-threats which originated from Sasuke's fangirls. They were enraged that I was going to tutor their beloved Sasuke-kun.

I let out a loud groan and slumped in my seat.

'I am so dead...'


I was banging my head against my locker while my friends were trying to comfort and console me. I couldn't believe I was going to tutor SASUKE!

"Relax, Sakura!" Tenten commanded. "What's the big deal anyway? You're just going to tutor him!"

"What's the big deal? I'll tell you what's the big deal! He might find out that I like him! I could barely talk in front of him and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do something stupid to make it painfully obvious I'm crushing on him! Plus, I have his fangirls annoying the heck out of me!" I screamed back, though not loud enough for the other students to hear.

"What are you talking about? The two of you used to be friends, and you had absolutely no trouble talking to him before," Tenten pointed out.

"That was five years ago! Things have changed. Nowadays, I get nervous around him and I'm reduced to a stuttering mess in front of Sasuke."

"A-Actually, you just t-talked to Sasuke l-last school year," Hinata corrected. I raised a questioning brow.

"Junior year. You and Sasuke were partners for a class project," Tenten clarified on Hinata's behalf. Tenten mumbled to herself, "And then there was that time when you guy got paired up in health class during sophomore year..."

"Forehead, you fail to see what a great opportunity this is! You get to spent some 'special alone time' with Sasuke." Ino winked suggestively.

Tenten and I glared at Ino. "Not helping!" I bellowed at Ino.

Ino pouted and looked somewhat offended. She was about to retort, but she suddenly clamped her mouth shut and peered over my shoulder. Ino, Tenten, and Hinata were staring right behind me with surprised, bewildered looks on their faces.

Someone cleared their throat. I turned around to see...

Sasuke standing right in front of me! He gazed at me with his dazzling, onyx orbs.

I suddenly found the floor very interesting...

"Sakura, meet me at the school gates after classes are over," Sasuke stated in his monotone voice.

"S-Sure, Uchiha-san." I stammered out.

Did Sasuke's eye just twitch? That's weird.

"Alright, later." Sasuke nodded his head before turning on his heel and heading towards his friends.

Then it suddenly hit me.

I'm going to go to Sasuke's house... alone. I'm going to be tutoring him... alone. It's only going to be me and him... alone!

'I think I'm gonna puke.'

End of first chapter