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Life Is Strange

Saga: Strange

Chapter 1: It's a weird life but it's mine.

Gohan was flying home, feeling on top of the world. He still could barely believe the discussion he'd just overheard before he left school for the day.
"Look you two," he'd heard Sharpner say from his hiding place, "when a geek disappears you're not supposed to worry about it, it's a good thing."
Videl had countered, "Gohan's not a geek. He's a heck of a lot cooler than you Sharpner."
Sharpner had argued back for a bit, and soon the argument had turned by Erasa saying that Videl was stronger than Sharpner. Sharpner, or rather his pride, had protested, but they all knew the truth, Gohan certainly had no doubts in he abilities to handle Sharpner after he'd seen her deal with the leader of the Red-Shark gang. She hadn't needed his help with that guy after all, though he still felt it was a good thing he'd been there, as he didn't think the other gang members, with the fire-arms, would have just watched.

He was still some way away from his house and in mid-air when he changed out of his Sayaman costume by pressing the button on his watch. Contrary to what he had lead Bulma, and basically all the others believe, he wasn't so geeky that he actually thought that costume was cool, he didn't think it was too bad, but he wouldn't normally wear it, however that just made it all the better as a disguise.
// I know it's a bit OOC but come on, they really did over do the geeky-ness a bit, I'm just correcting it.

The reason he felt safe to change out of it here was because for the next 5 miles, until he was home, there was no chance of anyone seeing him. He'd always wondered why for those miles of land even the scattered buildings stopped. A few days ago he'd decided to do the research, and had found out a surprising new bit of family history.
His great-grandfather Gohan, who really wasn't his great-grandfather at all in the bloodline sense of the word, had apparently bought the land shortly after finishing his turtle-hermit training from master Roshi. The house where the Son family now lived was not far away from where Gohan had build his own house, and apparently he'd bought the land around it to ensure his rest. The old man had apparently wanted to be hermit just like his teacher Roshi, except he'd probably behaved a bit better, but then it wasn't to hard to behave better than Roshi. Gohan sighed, "Why are most of my friends, aliens, perverts, shape-shifting pigs or weird in some other way?" He thought out loud to himself, knowing he couldn't answer that question.
He liked, and loved as friends all of them, even Vegeta. After all he knew that Vegeta, though he might like to pretend otherwise didn't hate him. Vegeta mostly hated himself. Having to work for the guy that blew up your home world for years, being a trained killer from a young age, and now, trying to life in peace, with a wife and kid, would be confusing for anyone. "For someone who's been through that I suppose Vegeta is actually relatively sane." Gohan thought, as a smirk, not all together unlike Vegeta's settled on his face.

"Hi mom, I'm home." He yelled as he landed in the open door. He was a bit on the late side, as he'd flown slowly, he'd wanted to think, and somehow flying made his mind clear. Chi-Chi knew.
"Thinking again." Was all she said as he walked further into the house toward the kitchen where she was busy watching the boiling pots and setting the table.
He nodded.
"Well you're just in time son. Just go take a quick shower and change, dinner will be ready in ten minutes."
Gohan just nodded again and headed upstairs to take his shower.

As Gohan was entering the bathroom of the Son house Videl was just leaving her own bathroom in Hercules mansion. She'd been a bit slow coming home, as she'd stopped to take care of a few crooks on the way back. Sayaman hadn't shown, it seemed as though he only came to the same place she was when the crooks she was dealing with were above average, not the kind of petty thugs she'd just run into.
Sayaman ... He still was a mystery to her. Who was he really, she'd thought he might be Gohan, until she'd seen Gohan take that punch in the face, so that ruled him out, on the other hand, Gohan had come away from that punch without so much as a bruise or a black eye, his face hadn't even been red where he'd been hit. And then there was the Gold-Fighter, a guy with super powers that just comes out of the blue one day to stop a bank from being robbed, and then disappears never to be seen again. However Videl wasn't one to think of the appearance of Sayaman that same evening as a coincidence.
Videl sighed as she saw the time. There's one thing to be said for Sayaman she thought. He may be a bit of a geek sometimes, but he's better company than my dad. At least he doesn't sound like he's a broken record of his own public relations speeches.
She sighed as she looked at her mother's picture, standing on her dresser. I wish you hadn't died mom. She thought. You might have been able to keep him somewhat sane after that whole Cell business. On the other hand at least you didn't have to see what a fool your husband has become, or how confused your daughter is.
She sighed yet again as she left her room and went down stairs, maybe some crook would have to good sense to commit a crime during dinner, giving her an excuse to flee the table where her dad would no doubt be recounting one glorious tale or another of his past as a fighter. Or worst of all the story about how he had defeated Cell. Somehow during that story more than in any other he seemed to be saying a lot without telling her anything.
Unfortunately for Videl there were no crooks with good timing out there that night. They must have noticed I kick harder when I'm frustrated because I've just had to listen to dad. She thought to herself with a grim smile.
Fortunately for her however dinner wasn't as bad as usual apparently her dad had been hanging out with a girl-friend, or whatever he called those silly women that seemed to stick to him like glue, and hadn't had a chance to have his many afternoon snacks, meaning he didn't have time to talk all through dinner cause he had to eat.
After dinner, even though her father didn't say anything, she knew she was obliged to stay downstairs with him, at least for a while. As usual the only thing that he watched on the TV in the living room were old tapes of his great fights. She actually felt that she was in danger of he dinner coming back out when she was the way he was cheering himself on. She tried to ignore him for a while and then excused herself to go upstairs.

Gohan's evening was a lot more enjoyable than Videl's, his dinner was actually quite pleasurable and not just the lack of displeasure that had been so welcome to Videl this evening. It also lasted longer than Videl's dinner. Due to two reasons in particular, feeding to demi-Saiyans was something that took some time, even if they were only demi-Saiyans, and young ones at that they had full Saiyan appetites. And second there was the pleasant during and after dinner conversation. Goten had been watching the news while Chi-Chi had been cooking and had seen the report on the hostage situation at city-hall and how his big brother Gohan, as the great Sayaman had saved the day, together with Videl.
"Who is this girl Videl anyway?" Asked Chi-Chi. "I seem to be hearing a lot about her lately."
"Well she's in my class at Oranges Star High," Gohan replied, "and she's good at martial arts, good by normal standards anyway, she doesn't know how to use her Ki though. Anyway, she helps the police fight crime and I try to tag along as the great Sayaman, in case she needs help."
"So," Chi-Chi asked, "who are her parents, why do they allow a young girl to fight crime?"
"I don't know about her mother." Gohan answered. "I think she's dead, as for her father..." he swallowed hard preparing for his mother's on coming rage, "it's Hercule."
Chi-Chi's reaction was exactly what Gohan had expected. Her arms were moving up and down so fast that even his Saiyan eyes had trouble seeing them and she was screaming at the top of her lungs.
Anime style sweat drops went flying all around Chi-Chi's head as her general scream of loathing and anger turned into words.
"Aaaaahhhhhh. Not that ridiculous weak fool that I could beat that claims he defeated Cell. Not that man that made a fortune of what you did. Not that self-satisfied idiot with his stupid merchandising, with the dumb adds on every channel when you turn on the TV. Please tell me you're not friends with his daughter."
Gohan knew his mom well enough to know that the best ways to make her anger go would be to make her laugh, or to sweet-talk her. Given the circumstances he decided on the first of his two options.
"I'm not friends with his daughter." He said in such a stupid hollow tone that his mom had to realise he wasn't telling the truth.
"Are you telling the truth?" She asked.
God, thought Gohan, why does she even bother asking. "No," he said out loud, "I'm just telling you what you told me to tell you."
Chi-Chi continued to look angry for a while, but then suddenly her facial expression softened into a smile.
"You always knew what your mother wanted to hear." She said with a smile at Gohan. "But I take it you are friends with her."
"Yeah, we're friends." Gohan replied. "But just remember what you told me when I asked you why you liked Trunks while you and Vegeta don't always get along to well." He would have said hate each other, but decided not to in front of Goten, he didn't want his little brother to know his mom didn't get along with his best friends father.
"I know, I told you never to judge someone by actions that are not their own."
And soon everything returned to normal at the Son dinner table as Chi-Chi brought desert.

Chi-Chi had continued to smile throughout dinner and still did so when she was doing the dishes. Dinnertime is definitely family time, she thought as she hummed to herself. The boys were outside now, probably training, though they had offered to help her, but Chi-Chi wasn't going to let the touch her precious plates unless they were eating from them. Even when they weren't Super-Saiyans they just didn't seem to know their own strength sometimes.
Super-Saiyans, she still hadn't told Gohan about his little brother becoming one, she really should, he needed to show Goten it was alright, as she'd over-reacted a bit, but then, who wouldn't over-react after being kicked into a tree by their adorable 7 year old son.
She sighed again as she looked at the dishes, the pile was what would in a normal human household be considered at least a weeks worth of dishes for six or seven people, but here it was just another night for the son family. Well, she had made chicken, which both of the boys liked a lot, so there was a bit more than some nights, when she made something like meatloaf, that Goten wasn't fond of, he would eat less than usual limiting himself to only a dozen servings. Gohan seemed to have lost any fussiness he might have over eating after surviving in the wild on his own as part of Piccolo training him, Chi-Chi guessed that even a Saiyan's culinary standards would become more flexible still after living of raw dinosaur-tail-stakes for almost a year.
In the distance outside she could hear the sounds of her two boys training, then a surprised yell, a moment of silence and then even more intense training sounds.
It seems Gohan's found out about his brother being a Super-Saiyan, she thought to herself, I'll have to talk to him about it when they get back.

Gohan couldn't believe his eyes, he'd just been training with his brother, and after a powerful exchange had managed to get the best of him. Goten was soaring through the air from the impact of his brother's fist when suddenly he'd turned Super-Saiyan. Gohan had let out a surprised yell, as he blocked his brother's attack, making Goten stop in his tracks.
"G-Goten." Gohan said with surprise shaking his voice. "You're a Super-Saiyan."
"Aha." Goten said with that innocent look on his face that reminded Gohan so much of his father.
"When did this happen?"
"I don't really remember, the first time was a little while ago, when mom was training me. And this is only the second time."
"Well I'll have to teach you to do it at will then."
"What do you mean Gohan?"
"Well, when you first become a Super-Saiyan you can only do it when it sort of happens to you, it takes training to be able to do it when you want to. Like this." With those last few words Gohan concentrated on the memories he needed, he wouldn't be happy the first few seconds of being a Super-Saiyan, he never was, but the feeling usually passed quickly. The memories surfaced as always. Raditz taking him from his father. Krillin stuck on Frieza's horn back on Namek. Dende getting hit by Frieza's Ki-blast. Piccolo killed by Nappa, protecting Gohan, Piccolo nearly dead at the hands of Frieza, Krillin dead as Frieza stood their laughing.
All the pain and anger came over him in a fraction of a second. The next moment he could feel the power build up in his body and then it happened, his muscles grew bigger and his hair changed colour, as did his eyes. However that wasn't the biggest change that happened. His Ki shot up tremendously and he could feel a power flowing through his veins that Goten too had now tasted, the true power of Saiyan blood.
Their spar continued with the intensity any fight between Super-Saiyans would have, but when Gohan took to the air, Goten accused him of cheating since the youngster had not yet learned to fly.
"Hey, don't worry about it." Gohan said. "I'll teach you. But not now okay squirt, we'll just continue our spar for a while longer and then go back in other wise mom would get mad at me for keeping you out too late."
"Okay." Goten called with that special goofy happy look on his face that could betray to anyone who knew him who his father was.

After Gohan and Goten went back inside Goten was send almost immediately to the bathroom to get ready for bed while Gohan and Chi-Chi talked. Chi-Chi quickly told Gohan about what had happened when Goten turned Super-Saiyan on her, and how she had reacted by calling him a monster.
"I'm afraid I over-reacted a bit." She said. "But I remembered all the trouble we had when you and Goku were Super-Saiyans all the time, before the cell games, I swear there wasn't a piece of tableware or furniture that didn't need replacing in those few days."
"Yeah, I remember." Gohan said with a slight smile. "I guess that would make you scared of having an other Super-Saiyan around, but don't worry about it, I'll talk to the little guy. I'll take a shower after him, and then talk to him in our bedroom, he'll be up a little later than usual," as he said this Chi-Chi's face turned to a frown, "but I think it's best to get this all taken care of as soon as possible otherwise the kid'll be getting mixed signals, you calling him a monster and me training him, way too long. Besides, you're still teaching him at home, he can sleep in for once."
Chi-Chi sighed and nodded, she knew that what her son was suggesting was really the best thing for the situation, but that didn't mean it was easy for her to let go of the strict principles she used regarding to her boys' education.
So after Goten had gone to bed Gohan hit the showers and made his way to the bedroom the boys shared. Gohan actually had a room of his own, but he only used that to study in. Goten liked to have his brother sleep in his room, it wasn't unusual for a kid that had grown up hearing stories of Frieza and Cell to have nightmares, or even think they might be hiding under his bed, so having Gohan there helped keep him calm, just ensuring the rest of the entire family.
"You awake squirt." Gohan asked as he slipped into his bed, next to his little brother's.
"Aha." Goten replied.
"So, tell me what happened with you and mom the first time you went Super-Saiyan?"
"Gohan, you know you're not supposed to talk to me after my bed-time."
"Don't worry squirt, mom won't know." Gohan assured his brother. "So tell me, what happened?"
"Well, she kicked me as we were sparring, and I was flying away, much like when you hit me earlier. And then I must have gone super, I didn't even notice it, but I kicked mom, and then she went flying into this tree."
"What happened then, how did mom react?" Gohan asked, though he already knew the answer.
"She seemed scared, or upset or something, and she called me a monster."
"Well don't worry about that too much squirt. I think you're a nice monster, besides, she probably just called you that remembering all the things dad and I broke when we were Super-Saiyans."
"Why'd you break a lot of stuff Gohan?" Goten's voice was starting to sound sleepy as he said this.
"We just didn't know how to control our own strength, just like you didn't know what you were doing when you kicked mom into that tree. When I teach you to become a Super-Saiyan at will, I'll try to teach you how to control it better but it's harder when you're a Super-Saiyan than it is normally."
"Okay." Goten mumbled in a half yawn. "I ... think ... I'll ... go ... to sleeeep."
And with that the younger of the two demi-Saiyans dozed off.

Gohan lay in the darkness for a while, thinking about his day. He was really proud of his little brother of course, but looking back he had to admit that the discovery he'd made about Goten wasn't the thing that was most on his mind.
Why wouldn't Videl leave him alone, she seemed intent on discovering who the great Sayaman was, and when he was himself she seemed intent on finding out what he was hiding.
Better get some sleep. He thought to himself after pondering Videl for a while. I have to get up early if I want to avoid her chasing me in her jet-copter again. It's really strange to be chased like that by someone you want to be a friend to, I don't care how she acts, I can tell she isn't happy at home.
He tossed and turned for a while but finally managed to relax and go to sleep.

As Gohan went to sleep Videl was still sitting behind her desk in her huge room in the Satan mansion. She was trying to do her physics homework, but it wasn't coming along at any notable pace. For that matter she wasn't even sure it was a noticeable pace. Ah well, she thought to herself, I could always ask Gohan during lunch tomorrow, I know he did all his homework during lunch today. And he's always trying to be my friend, though I could probably be nicer to him, maybe give him a chance.

Later that night, Videl was asleep, but her sleep was an uneasy one, troubled by strange dreams.
She had finally cornered Sayaman and pulled of his helmet, except that under it he seemed to be wearing another helmet, and when she pulled that off there was yet another. And the strangest thing was that all the helmets seemed to be the same size. Finally she pulled off the last helmet, but all she could register before waking up were several locks of shining blond hair.
Great she thought, checking her alarm clock to see it was only 04:00 she turned around, trying to get back to sleep, but part of her kept thinking about the dream. If I'd seen his face, would I have recognised it, she wondered. Why did the dream have to end with the one thing I'd already figured out, he's probably the Gold-Fighter.
However hard Videl tried she couldn't get back to sleep that night. Finally after just laying there for several hours staring that the dark ceiling, only faintly visible in the minute beam of starlight that came in through the gap in the curtains she got up and turned on the lights. It was 7 am. She still had two hours before she had to be in school, and her dad didn't expect her down for breakfast before 8, but being up was better than just lying there.
I wish mom were here. She thought to herself. She'd know what to do and she always liked to get up early as well.
When she looked over at the picture on her dresser she could almost feel that her mother was still out there somewhere, maybe not in this dimension, but somewhere. A line from a song she'd once heard came into her head, I miss you, like the desserts miss the rain. It seemed to perfectly describe the way she felt about her mom right now.
/* The song is Missing, it's by Everything But The Girl. I don't own that either. It's on my wish list along with DBZ ;).*/

Purely out of frustration Videl threw herself at her physics again, actually managing to solve some of the problems, before her alarm beeped at 7:45 and she went to get a shower and get he clothes on again instead of the pyjamas she'd been wearing up till that point.

Gohan got to school early that morning, and in doing so had managed to avoid another airborne chase like the one the day before.
He was sitting in front of the school calmly eating a sandwich he'd gotten at lunch- or rather breakfast-room across the street when he saw Videl's jet-copter land. A few minutes later Videl jumped out, wearing her usual white shirt and black shorts, and pushed the button to capsulate it, returning the Capsule to her pocket.
Oh god. Gohan thought as she walked over to him with a determined look on her face. What now, did she hang out somewhere to spy on me and see me, or am I just getting so paranoid I'm scared whenever she looks at me?
"Uhm. * cough * Hi Videl." He said, hoping there was no hesitation in his voice. As she drew nearer.

Come on Videl, she urged herself as she heard his greeting. You said you'd try to be nice to him.
"Hey Gohan." She responded. "I was having some trouble with my physics, could you help me over lunch?"
"Sure Videl, no prob."
Just then the bell rang and they both ran inside, it was just the warning bell, meaning they had five minutes left to get to their class, but as that was on the top floor Videl barely managed to make it in time. To her great surprise, Gohan, the bookworm had managed to keep up with her. And unlike her he looked as though he wasn't even sweating too much.
Seems like he's fast enough when he wants to be. She thought. There's definitely something strange about this guy.
The morning passed at a crawl that in the end left Videl wondering where it all went. Time seemed to stand still as she listened to the teacher drone own about math, one of her better subject so she didn't really need to pay attention. And somehow while she was sure it was going slowly she found that her own thoughts were so distracting that the second teacher, geography, showed up sooner than she'd expected.
There was a bit of a break between the two teachers in which Sharpner tried to flirt with her. She couldn't help but wonder in the back of her mind, was he trying to flirt with her, or with the daughter of Hercule, the man that saved the world.
She knew he was friends with the real her, but as for that flirting that was definitely directed at her image, the popular, famous rich Videl who was something for him to impress people with.
If only someone would get that out of him he would be a much nicer person, somehow he needed to be shown that name and image weren't everything, and that he should listen to his heart, not his gym-buddies.

After geography lunch came. Gohan made his way down the stairs next to Videl and they ended up on the lawn behind the school in the shadow of one of the trees that grew there.
While Videl unpacked her things, laying out what they would need for him to help her through physics, Gohan wolfed down his sandwiches, there were only ten of them, part of his moms fitting in regime, but he made the best of it. As a Saiyan, or in his case a part Saiyan, Gohan was quite capable of eating a sandwich in 3 seconds flat, so within the half minute it took her to spread out her things, he had finished his lunch.
"Okay," he said, hoping she hadn't noticed his bit of speed eating, "what seems to be the problem then?"
"Well, I'm stuck on question three. You see those two vectors there, well I'm not sure if I ..."
//Hey this is a fanfic not a physics seminar, we'll cut this scene here.

While Gohan and Videl were working on physics underneath a tree Sharpner and Erasa were eating on a different part of the school lawn.
"I don't get it." Sharpner said between bites. "Why would Videl rather study with nerd-boy than hang out with us?"
"Oh please Sharpner." Erasa said, sounding tired. "Do us both a favour and give it a rest. Please don't tell me that in the years the three of us, you, me and Videl have known each-other, you've really become this much of a jerk."
"What do you mean?"
"You and I are the only two friends Videl has who knew her before her dad defeated Cell, and yet, you flirt with her as if she were some trophy, just because it's cool for you to be able to tell you so called friends that you hangout with Hercule's daughter. Don't you think that she realises that, even though she's only known Gohan for a little while now, he's nice to her, but unlike you, he doesn't treat her like Hercule's daughter. He's sitting over there, helping Videl, not Hercule's daughter. That's a difference you don't see often enough."
"Wow, Erasa, that's pretty deep coming from you."
"Well, I'm not smart like Gohan, but I've known you and Videl a long time, besides, I should have seen this months ago, maybe even last year."
Sharpner's whole expression dropped. How could I be such a fool? How could I betray my friend like that just to impress some guys who don't think of me as Sharpner but probably just as the blond that hangs out with Hercule's kid.
"You're right Erasa." He said, a positively sad tone in his voice. "I've been a jerk."
"Great, but don't tell me that. Tell Videl. I don't know what's going on with her, but she really needs her friends right now."
Without another word being said Sharpner walked over to where Gohan and Videl were sitting.
"So," he heard Gohan said as he approached, "you take this vector and then by ..."
"Hey Sharpner." Videl interrupted him.
"I'm sorry Videl." Sharpner said.
"Erasa just made me realise I've been to busy with my own image and with flirting with Hercule's daughter to really pay attention to Videl, I'm sorry. I haven't been a very good friend to you."
And with that he turned around and walked back to where Erasa was sitting.

"Whoa, what brought on that change in attitude?" Gohan exclaimed.
"I'm not sure." Videl said. "I guess Erasa is smarter than we think in some ways. And I guess you helped her realise, now that I think of it, you never seem to treat me different from anyone else, I'm just Videl to you, not the daughter of the man who saved the world."
"You might be right about that." Gohan said. After all your dad didn't save the world as you're not my daughter. He added in thought.
"And anyway," Videl continued completely unaware of the strange look of irony on Gohan's face, "Sharpner wasn't always like that, well like he was before, he used to be quite nice. But then he started working out at one of my dad's gyms, he's always been a bit obsessive about his looks, and I guess a lot of the guys there, I don't know ... treated him different because he knew me. Some of it must have, I don't know ... rubbed of on him or something."
"You seem to not know a lot." Gohan said with a grin. Which he was pleased to see Videl returned.
"Well," she countered, "if you'll get on with it I'll at least know my physics."
"Okay, so like I was saying, you take this vector and ..."

After lunch the physics teacher came, and Videl found that thanks to Gohan's help she'd not only managed to finish her homework but she actually could make some sense of what was being said during class. After physics they had a free hour before history, their final class of the day and just as she was walking outside again, wanting to be in the sun on this beautiful day, her watch beeped, meaning she had a call from the police. I was beginning to think it was a slow day. She thought with a grim inward smile.
"Yes captain." She said into her watch.
"Videl, there's a bank-robbery going on. We need backup."
"On my way sir."
She sped into the open and threw down her jet-copter capsule. It appeared instantly and she climbed in, speeding to the robbery.

Gohan heard the roar of her take off, immediately ran to a place where he was hidden from view and pressed the button on his watch, transforming into Sayaman.
When he arrived at the scene of the robbery, after following Videl's copter in, she had already knocked out one of the robbers, leaving only one standing. This one robber however was armed with a semi-automatic gun, and Videl was having a hard time running left and right, and jumping to avoid the bullets.
Gohan knew what to do, hopefully he could do this without pissing of Videl. He moved at top speed, so fast he became invisible to normal eyes, and appeared behind the robber, reaching an arm around that man he took his gun and bent it into a knot, making it useless.

Videl stopped dodging when the bullets stopped. She turned to the robber to see the great Sayaman standing behind him.
"You again. Why don't you stop meddling with me?"
"I'm not meddling miss." That deep voice has to be faked, Videl thought. "I'm just evening that odds. I won't fight him, but it's not fair to let him have a gun, I think you're probably allergic to bullets."
Videl smiled, in spite of herself at the corny joke.
Sayaman hovered up, keeping an eye on the scene from above as she lowered herself into a fighting stance.
"Now you crook, let's see what you've got."
The answer to that question soon became obvious as she jumped him and kicked, knocking him out immediately.

Wow, Gohan thought, this girl is really something else. I can't believe that with only a little help to get rid of that gun she finished the job in only ten minutes.
He was startled when Videl called his name, well Sayaman's name anyway.
Uh-oh, what now?
"Yes miss Videl."
"At your service miss. Just helping good to triumph over evil, for I AM THE GREAT SAYAMAN." He said, accompanied by his Ginyu-force ballet routine.
"Would you stop doing that?" Videl said. "Or I'm going to start checking dance-classes in my search for your true identity."
"About that search ..."
"Yes what about it?"
"How about we call a truce?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I was thinking, since we work together sometimes, why don't we get to know each other a little, you seem like a girl that could use a friend, someone that doesn't think about her dad, but about her."
"That's true, but what are you proposing?"
"That we go for a drink to celebrate our victory. And let's say, for the next half hour you won't try to find out who I am, we'll just talk."

Hmm. Videl thought. Where did he get such insides into me? Still he is right, I could use a friend, even with Gohan added the list is still only three people, now that Sharpner seems to be turning around again. Besides, talking with him might give me a chance to do some spy-work during our truce, and if he starts to trust me finding out will just become easier.
"Okay, let's go."
Well, it's turning out to be a pretty weird life, but at least it's mine, she thought to herself with a chuckle as she went out of the bank and a cross the street with her arch-enemy and new friend.

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