This is my First story so be a bit kind ^^
(This is a World War AU)

March 16, 1922 CE
Home, Tau Ceti

Fleet Lord Atvar was standing and looking outside the armor glass window, swiveling his eye turrets here and there. For now he was just contented at looking with pride outside. The glory that was the Empire of the race.
From the the armor glass window aboard the 127th Emperor Hetto.
He could see a buzzing metro police vehicles filled with traffic.

And loaded with economic activity.
All from the carefully, planned centralized economy of the Empire.

Hundreds of thousands of Hyrogene powered vehicles were moving from one place to another on miles upon miles of seemingly endless roads, minding thier own business, not knowing that they are being watched by the 2nd highest ranking member of the race in all of the Empire.

You could also see outside the large, block shaped, black colored utilitarian designed apartments which held millions of the 6.5 billion inhabitants of home.

But the sight that caught the Fleet Lord's attention was the column after column of the hydrogen powered land cruisers that the race have thoroughly tested, prepared the already tweaked & tried designs of the race.

Preparations for the conquest of a seemingly primitive planet called tostev 3 has been ongoing for the last century. As he watched with awe the sight of these column after column of land cruisers going inside their respective starships, this was the part of the preparations of the Race to conquer Tostev 3.

His tail stomped & twitched at excitement while he was thinking to himself ...

"How could those barbarian Tostevites ever could with stand the military power of the race. With all their primitive weapons in their antiquated arsenals, these few land cruisers alone in one Race Starship are more than enough to beat those savages. Not to mention our killer crafts, skelkwak guided missiles, automatic rifles, vests-like Kevlar Armour that could absorb a few hits from their lowly kinetic projectiles and of course the hight of the Empire's military power, the dreaded explosive metal bombs which could level an entire city with just one bomb. " ... Were to name a few.

"How could these savages armed with spears, plated armor, single shot, highly inaccurate and under powered rifles and short-ranged artillery that was just as useless as their flintlock and/or matchlock rifles."
-The Fleet Lord's jaw fell open with amusement at the mere thought of these primitive barbarians armed with those primitive weaponry fighting the land cruisers that were just being loaded into the conquest fleet starships outside.
If it was all up to him he would have just taken a single star ship filled with land cruisers and went to Tostev 3. After all, what can those savage tostevites do against such superior technology.

But the race always did things in the side of caution.
His tail stomp again & twitched, as his whole body was filled with excitement as the thought of the results of this new conquest that was occupying his mind.
Whats excited him evermore was not the economic benefits of both additional the resources of a single planet to the other 3 planets of the empire or the addition of millions of new citizens to the empire of almost 10 billion souls.
But it was the glory that it would give him personally as the conqueror of Tostev 3. He will be always known as Atvar the Conqueror.

Hatchlings will learn and study him for eons to come. As he had with past Fleet Lords. And surely they will remember of him as much as they would remember past Emperors, after all there were more Emperors than Fleet Lords. Who could ever forget the names of the Fleet Lords at the conquest of Rabotev or Hellas.

After leaving that trail of thought he wanted for the sake of amusement to look at the 2 images of the Tostevites which represented the leading 2 empires of Tostev 3.
Which the probe that was sent to study Tostev 3 took, over 1600 years ago, which was just a mere flick of a nectitating membrane compared to the 100,000 year history of the race, for one last time.

Before giving the final briefing to the assembled shiplords before they would launch and go to cold sleep. Of course he was excited at this turn of event for it will be the first time he will address this crowd of fellow Officers of the Race's Taskforce as their Fleet Lord, and it will also be his first time to see all of them together and most of all there was this rumor that the Emperor himself would even grant him and the assembled ship lords the honor of seeing him through a televised call.

Which only a hand-full of fellow citizens has been bestowed of the honour of his visual presence.
Going back to the his thought of seeing both images ;again ;
he reached out his right claw towards the controller and stuck out a finger claw in order to press the button to display the image again.
But he was stopped before he could press by the opening of the door of the observation deck of the Banner ship 127th emperor Hetto.

Atvar used both eye turrets to look at the person who came in.
The upper-half of the body paint of this person who came in was as ornate as the Fleet Lord's him-self.
He suddenly exclaimed "exalted Fleet Lord!"
-Of course it was his adjutant who came in, Atvar thought.

It took him a few seconds to remember the name.
Then he said " yes Hsing."
" Don't tell me this starship has already been launched? "
-Atvar added.

His adjutant was a bit shocked by the Atvar's statement & it took him a while to notice that Atvar's jaw fell open in amusement, in what seem to be a joke.
It took his adjutant a second to muster a response then he finally said.

" By the Emperor! "
-both males cast down their eye turrets as respect for the mention of thier sovereign-

"No, Exalted Fleet Lord. I came to inform you Exalted Fleet Lord that the assembled ship lords are now all present in the command deck of the starship. "
-He then assumed the posture of respect.

" Very well, Hsing lead the way "
Atvar replied then he added an emphatic cough to show how serious he was. Then his adjutant led him through the corridor to the command deck

8 Mins. later
Command Deck
Still in Home

Atvar was standing in the podium in the command center. Standing so proudly as if he was the emperor him self. When the assembled ship lords fell quiet, his adjutant announce Atvar's presence.
Then All the ship lords assumed the posture of respect and looked at Atvar with both eye turrets signifying that they are ready to hear what the Fleet Lord is about to say.

Seeing than, Atvar finally said ...
"assembled ship lords I give you the face of the Tostevites."
Then he ordered his adjutant to show the first image.

Hsing assumed the posture of respect and then said
"It shall be done Exalted Fleet Lord."
-The he used his finger claw to press the button to show the first image. Upon the appearance of the frail hologram of the first image. The Exalted Fleet Lord exclaimed ...

"Behold! One of the 2 leading empires of Tostev 3, the S.Q.P.R., well thats what we were held to believe from the audio and image recordings taken by the probe we sent to study Tostev 3 1600 years ago."
The assembled ship lords held their ground even as they saw the images and heard the information.

As they all had heard and seen it before, tt was just merely a matter of procedure that it was included in the briefing.
After swiveling his eye turrets to gaze at the reactions of assembled ship lords, Atvar started again. As you can see ship lords.
Then the image began to clarify it shows a battlefield where it shows only onside of the battle.

The lines of this SQPR empire. Their troops were arranged in checkered like formations where at the back of each formation there was a Tostevite who was carrying a banner.
And in that banner there was an image of a bird with its wings stretched, and holding a circle in its claws with a design inside the circle and the words ...

" Senatus Populus Que Romanus" outside the circle and just touching its lower half.

It was all colored red and gold. Beside the checkered formation of infantry there was also a line of very crude and very primitive cannons. With smoke rising from it, a clear indication that it indeed had fired and was a primitive form of cannon.

Then Atvar continued ...
"we do not fully know the significance of the animal in their banner. We guessed that it symbolizes their empire somehow. But but regardless, that information couldn't possibly materially affect our planned conquest of Tostev Three.

Let us go on ... "
-Then the image suddenly zoomed into one of the standard infantry man.

In order to show in detail what each of them looked up close.

Then it only showed the specific & emphasized soldier from the rest of the horde were taken away from the main image.

It shows a Tostevite with hair in his face having blue eyes and pale skin, wearing a Roman style steel armor.
He carried a short sword to his side, a large steel shield in his hand and a very primitive form of fire arm slung across his back.

" They really are big and ugly. "
-the Fleet Lord commented.
" Now to the next image and the next Empire ".
-Then he ordered his adjutant to display the next image.

" It shall be done, Exalted Fleet Lord. "
His adjutant answered then assumed the posture of respect again and then flicked a finger claw to press the button to change the image.
Then after pressing the previous imaged blurred in order to make its fast transition to the new image.

The new image shows formations of slit eyed, yellow skinned Tostevites.
A few of those formations the Tostevites were mounted on horses they wore ornate Chinese style steel armor.

Which are easily seen as more elegant than those who did not mount horses and at the back of one of theses formations. There was a Tostevite wearing the most elegant steel armor of all.

" They wear their armor like we wear our body paint, to show their rank and status, so by our analysis this Tostevite is probably their commander."
-Atvar spoke while pointing to that Tostevite.

" Beside him was a Tostevite carrying a triangular banner which had an image of a dragon biting a ball. And the formation beside it there were unmounted Tostevites wearing simpler chinese style steel armor. They used some kind of spear as a weapon.
And beside them were primitive cannons not unlike the ones used by the SPQR, but with just a few differences in design but those differences between both designs were not clearly identifiable due to the distance of the image. "

" Behold the Empire of Zhounggou. "
-The Fleet Lord said.
Then the image once again the image zoomed to one of the infantry males and took away the rest from the image. It shows a Tostevite infantry male wearing a Chinese style steel armor only a bit more ornate than those worn by those infantry males using those unique kind of spears.

They carried a primitive fire arm only a bit and a really small bit better than those worn by the SQPR. Then after a few moments both the soldier of the SQPR which was shown earlier and the current Empire of Zhounggou soldier were shown side by side.

Then Atvar began to speak again.
"As you can see assembled ship lords, these savage Tostevites are very technologically primitive. But are advanced enough, clearly more advance than Rabotev or Hellas during the time of conquest.
And with that in mind our experts decided that we should race a conquest fleet several times larger than the normal size.

And that is why we currently have a conquest fleet larger than the Rabotev and Hellasi conquest fleets combined.
Now any questions before we go to the designation of duties."

Then after saying that. A ship lord assumed who wore the 3rd most ornate body paint in the place the posture of respect. Which was an extravagant way of saying he wanted to speak. Atvar after seeing the shiplord assume the posture.
He made an affirmative gesture signifying that the ship lord could speak.

Then the ship lord said ... " thank you Exhaulted Fleet Lord, I am ship lord Straha of the 206th emperor Yower.
Since we can see that these Tostevites; however primitive; are still advanced enough to use gun power as well as steel.
I would like to know how many males are we expecting to lose and how long do we expect to complete the conquest of Tostev 3? "
-Before the Fleet Lord could answer, a shiplord whose body paint is only second in ornateness to the Fleet Lord himself began to speak.

" Did you not listen during the academy, Straha?
He said Straha's name with such tone that it almost sounded like an insult, it maybe due to the fact that they are both rivals in being the right claw of the Fleet Lord. Then he continued

"Cause if you did you should have known that the estimated casualties are around 25-60 and the estimated time for conquest is one year."

" I merely wanted to hear it coming from the Fleet Lord's own jaws, and whether he agrees with these assumptions, Karel! "
-Straha replied and said his rival's name with the same exultation as he gave him.

" Ok! Thats enough! "
-Atvar stated and added an emphatic cough to show how he thought of their biting conversation.

" If there are no other questions let us continue with the briefing. "

22 Mins. Later
Same place and the starship still hasn't launched yet ...

As Hsing was checking the RADAR of the 127th Emperor Hetto, the alarm went out and announced several unidentified space crafts that has somehow arrived near Home.
Moments later other males were also doing the same thing.

Communication arrived rapidly to him about the sudden pick up of several, clearly alien spacecrafts of unknown configuration that had arrive near Home.

So Hsing immediately called the Fleet Lord, who was still briefing the assembled ship lords in the command center.

after seeing the image of Hsing;
whom had interrupted his briefing with the ship lords stated ...

" what is it Hsing? You must not have interrupted me for nothing? "

Hsing then told Atvar of what had recently happened and after a few minutes of rapid conversation with Hsing and the now throughly agigated assembled ship lords, who were currently present due to the briefing..., Atvar decided to inform the Emperor as soon as possible through the Emperor's own adjutant.

For this unknown encounter within their own system might become a danger to their homeplanet.

But before he could do anything, the phone suddenly shower a noise of static like it was about to receive a call, whats unique in the command center phone is that a call there is shown to all in the command center.

Atvar thought that is was his Sovereign trying to call to talk to them and give them his blessing.

What a perfect time to tell him of the situation. He thought.
But unknown to Atvar or anyone else in Home is that all telephone lines, Internet and tele-holovisions in and around Home were likewised hacked by the lead ship of these incoming alien ships, to give them a message to inform them of why they came.
And more unknown to them is that this starships came from Tostev 3 and what planned to do to Home.

Next chapter: guess who's coming for dinner and why, the message from the Tostevites and the Race's reaction.