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I woke up in Edwards's room. My legs felt kind of sore, I wonder why and then it all came rushing back to me the drugs the alcohol the sex. The best night of my life.

I got out of bed and went in the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. As soon as I was done I turned around to see Emmett in his boxers and a vest leaning in the doorway. I walked slowly towards him and I kissed his lips, he ran his fingers through my hair-which looked like I just finish having sex-and he unbuttoned the first 4 buttons on my sleep top. I pushed him onto the bed and I straddled him

I looked him in his eyes and I said "Emmett McCarthy Cullen after these few hours that I have spent with you ...I...I think I love you, you made me forget everything about Fuckward and that slut and I'm happy that I have someone like you."

When I finished my little speech Emmett still hadn't said anything. My face fell because I knew he didn't feel the same way about me, A tear escaped my eye and I turned my face in shame as I had just emptied all my feelings to a man who didn't even love me back.

As I was about to get off me, he pulled me into a kiss and he whispered "Bella I love you I just didn't think you felt the same way, Bella I couldn't stop thinking about you since I was with Rosalie that's why Edward always gave me those dirty looks. Bella I love you like a vampire loves blood"!

We started kissing and then the I heard a car park outside OH SHIT IM FUCKING SCARED NOW!...Let the action begin!

JasperPOV (Bet you didn't see that coming)

The weekend in Africa was fun if Rosalie and Edward weren't there. All they do is fuck their relationship is basically lust.

Can't Edward see that he has a beautiful girl that's willing to give him everything? Last night Alice got off the phone with Emmett and all I can say is wow I always knew that he like Bella from the way he looked at her but I didn't think he had the guts. When he was on the phone with Alice I heard him telling her the plan with the video camera. That just genius that way Edward can see what he missed out on. But I can't wait to watch the video Alice told me Bella did things that would make a stripper blush.

We were already in forks driving down to the house. Approaching the house I felt love, lust, and fear, Bella must've heard us pull up outside. I looked in the back seat of the car and wished I didn't Edward had Rosalie leaned against the window with his hand in her shirt.

" Umm hello we are going in the house where your GIRLFRIEND is waiting for you" I told him angrily.

When I said the word girlfriend Rosalie Growled"Oh shut up Jasper Edward is mine and so is Emmett. "Yea we will see about that "I said as I winked at Alice.

When we got in the house Bella and Emmett came downstairs looking like they just finished having sex Bella's hair was all crazy her shirt was buttoned down and she had hickeys all over her neck. Bella blushed her pretty red blush and Emmett just gave a sly grin.

"What the fuck did you do to her "Said Edward?

Before Emmett could speak Bella said "He did to me the same thing you have been doing to Rosalie since we got back from Italy, the only difference is that he does it better"

Everyone looked at Bella in shock. Whoa who knew she had it in her.

Just then Rosalie looked at the table and saw her Nikon s60 camera on the table "Why is my camera on the table" Rosalie hissed. Bella pretended to grab the camera from Rosalie because she knew that if she wanted the camera Rosalie would try to see what's on it.

"Why the fuck do you want this camera so bad Bella. Let's just plug the camera into the TV so the family can see what's on it" Bella gave a little smirk because Rosalie didn't know what she was in for.

Everyone sat in front the TV while Rosalie plugged in the camera. She sat down and smirked at Bella, What a bitch. Rosalie sat down and the video started, Bella came into focus wearing this really tight black dress her hair was straight and she really looked HOT! The bartender gave her 4 shots of a liquid I'm guessing is alcohol and she looked into the camera and drank the shots straight. Then you heard Emmett laughing in the background.

I looked over at Edward and I felt lust and Jealousy that's so good for that Basterd. As we continue on watching the video Bella pulled Emmett from where he was sitting on the bar and started dancing , well that's if you can call those stripper moves dancing.

Rosalie got up of the floor and was in Bella's face in an instant "What the fuck you dirty little whore you couldn't keep your filthy hands off my Emmett or 1 fucking day" she yelled ferociously at Bella. Bella didn't even flinch she calmly said"Yea just like how you couldn't keep your filthy little slutty hands of Edward" Notice how she didn't say my that must be driving Edward crazy. Rosalie looked at Bella in shock and sat back down in front the TV.

As the night progressed we learned that Bella took drugs and she could hold her liquor. The camera switched focus to Emmett standing up by the couch and Bella at the door, in a very quick speed Bella jumped onto Emmett and the Camera shut off.

I looked over at Rosalie fuming but then before I could comprehend I saw Edward get up and grab Bella slamming her head against the wall

I haven't had a good fight in a while bring it on Edward !