'Please stay a little longer?' I ask this every night. I know your answer and I still ask. Maybe I'm hoping you'll change your answer?

'You know I can't. I have to go.' Yep. Still the same answer

Why wont you stay? You know it hurts me when you leave.

He called and you have to leave me again.

I cry after you leave. Did you know that?

Of course you didn't

I wait until your car is gone and the lights have faded before I allow myself to scream.

I feel like I'm dying every time.

Every time.

I don't wanna be alone anymore.

Itachi. Please. Stay

'Why? Why can't you, just once! Stay?' I scream at you from my place on the bed.

'You know why! We are not allowed to be together!' You swing around in the door way. For a moment I thought I caught a glimpse of sadness.

'But we can be! Please.' My back is turned to you now.

You leave. I scream.

You told me once that you would leave him and finally be mine.


It's now been 2 years. I'm tired of waiting for you.

I'm sick of begging you every night.

'Stay 'Tachi. Please stay' Is what I say.

But you leave.

I cant take it anymore.

I am writing this to say that I cant take it anymore.

He'll always got the best of you…

And always will.

When he's begging you, like I am right this second, not to leave, remember that you could have stayed with me. And been happy.

But I wont be there any longer for you.

You drove me to this.

I hope you suffer from that knowledge.

Just so you know, I used that Knife you got me. Remember the one you got for my 15th birthday? You had it engraved.

'Forever yours. Itachi. I love you.'

It was used to split my skin. To spill my blood. That ,supposed, precious, life-giving fluid.

The pretty white Egyptian Cotton sheets you brought me where dyed red.

My body was broken years ago. When you started abusing my love for you.

You gave me so much. Anything I wanted.

Everything except you.

Yes I had your body and love, but it was never truly mine.

It was always his.

Good bye, Aniki.