Chapter 1: Looking for a maid.

Yami Bakura is what you could say the ideal man for most woman and man,those that are gay,I mean. He had the looks and the money. He had crazy white and devil-like hair that sticks out but still appears to be soft, reddish-brown eyes that sometimes appears to be the colour of red ruby when he's angry, slightly pale skin and a body that many men are envious of and dying to have and that woman to loves. He had everything he wanted money,fame,woman or man (he's bisexual but prefers men to women actually) ,he had it all. He was the heir to the Yami (I don't know what to use for his surname ;w; ) Company, a company that worked with the Kaba Corp. And that he was only eighteen years old.

"Bakura!" his good friend and business partner, Malik called out. Malik had golden spiked hair, tan skin and purple amethyst eyes. Malik's lover Marik had his hands around Malik's waist as they approached Bakura. Like Malik, Marik had tan skin, slightly darker purple eyes and much spikier golden hair that stood up.

Bakura stared at the two and shook his head. They both of them had seemed to forgot not to behave like this in public again. Especially since most people here are against gays and people are giving them weird looks again. This was why Bakura is thankful that he's bisexual. He could hang out with woman in the day and with guys at night at the bar. He might be bisexual, but he prefered men to women actually, especially since men are less clingy and annoying than men. He didn't have to worry about that since both women and men threw themselves at him all the time. As much as he loves sex, Bakura does not randomly fuck someone. The other party must have a some things that he liked and till now, he had no met someone that truely matches what he wanted.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he noticed that Malik seemed pissed that he didn't greet him back and sighed. "Malik, I didn't mean to ignore you. I was just thinking about something..." Malik smiled slightly after hearing Bakura's explanations and lightly hugged him which was kind of hard to do with Marik still having his hands around his waist. "So , where are we going to be living currently?" The three of them had just came back from London, which they had been staying at for around two years due to work. "One of my Father's mansions." Bakura answered and gave them a piece of paper with the address and two pairs of keys. The two pairs had their names on the keychain.

They stared confusely at Bakura. "You're not coming with us?" Bakura shook his head. "I'm not. That mansion have servants there but they're all females, you know how they are like if I ask them to do things like passing me my towel when I forget to bring it. I'm going to find a personal maid, that's hopefully a male to tend to me. I have no interest in bringing a crazy female maid that will be all over me when I go out. The both of you can go back there first and rest. I will come back later once I managed to find a suitable candidate to do the job. See ya." Bakura waved his hand and walked off without waiting for Malik's and Marik's reply. "He didn't even wait for me to reply." Malik huffed unhappily and dragged Marik to their car.

Bakura drove around looking for a maid agency and he spotted one. When he got out of his car, he noticed that it was both a maid agency and an orphanage. It was a special orphanage that trained orphans that were thirteen or older to be maids or butlers or chefs that had not been adopted yet. That way even if they are unable to find someone to adopt them, they would be able to find a job and provide themselves. Bakura was slightly amused as he had never seen an orphanage that trained their orphans to be maids or chefs and for it to be a maid agency at the same time.

Upon entering the side of the building that was the maid agency, he walked towards the lady at the reception to tell her what he was looking for. The lady made no movement and stared at him for a long time before Bakura got pissed and glared at her. She was slightly taken back by the stare as his eyes seemed to appear red all of a sudden and qucikly looked down to get the list of people for him. She was flustered and without knowing it, she took out the list for chefs and gave it to him. Bakura took one look at the list and started yelling. "Are you blind woman? I asked for to see the list for maids and you gave me the list for chefs? What the hell is wrong with you?" He threw the list back to her angrily.

The lady's face was white as she was took the list that was thrown at her. She was really frightened by Bakura. She made sure she got the right list this time and gave it to him without looking at him in the eye, she was way too afraid to look at him. He glanced at the list which listed out the name, age , and special skills of the person next to the photo of that person. Bakura was amused that it even had their blood type, when they were borned and when they entered the orphanage.

Skimming through the list boredly, he noticed a few of that were thirteen and he raised an eyebrow thinking that it was weird to have thirteen year olds worked as maids. " Why are some of them thirteen?" The lady was getting more and more flustered as Bakura remained near her. She slightly fidgeted before answering him. "While... the... maids.. here... are ... all .. orphans.. and... they... start.. their.. training.. at.. thirteen.., so.. we.. let.. people.. hire .. them. The.. age.. ranges.. from... thirteen.. to.. twenty... and.. they.. are.. both.. males.. and ... females." The lady was stuttering and kept looking down as she was afraid to see those red eyes again.

"Hmm... so there are maids the same age as me, sounds interesting. It should be better and more fun to get one of the same age as me." Bakura smirked slightly. "I would like to see all the ones that are eighteen this year." The lady meekly nodded and made a call.

After 3 minutes or so, a man came and directed him to a room. Bakura was glad that he no longer had to talk to that woman, even though it was amusing to see her so scared of him. Glancing around the room, he noticed that the people there were arranged in two lines. One line of females and one line of males. Ignoring the line of females that were trying to seduce him to hire them, he walked towards the line for the males, which he noticed was way shorter than the females. Bakura was not surprised at all that the line was short since he didn't really expect to see much male maids anyway.

He looked at their faces boredly, none of them seemed to suit his taste. Just as he was about to give up hope and finding one that actually suit his taste a little, when he spotted a male that had his back faced towards him who seemed to be staring at the wall. Bakura was curious to see what the boy looked like as he liked the male's snow-white hair. The male's hair seemed to remind him of his own hair but it appeared to be less spiky and much more soft and smooth. Perhaps this boy is the one he was looking for he thought as he gently tapped the male's shoulder. The male turned around and faced Bakura...

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