Chaper 2: The chosen Boy.

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Bakura was really surprised that the boy looked a lot like him. The boy like him had pale skin except that the boy had softer and smoother looking skin, his eyes were brown like Bakura but unlike Bakura's , it looked like chocolate and his face was more 'angel-like' than Bakura's . Bakura was mesmerized by his eyes that was full of innocence and his face that made him thinks of a tenshi (angel) and couldn't stop staring at the boy who was fidgeting as he was feeling uncomforable that Bakura kept staring at him. After a long time, Bakura finally stopped staring at the boy's face to look at the other parts of his body. Bakura noticed that the boy was slightly shorter than him by a few centimetres and less muscular than him. Other than those, he was almost an exact replica... there was one part Bakura wasn't sure if it was same though.

Bakura lowered his gaze and started staring again. He was thinking if they would be the same size... The poor boy was blushing when he noticed where the other's eyes were looking at, he felt very exposed and wondered why the other kept staring there and how much longer was he going to. He was really uncomfortable at the fact that the other kept staring there and because he looked a lot like him. He was curious if this person that looks like him was going to be his master and employ him. He had been staring outside the window daydreaming on leaving this place the whole time and had no idea that Bakura had barely looked at anyone but him. He really wanted to leave this place and go outside again and he fidgeted once again when he noticed that Bakura was still staring and had a weird expression on his face, his eyes seemed to flashed red for a moment.

Now back to Bakura - He was still thinking about that and was starting to have strange thoughts going on in his head. The way he was smirking was when he had something he wanted or had thought of something interesting and fun to do. It happened to be both now. He brought his head back up to look at the boy's soft features, it suddenly brought to his attention that he had yet to know what the boy's name was. "What's your name?" he asked as he continued looking at the boy. The boy looked at him with hope in his eyes, he was wondering if he was finally able to leave. "I'm Bakura Ryou , what is your name master?" Ryou answered with a bow.

Bakura was kind of surprised when he heard Ryou's surname was his name. He couldn't help grinning when he heard Ryou called him master, he could get used to that and he liked Ryou's sweet voice and he was about to imagine something when Ryou coughed. " Right. I haven't answer his question yet." he thought before answering Ryou, " Concidentally, my name is Yami Bakura. " He noticed Ryou blinking a few times, he must have thought the same think as him,Bakura assumed. Ryou was indeed surprised to hear that his master's name was Bakura, he would like to call him his master, but he wasn't sure if Yami-san was going to take him.

While Ryou was caught up in his thoughts, Bakura had walked towards the man that brought him to this room and told him that he was interested in hiring Ryou. Since Ryou was technically an adult, there was no need for Bakura to adopt him. Ryou was really surprised to hear that Bakura was going to hire him, his ticket to leave this place was finally here! He did not expect to be hired as usually people are not interested in hiring him because of his hair and skin colour and the fact that he looked weak. They said that they didn't think that he was capable of doing most of the jobs they required him to do. Ryou had lost hope of ever leaving the Orphanage that he had lived in for eight years. No one was interested in adopting him as they thought it was queer and strange for him to have white hair and they had no interest in adopting a weak-looking child that would give them problems as he most likely would be bullied and they were also afraid that he would fall sick easily, making them waste their money on treating him.

Bakura frowned at the number of papers he had to sign. Since Ryou had no parents, the people from the orphanage wanted to ensure that Ryou would lead a good life since he had no one else to depend on if he anything happened to him. After signing all the stacks of paper, Bakura waited patiently for Ryou to come out with all his stuff. He could not wait to show Malik and Marik , Ryou. The both of them would be so surprised to see that Bakura had found someone that looked so much like him. Malik and Marik are cousins, so it was not surprising that the both of them looked so alike. But Ryou on the other hand, was different. The both of them were not related at all. He grinned as he thought of the fun he was going to have later, but first he had to think of an uniform for Ryou. He could make him wear a maid uniform, he was sure it would look good on Ryou but Ryou might be insulted if he made him wear that, so he decided against it. For now, he should just let Ryou dress however he want. Taking out his phone, he made a call to the school that Malik, Marik and him were attending to register Ryou to study there as well.

Just as he was done with the call, Ryou came out wearing the same clothes as before with a rather small bag. Bakura raised an eyebrow when he noticed the size of the bag, he was surprised to see that Ryou had so little stuff. The orphanage must not have given he much he supposed. Ryou walked towards him and bowed, "Sorry to keep you waiting Yami-sama." Bakura frowned slightly when he heard Ryou called him by his surname, he didn't mean the sama but he minded being called Yami. "Call me Bakura instead." he told Ryou as he lightly dragged Ryou outside. "All right Bakura-sama." Ryou glanced around and took a deep breath when they reached the outside. "I'm finally out of that orphanage!" he cried out happily. He knew that he was going to be Bakura's maid from now on and have to listen to his every orders but Ryou didn't mind what he had to do as long as he could get out. He had longed for the day to be able to go outdoors into society for ten years already.

"Bakura-sama , thanks for getting me out of the Orphanage. From now on, I will try tend to your every need if you want." Ryou looked at Bakura gratefully, he really was glad to get out. Bakura smirked when he heard what Ryou said. "To my every needs huh? This is going to be real interesting and fun. That was totally a wrong choice of words Ryou just used. " he thought in his head. "So you will tend to my every singleneeds?" he confirmed with Ryou. Ryou nodded his head and answered him, "Of course, Bakura-Sama. Every single one of your needs and the things you want." Bakura grinned spookily and gave Ryou a strange look. " Anything at all?" Ryou once again nodded his head. Bakura chuckled and grabbed Ryou's hand and walked towards his car. Ryou had a small blush on his face when Bakura did that, he did not expect his master to actually hold his hand. Bakura smirked again when he noticed the blush. Ryou was awed by Bakura's car. "Bakura-sama must be really rich." he concluded as he sat down on the car. It was really big and he was certain that the seats' covers were leather. He wondered what kind of environment he was going to be working in as Bakura started driving.

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