STORY INFORMATION: After Harry Potter survived the killing curse, Sirius Black took him to get medical attention and raised him to be an accomplished wizard, animagus, duelist, and (semi- trained) elemental, all by the age of fifteen. He lost his vision on his eleventh birthday during a magical power surge, the same day his elemental powers emerged. Now, Sirius feels that Harry should go to Hogwarts and be around kids his own age. Now Harry has to go Hogwarts pretending to be dumb, and under a false name. He's determined to get through the year with his secrets intact. But with his elemental powers acting up, keeping secrets will be harder than he ever imagined.

Closed Shutters

Harry Potter never asked to be blind. He never asked for his parents to be murdered by a psychotic, racist wizard. And he never, ever asked to go to Hogwarts.

Harry tapped his thin, white cane against the train compartment floor. He didn't really need the cane, usually. He only needed it when he was in an area that was especially enriched with magic. The Hogwarts train, for example, had had so many magical beings in it, that the thing was chock full of magical energy. His magical sight would be overwhelmed, and he would pass out. It'd happened to him a few times in the past, and it was never fun.

Harry sighed. He hated being blind.

A loud whistle blew, and the train began to move. He heard the last minute good-byes from students, and the frantic warnings from parents.

"Hurry, dear, or you'll miss the train!"

"Francis, love, don't forget to write every day! Mummy will miss you! "

"Fred, George, if I get one more letter about a toilet seat-!"

Harry shrugged to himself. These Hogwarts people were an odd bunch.

Hours passed. Harry fiddled with his sunglasses. The ride had to be almost over by now.

Some more hours passed. Harry tapped his cane to the tune of an old song he had heard on the muggle radio. Tap tap tap-tap tap tap-tap tap tap tap. Alright, now the ride had to be almost over.

No such luck.

Much, much later, Harry heard voices down the corridor.

"Malfoy's such a git!" stormed a loud male voice. "He's such a bloody prat! He's such a-"The voice lowered, and was followed by the sound of a slap.

"Ronald!" whisper- yelled a female voice.

"What? You know it's true! They're so inbred I'm surprised…"

The voice got louder as they approached what they thought was an empty compartment.

"I swear, there's no way Narcissa Malfoy would-Oh." The boy with the loud voice entered the compartment and stopped short when he saw the raven haired boy already sitting there. "Hello. Who are you?"

Harry turned his head in the newcomers' direction. He paused for a moment, and then replied.

"Seth. Seth Rampart."

"Well, hello, Seth Rampart." A different female voice said brightly. "Mind if we sit with you?"

"Be my guest." Harry shrugged.

As far as he could tell, three people were in the compartment with him. A boy with a loud voice, (probably tall,) a girl most likely in the same years as him, and another girl. The second girl had a similar tone of voice as the boy. Brother and sister? He couldn't tell.

The three friends talked among themselves. He was able to find out about how Severus Snape was incredibly biased against Gryffindors, (not very surprising, considering what he had heard from Sirius,) and their speculation on who the new defense professor would be this year. Apparently, every DADA professor had been terrible, and they had never learned anything at all.

"But, of course, whoever it is, you know they'll love the "Golden Girl." Ron teased.

"Shut up." Harry could practically hear the second girl's scowl. Harry's curiosity got the better of him.

"Golden Girl?" He asked.

"Obviously. The girl sitting in front of you is Ginny Weasley." The boy said it slowly, as if he were stupid. "What are, blind?"

"Er, yeah." Harry leaned back and crossed his arms. He heard two slaps this time.


"I'm sorry about my inconsiderate prat of a friend." Said the first girl. "I'm Hermione Granger, and the idiot is Ron Weasley. And you already know that the other girl with us here is Ginny Weasley."

'Ah,' he thought, 'definitely brother and sister.'

"Now, if you don't mind me asking," Harry began. "Why is Ginny called the 'Golden Girl?'"

"Well, ever since Professor Dumbledore discovered that Ginny's an elemental, people have been claiming she gets special treatment." Hermione said.

"Which is a complete lie." Ginny asserted. "If anything, people are treating me worse, especially Snape and the Slytherins."

"Oh. Okay." Harry said lamely. He was too distracted to pay attention to Ginny. If Ginny was an elemental, it would have been made public the instant the Daily Prophet got wind of the news. Sirius must've known.

Harry was too enraged to think clearly. How could Sirius have kept this from him? They may have been able to help each other gain control of their abilities. It was vitally important that Harry gain control of his elemental powers. They reacted to his emotions, and when he lost control, when he was too mad to focus, anything could happen. The last time he got mad at Sirius, he accidently caused an earthquake in China. Oops.

"Excuse me." Harry rushed as fast as he could out the door. The windows were already beginning to shake, and he couldn't afford to lose control in there. He wasn't going to reveal any of his secrets on the first day. He remembered Sirius' warning.

"Secrets are never secrets at Hogwarts, Harry. She has an inexplicable way of weaseling them out, usually in a way you'd never expect. Be careful, pup."

Sirius was right. He also had some explaining to do.

'There's something funny about that bloke.' Ginny knew it. She felt like she knew him from somewhere. He was familiar, as if she had known him when she was small, and then forgotten him. And then, right before he left, the windows rattled unnaturally. If Ginny didn't know better, she would've sworn it was her elemental powers acting up. But no, she would've felt it had it been her.

Hermione and Ron were arguing in the background, but Ginny tuned them out.

There was something different about Seth, something that made him special, and Ginny was going to find out what it was.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading! I'm a first-time writer, so I'd really appreciate some feedback!