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Lisbon fanned her face with her hand but it didn't make much difference. "One hundred and five degrees was far too hot to be stuck at work and doing paperwork. True, she hated paperwork anyway, but she'd have much preferred to be at home – in her nice, air conditioned home – with an iced glass of something after a very cold shower.

There was a knock on her open office door and she glanced up at the red face of Rigsby. "Hightower wants to see you, boss." Lisbon nodded and hit some keys on her computer to lock it until she was back in her office.

"Alright," she sighed, getting up from her chair and grimacing.

"It's a scorcher," Rigsby commented and Lisbon raised an eyebrow.

"You think?" she asked, trying not to laugh at the exceptionally obvious comment. She headed out of her office, turned the corner towards Hightower's office and collided with someone. She gasped as something cold and wet dripped down her shirt and she glared up at the perpetrator.

"JANE!" she exclaimed, glaring at the man whose expression was of bemusement and slight guilt. He grinned nervously.


He glanced at the half empty jug of what had been iced lemonade, most of which was now on Lisbon.

"Jane, tell Hightower that I will be in her office. Soon. Damn."

She could already feel herself becoming sticky from the sweet drink that did not belong on her or her shirt. "Move! Now! Go!"

"Oh, Lisbon, stop with the monosyllabic talk-" Jane began, but Lisbon had already turned on her heel and was making a beeline for the locker room. He chuckled softly to himself before calling after her, "at least it was cold!"

Lisbon unbuttoned her wet shirt and pushed it into a sink full of warm, soapy water. Grabbing some toilet paper, she started to wash the lemonade off her skin as her shirt soaked in the water. Patting her body dry, she pulled out a pale blue, neatly folded shirt from her bag that she had collected from her locker and pulled it on.

Ten minutes later, Lisbon headed towards Hightower's office for the second time. Jane jumped up off his couch and approached her. She continued walking but still Jane followed her.

"Jane, what do you want?" she asked, finally stopping and turning to face him.

He leant forward and sniffed her shoulder.

"You smell all lemon-y," he commented and Lisbon rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I wonder why."

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