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If you would have visited a museum in the future, you might see a painting there. You may see a painting that looks so very old, and very worn, and you may see a little information about the painting. It may say something about how the painting was drawn in a time of war and famine. It may say something about how the painting was carefully preserved by a girl who for some odd reason, desperately wanted it to stay known.

You wouldn't know why. You would read her name, Makato, and forget it later. You wouldn't remember such a trivial thing. It would be just another name on a plaque, just another person forgotten in the layers of time.

You would look at that painting (it was very lovely) but you wouldn't really see. You would look with eyes that were filmed over, to the true beauty that it actually held. Like everyone else in your world, it would be just another thing to look at in a museum. What could possibly be special about that?

Makoto's name would be just another person who did something great without a reason. Or at least, to you that's what it would seem like. You wouldn't actually realize that the girl had a reason for saving the painting. That she had someone in mind when through time she saved it. There was someone she wanted it to see and someone who wanted to see it. No matter what, she wanted this to happen.

But you wouldn't know that.

Your friends would mutter at how this museum is just so BORING and how their tired of standing there at this stupid exhibit. You would roll your eyes, but you would secretly agree. How lame was this painting? Who cared about a worthless piece of art?

You wouldn't know that it wasn't worthless. That it was worth millions in cash and even more to someone who looked at it the same time that you 's value to you is nothing, its value to the world is lost. Not many know what it took to have this painting come here. The sacrifices made, the goodbye's that were spoken and the tears that were shed. If only, you knew.

As you move on to the next exhibit, you see a boy who stares at this painting so intently it startles you. You peg him as weird and move on. You woulnd't know that this boy comes to look at this painting everyday. He never misses a single day to see it, its lines mean more to him then it does to the others you travel with.

He stares at it with fascination and sorrow, and if you looked closer you might even see a bit of regret. You wouldn't know that he knows the name of the girl who saved the painting. You wouldn't know how much he longs for her.

If only you knew their story. The painting would mean so much more if you did.


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