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An Innocent Heart

"Allen!" cried out a red headed man.

The red headed man rushed through knee deep water with an old, short man and another man of about 18 with long, black hair and a shining black and blue katana. They rushed to where, mingled in with the rumble and pieces of akuma bodies, their fallen comrade lay motionless. His snow white hair dyed red with his own blood and left eye still activated with its search for akuma. The boy's innocence, the essence that allows him to fight the akuma, also still activated although slowly weakening, was spread out across the boulders as if to fend something off. As his companions drew closer, the boy's left arm, which had changed into a sword earlier, was slowly returning to the first state of activation.

"Moyashi!" the man with the katana shouted.

Suddenly, the boy moved his head. It was a very slight movement but it gave the three hope. The red head was the first to reach the boy. Using his anti-akuma weapon hammer, he moved any threat further away and then tried to help the boy.

"L…Lavi…save th-these two first…" the boy barely managed to say.

Slowly, the boy deactivated his innocence to reveal a young girl of about 7 and a boy of 10. Lavi stared at the two in total awe. Where had the come from?

"Hey, Allen? Where'd these kids come from?" Lavi questioned as the other two reached them.

"They're…innocence a-accommodators…" Allen managed to say before passing out.

"What?" the man with the katana exclaimed.

"Hey kids! Are you okay?" Lavi shouted with a new sense of urgency.

Slowly the two kids opened their eyes and looked around. They seemed puzzled as to where they were until they saw Allen's body.

"Mister!" the girl screamed in pure horror.

When she would have flung herself onto his body, the other kid grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace. The old man went up to Allen and did a quick assessment on his fading health.

"Don't worry. He's just unconscious right now. However, if we don't get him back to headquarters soon, he might not make it," the old man stated.

"So what do we do, Bookman?" the other male asked.

"We use the ark and get back, baka Yuu!" Lavi snapped at the samurai.

Lavi placed the top of his hammer on the ground and held out a hand out to the kids.

"Let's go you two. We need to leave now," Lavi sighed, grabbing the kids, "Yuu, you need to carry Allen while we head back. Bookman, you should help him."

"Why do I have to carry the Moyashi!" Yuu snapped.

"Because someone has to and, though to you he's a Moyashi, Allen's too big for Bookman to carry!" Lavi snapped back, "Now get Allen and grab this hammer!" Mumbling under his breath, Yuu slowly picked up Allen and carried him back to the hammer.

"B-BaKanda…" Allen muttered.

"Baka," Yuu sighed.

With all of them holding onto the handle, Lavi looked towards the North and then back to Allen.

"Don't worry, Allen. We'll have you home in a bit. Extend!"

With that last word, the hammer's handle grew and they all were headed towards a giant white thing that descended from the sky.

"W-What is that?" the boy shouted.

"That is our doorway home," Lavi smiled, entering the white thing and going straight to a door labeled "HOME".

As soon as they entered through the door, there stood a man dressed in all white with purple-black hair and glasses. When the man caught sight of those who came through the white thing, he dropped his coffee mug and clipboard and rushed up to them.

"Allen!" he cried.

"Komui, we need to get him to the hospital wing immediately," Bookman instructed.

"Right. We'll set up a private room so not to alarm the finders and other exorcists," Komui stated, leading the group towards the hospital, "Reever! Contact the head nurse to prepare a room for Allen!"

"On it chief!" Reever shouted back.

The group rushed through the corridors and passed open doorways, trying not to bump Allen into any unsuspecting finder. Almost bursting down the door to the hospital wing, the group felt like they were in the clear until Kanda suddenly tripped over a sleeping finder which sent Allen flying into a man dressed in black, pale complexion, black hair with a long white streak in it, and vampire fangs.

"Allen!" the man gasped, quickly grabbing the unconscious boy.

"Kro-chan! What are you doing here?" Lavi questioned.

"Getting my wounds looked at. More importantly, what are you doing just standing here? Shouldn't we be getting Allen to the nurses?" he replied, running off towards the main hospital room.

"Kr…ory…" Allen muttered.

"Hang in there Allen," Komui comforted running beside Krory.

Lavi was still carrying the two kids as they rushed into the main room. Nobody really paid attention to them though. Everyone in the room focused their attention on Allen's state. Including a girl of about 16 or 17 with short hair and red ankle bracelets. The instant she spotted the group and the single wounded boy, she sprinted over.

"Allen!" she screamed, flinging herself onto him.

The second she did, the boy opened his eyes and very slowly turned his head towards her. He slowly lifted his left hand and touched her cheek gently.

"L-Lena…l-lee…" he said as he smiled.

Lenalee grabbed his hand and held it to her face. She cried for several minutes holding his hand before he passed out again.

"Make way!" yelled an older woman dressed in a nurse's outfit.

Lenalee was basically ripped Allen's side as several nurses rushed up with a stretcher. They quickly placed Allen on the stretcher and disappeared into an empty room. After a few seconds of silence, Allen's blood curdling scream echoed through the hospital wing.

"Allen!" Lenalee screamed, running to the doors.

Lavi and Komui grabbed her before her kicked down the doors and dragged her screaming to Komui's office with the rest of the group following close behind. The two placed her on the sofa. Lenalee nearly stood right back up but Komui forced her to sit.

"Nee-san! What are doing? Let me go back to the infirmary and wait for Allen there!" Lenalee basically cried.

"And what? Let you break down the door the next time you hear him scream? You do that and you'll put his life in even more jeopardy!" Komui scolded.

Lenalee just gaped at him. She hadn't thought that what she nearly did would have caused Allen further harm. Staring at her brother for comfort, Lenalee let a few tears slide down her cheeks in silent sobs. Spotting the tears, Komui quickly pulled his younger sister into a tight, comforting hug. He slowly petted her short hair as she clung to him, trying to sooth her fears of losing yet another close friend.

"Shhh. It's going to be okay, Lenalee," Komui whispered, "You and I both know that Allen is tough and never goes down without a fight. He's going to be fine. You'll see. In a couple of weeks, he'll be running around here with his famous smile."

Komui slowly released his sister and walked behind his desk. He placed a single hand on the desk and sighed. What the hell happened? There was no reason that Allen should have been that badly beaten. And where the heck was Link? Wasn't he supposed to be with Allen at all times? Komui looked over at Lavi who was still holding the two kids. Who were they and why was Lavi carrying them? How were they connected to all of this?

"Lavi, who are those kids?" Komui finally asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Allen said something about them being accommodators of innocence before he passed out," Lavi stated, finally putting the kids down, "So hey. What are your names?"


Komui stared at the two kids. Accommodators? At such a young age? Komui sighed. It had been barely a year ago that Allen was the youngest exorcists the Order had. Now it seemed that innocence was picking younger and younger kids to fight the Earl. It just wasn't fair.

"Hey, kids! We can't keep calling you that so won't you please tell us your names?" Lavi smiled.


Lavi sighed. What was with these two? Were they that scary? Was that why they wouldn't speak?

"Je..Jeniya," The little girl finally said, "A-And this is my brother Ryan."

"Jeniya? That's a beautiful name," Lavi smiled.

"What were you two doing with Moyashi?" Yuu asked the two.

"Moy…ashi?" Jeniya questioned.

"Kanda means Allen," Komui stated, walking up to the two kids.

"The man just showed up at our village one day and started spouting nonsense about looking for something call innocence," Ryan scoffed.

Everyone stared at the kids. What had happened to them when Allen came to their village?

"Ryan," Lenalee finally voiced, "Can you please tell us what happened?"