For all of my readers...

Mizu: Hey everybody!

Lavi: *flinches* Aww! She's back!

Everyone else freezes: What!

Mizu: Oh, hush up you guys! I just wanted to come back here and tell something to everyone else who's ready this.

Everyone: Oh *sighs relieved*

Mizu: I just wanted to tell everyone that I really love you guys for sticking with me till the end of the story. I know that it was a long time but I really appreciate it. You guys are honestly the ones that kept me writing for this story. So, thanks!

Anyway, a lot of you had asked me if I was going to write a sequel for this story. And I know that I said that I probably wouldn't. But I changed my mind! I am writing something in relation to this story. However, I wouldn't call it a sequel. I'd call it a collection of one-shots. Like how Allen managed to survive after he died. So I decided to put those one-shots in one story, A Fragmented Heart. I just wanted to tell you guys that I decided not to just stop end this story.

I think that's it. Oh, if you guys have suggestions for A Fragmented Heart, feel free to pm me!

Allen: Please, just don't try to kill me again!
Mizu: No promises! K, Ciao for now guys!