A quick note...

Mizu: Wow…This feels so weird posting another update for this story.


Mizu: Oh hush. *lightly punches his arm playfully* I just wanted to come and say hi to all my old readers.

Lavi: Oh…ow…

Mizu: Oh, that didn't hurt and you know it, you big baby.

Allen: *nervously clears his throat* May I ask why you're here to say hi? Wouldn't you have posted something like this on the other story?

Mizu: Actually, it's because I never actually stated that I posted A Fragmented Heart a long time ago that I'm here. Even though I posted A Fragmented Heart shortly after posting the final chapter of An Innocent heart, I think I caused some confusion. I have noticed that many readers have continued to ask for a sequel even though I have already posted it. So I finally decided to post something here to make sure everyone knows that A Fragmented Heart is and has been up for a long time now.

Allen and Lavi: Oh…

Mizu: Now, I won't lie and say that I update that story a lot because I don't. I haven't worked on it for a while now but will hopefully revisit and put a new chapter up soon. All I ask is that anyone who reads it to remember that it is a series of one-shot spin off ideas. Each and every one of the chapters has a start and a finish. They are also not anywhere near as darkly toned and An Innocent Heart because I decided these one-shots would be used to show the characters in a happier light and as a family. Thus, it is very different than the original story. I still hope that you all enjoy it~! Well, that's all I wanted to say while I was here. I have several college papers to begin worrying about soon so I better go. Ciao for now everyone~!