The name's Rose, Rose Hathaway, I'm 17 year old soldier ( or that is what it feel like anyway) who had recently been kicked out from VA because the infuriating principal refuses to take me back after "rescuing" the princess- my best friend Lissa. I tried to fight back but something terribly happened. That life is but a dream to me now. An unsettling dream. Well at least i know that im not as i seem...not human. Any way now i live with my human aunt Brenda, I'm starting at forks high, and ill have to live with shitty weather...yay! (Note the sarcasm)

I know crappy summary...

I was running, running for my life. I was terrified, in a dark meadow of trees where no one could save me. Ugh. I was battered, pushing through branches and past suspiciously large canines. Who where howling to the moon?

My heart started to beat impossibly faster and more adrenaline pumped though me. My black t-shirt, new jeans and Nike-air force boots, where wet, either from sweat or from mud puddles. They probably were a bad idea (because they are black/ that might help to get away hmmm...).

The running footsteps soon died out. But i refused to slow down. How do i know if the hunt was stopped, unlikely thought probably just delayed- Until i had found a sign. No seriously a large highway sign. And there it was- a road in the distance.

The road of safety calmed and relaxed me. I began to slow down to a halt.

As my second foot landed on the road a large blinding light flashed in front of me- a bus come out of nowhere was in front of me beeping and beeping but didn't slow down-I woke up gasping, trying to catch my breath and covered in sweat.

I looked around my chilly room and immediately found my alarm clock beeping. I slammed my hand onto the button after realising I was going to be late if i do not hurry. Today is the new start of a new year at a new school forks high school. The name is Rose by the way, I'm the new senior. After my aunt Brenda got a job offer here we decided to move here. When I was young my parents had both died. Apparently it had been a car accident, this happened when I was 5. But back to my aunt Brenda she's 28years old is lawyer and a cool independent woman and don't you forget it or ill sew you. Bad joke.