It had been nearly three years since the incident where six humans were transformed into Pokèmon and were forced to remain in those forms in order to assist the white Mightyena, who was a former human named Spirit. Life for these humans-turned-Pokèmon had taken a turn for the stranger after the perilous battle where many of the legendary Pokèmon were killed. Spirit watched in horror as Arceus died protecting her and realized that, before the supreme Pokèmon died, he had named her heir as the mightiest Pokèmon in the world.

The band of human-turned-Pokèmon, realizing their destiny, decided to remain Pokèmon forever and assist Spirit. Little did they know that this task of assisting the white Mightyena would take them to places and times that they never knew that they could go. This is the story of this band and their adventure to defeat one of the greatest threats to humankind.

This is their latest adventure…

The wind blew back the fur around the neck of Spirit as she looked out into the forest from her perch on the side of a mountain. She sniffed the air and closed her eyes. The faint voices of Heather, Kyle, and Mark could be heard on the wisps on the breeze. Spirit reflected back on the first time she met the legendary beasts. Heather, a Suicune, and Kyle, a Raikou, are twin siblings. Mark, the Entei, was their cousin. Spirit took it upon herself to act as a mentor and guardian of these three. They acted a bit immature, but when things got rough, they were willing to step up and fight for Spirit.

Kyle's voice echoed in the forest. He was running alongside Heather and Mark. "Man, this is great! Who knew that being a Raikou was so enjoyable?" He had matured slightly since he made the decision to remain a Pokèmon. He had also begun to step in as a major defender of his sister and cousin.

Heather laughed as she raced beside her brother. "I know! I love this!" She crowed happily. Her long tail streamers flowed behind her.

Mark, who was originally extremely immature as a human, had become quite the mature one. He had grown accustomed to his new life as the earth guardian, a path which he chose after the death of Groudon. "I wonder where the others are?" He asked, glancing up at the sky.

The others were: Amanda, a Ho-oh who watched her grandfather die when he was transformed into a Celebi; Karen, a Lugia who had encountered a true male Lugia and had settled down with him; Honchkrow, a true Pokèmon who had lived for an extremely long time and had even assisted the original humans in their quest to return to human. Then there was Mercury, the young male Lugia who had courted Karen and made her his mate.

"Who knows? Probably out hunting or something." Kyle suggested. As Pokèmon, the group was forced to hunt for food rather than go to the supermarket and shop. Kyle was the one that killed a Stantler on his first hunt.

However, right then, a rainbow shot overhead as Amanda flew close to where Spirit was. "Good news! I just returned from a meeting with Celebi and she tells me that the forest is thriving well. There are plenty of berries for us to eat if we want to." She had become more chipper since she finally accepted her fate as a Ho-oh.

Spirit nodded to her. "Very good. I am pleased by this. But something has me worried. Have you seen Karen or Mercury lately, Amanda?"

Amanda shook her head, "No. I haven't seen either of them for a while. I wonder what's going on with those two."

"I do not know. What they do in their spare time is their business, but I would like to see how they're doing from time to time." Spirit shut her eyes. When she reopened them, she was surrounded by a Suicune, a Raikou, an Entei, a Ho-oh, a Honchkrow, and two Lugia. She was also surrounded with what appeared to be alphabets. "Not this again…" She moaned, realizing that she had been teleported into a different dimension.

Indeed. Spirit, we are in grave need for your assistance. A voiceless voice echoed in the abyss. The Unown parted as two beings appeared out of the darkness. One was the quadruped Dialga, the dragon of time. The other was the bipedal Palkia, the dragon of space. Both dragons looked somewhat troubled.

"How can we help, great ones?" Spirit asked calmly. Ever since her first major encounter with these two, she had started to consider them her friends. Well, if not her friends, then at least they were her allies.

There is a disturbance in time. Dialga replied, locking his red eyes onto Spirit. He rumbled and continued, You all must go in the past and defeat the epic foe of all beings.

Kyle blinked and gasped, "What? You mean you of all creatures can't go back into time and defeat some creepy monster? I mean, aren't you supposed to be all powerful or something?"

Palkia answered, No. We cannot go into the past. That would cause a rip in time and space. You see, little one, we cannot be in two places at the same time. If Dialga and I were to go into the past, that would cause quite the disaster and we would cease to exist.

"That would be bad." Kyle nodded understandingly.

Karen hesitated then asked, "What is this foe that you speak of? Who is it and exactly where did it come from?"

Dialga glanced toward the Unown and nodded. The random alphabet began to hum with energy. Then a ball of light appeared. In this ball of light, an image began to form. The picture was not a pleasant one. A monster appeared in the light. The monster looked like a dragon with black and red scales. Horns protruded from its face. The image showed the dragon opening its mouth and breathing fire. The fire caught buildings on fire. People were running for their lives. The dragon's yellow eyes locked on a lone Pikachu and bellowed. The Pikachu shot lighting at the monster, but it was to no avail. The Pikachu was swallowed up by the dragon. Lighting shot out from the mouth of the dragon and the Pikachu jumped to safety. The dragon shrieked and swung its tail forward, trying to kill the Pikachu with its tail spikes. The Pikachu dodged and used Thunderbolt, but the dragon opened its wings and flew out of range. As the beast released a blood-curdling roar the image vanished.

"Oh my…What kind of monster is this?" Heather demanded, enraged that such a cruel Pokèmon existed.

Palkia answered, That, my friends, is a dragon called Chargon. I would not be surprised that you have never heard of him. Chargon is the dragon of utter destruction. It is an evil creature that wields fire to fuel its lust for death. Happily for the present and future, Chargon no longer is a threat. He was sealed away by a legendary trainer that used a Pikachu. Of course, he had help. The other two legendary dragons, the day and the night, fought bravely against the beast. Chargon is gone forever.

"But how is he a threat in the past?" Spirit asked.

Dialga glanced at her and twitched his long tail. In many minds, Chargon is no longer a threat. After all, the past is the past, yes? But, my dear Spirit, there was a legend that existed in the time of the legendary trainer. You see, in this legend, a white time traveling Pokèmon came to the past from the future to silence Chargon and take away his abilities. Spirit, it was written that you and your friends would go into the past and defeat Chargon.

"What? How are we supposed to go back in time? We are not you and I don't see a Celebi that can help us teleport into the past." Kyle yelped.

Dialga laughed silently. Have no fear. I will send you back into the past. But there is one more thing you must know. Chargon has the power to transform humans into Pokèmon. You must seal him away after you take that ability away from him so the legendary trainer and the sun and moon will stand any chance against him. Also, being that this is the past, there are special rules that you must follow.

"Rules? Oh boy." Mark moaned.

The first rule: Your ancestors live in the past. You may face them. If you allow any harm to come to them, then you will die. The second rule, do not kill any humans or Pokèmon. Once again, they are the ancestors of the modern people and Pokèmon. The third rule, in some cases, there will be a difficult choice. You can allow one to die in order to save thousands or you can kill thousands to save one. All in all, it is your choice. But think of the consequences. Dialga closed his eyes. However, there is one that you cannot save and you all will meet him. He is King Charlie I and is destined to die. You will never meet him as a human though, but as a Blaziken. But his sons must survive.

Honchkrow, who wasn't really a legendary Pokèmon, answered, "Protect, try we will."

This pleases us. We will send you into the past now. Spirit, when the mission is complete, you will be able to return everyone to the future. Is that understood? Also, you may encounter the moon and sun.

"The moon and sun? Pokèmon that can control the moon and sun? I didn't know there was such a thing." Spirit flicked an ear in confusion.

These two dragons are nearly as old as Palkia and I. When the egg that held Arceus hatched, we were also created as a result. Arceus formed the dragon siblings, Sundra and Moondra, sortly after. Once again, I am not shocked that you've never heard of them. They are silent now, but once raged in a furious battle. They still exist too. They are resting until they are called forth once again.

Mercury glanced sideways at Karen. "So we might encounter Sundra and Moondra?"

Yes. The probability is good. They are the ones to defeat Chargon once and for all with the help of the legendary trainer with the Pikachu. Sundra lives on Sola Island and Moondra on Luna Island. Dialga answered. Then, staring at Spirit, asked, I will send you into the past now. Heed what I've told you and you will do fine. Is that clear?

"Yes. That is understood." She answered with a nod. Then a bright light covered her body and she felt herself being flown into the past.

Good luck, Spirit.