Spirit left Sundra's lair and emerge to the surface. She was still weary from treading water for so long during the battle where her friends were killed. However, she knew that Sundra would find a way to save them from death. He had to. Spirit sniffed the ground and smelt the scent of a Leafeon. A Leafeon that was fairly close to Spirit's position. "Alright, come out. I won't hurt you." Spirit promised.

Like she had thought, a Leafeon approached her. "A-are you a legendary Pokèmon?" The female Leafeon asked.

"Yes." Spirit answered.

"Then maybe you can help me. I was a human. Then Chargon flew overhead and..." her voice cracked slightly. "Before I knew it, I was in this form. Please. I can help you. I'm Emily."

"Pleasure, Emily. I am Spirit."

Emily stood, nervous. "Is the princes okay? I…I want to know if they are safe."

"They're fine." Spirit reassured the Leafeon. Emily breathed a sigh of relief. "Where did you come from anyway?"

"I live at the local village on this island. I saw your friends fight Chargon. I'm sorry that they didn't survive."

Spirit closed her eyes. "I need your help. Do you know this area well?"

"Yes." Emily said cautiously.

"Maybe you can help me find a thing called an Eclipse Stone."

Emily's ears perked up. "I can do that. This Leafeon has a wonderful sense of smell. I'm sure I can find it for you."

Spirit nodded, "We're going to need help. I was considering recruiting the king and his sons."

"Really?' Emily gasped. She blushed. "That would be delightful."

Spirit shook her head, amused at Emily's interest in one of the princes. "Okay, which prince strikes your fancy?"

"Excuse me?" Emily continued to blush.

"You heard me. You're interested in one of the princes. Which one? Chuck or Jim?"

"Uh….uh…Chuck." Emily admitted sheepishly.

Spirit laughed, "Fine. Let's get out of here." The duo took off in a trot toward the shore. Spirit could still see the carnage from the battle. She tried to avoid the area, though. Though she did not see bodies, she saw scars in the earth.

"How do we cross the water?" Emily asked.

Spirit sighed heavily. She had no idea. Everyone who helped her reach the island in the first place was dead. Then she saw something approaching the shore. It was a Slowking. "Sundra has ordered me to help you to the mainland." The Pokèmon told Spirit.

"That's the second time a water Pokèmon has offered to help. The first time was a Sharpedo. Now it's a Slowking. Wait…Sharpedo is part dark type and Slowking is part psychic. That's ironic." Spirit shook her head.

"Not really. Most psychic Pokèmon acknowledge Sundra as their guardian god. Most dark Pokèmon see Moondra as their god. Not all, of course." Slowking explained. "The reason why Sharpedo helped you was because they were obeying Moondra's orders. Most Pokèmon on her island are dark types."

"So Darkrai would obey her?" Spirit asked.

"Yes. He would and so would Cresselia."

"But Cresselia is a psychic Pokèmon. How would she obey Moondra?"

The Slowking answered, "All three are based off of a lunar cycle. Darkrai is the new moon, where no moon is visible. Cresselia is based off of the crescent moon. And Moondra is the full moon."

"Is Cresselia the only psychic Pokèmon that serves under Moondra?"

"Yes." Slowking turned back toward the water. "Come. We need to hurry." Spirit hopped on his back and Emily got on top of his head. The Slowking began to swim slowly to the mainland. After a long swim, they reached the shore. Spirit and Emily jumped from him and the Slowking left.

"Spirit? I'm scared. I don't want to be eaten by Chargon." Emily whimpered. Her tailed twitched.

Spirit smiled inwardly. "You won't be. Don't worry so much." She walked back to the castle, which was still charred from the earlier attack. "Where is the king?" Spirit wondered.

Then she saw a Blaziken who was arguing with a Feraligatr. A very large and mean looking Feraligatr. "You are the worst king we've had since King Rich II!" The Feraligatr shouted.

Charlie glared, "I resent that. I am only obeying the power of Arceus and you have no right to judge me!"

"Oh no…" Spirit moaned. "That must be Crompain."

Crompain continued to rant, "You wretched fool! You think you know the needs of the people! You know nothing!"

"I can have you arrested for treason!" Charlie roared. Fire began to spit from him. He was enraged.

"Try it, Charlie! You worthless fool!"

Charlie began to attack, but Spirit leaped in front of him. "Now is not the time to fight." She snarled.

Crompain stared at Spirit. "Who are you?"

"I am Spirit. This is the time for you to work together. Chargon has….killed….my friends. I need as much help as I can get."

Charlie lost his fighting spirit when he heard that. "You what? Your friends are dead?" He gasped. He lowered his eyes, "I am so sorry."

Crompain snorted, "Who cares? Lots of people are dead because of that beast."

Spirit hesitated, "I needed my friends to help me kill Chargon."

"Oh?" Crompain looked at Spirit.

Emily watched Spirit. "Sirs, if I may, would either of you be willing to locate the Eclipse Stone?" She asked Charlie and Crompain.

"I would be honored." Charlie said with a bow.

Crompain shook his head. "Always trying to show off for the people. You can forget it, little one." He walked away.

Charlie growled, "I really hate that man."

Spirit nodded, "I can see why. Come on, sire. I need to find your sons. And your sister and that knight."

"Very well. We shall assist you." Charlie agreed. He walked away from the mob of people and called out to his sons. "Chuck. Jim. Come down."

A Pidgeot and a Noctowl shot down out of a tree. "Yes, father?" Jim asked.

"We need to help Spirit located the Eclipse Stone." Charlie told his sons.

Meanwhile, back on Luna Island, Moondra sat on top of her mountain. Her eyes focused on the mainland. Sundra, do you think Spirit can find the Eclipse Stone?She asked her brother telepathically. She glanced toward Sola Island.

Yes. I believe that she can. She has skill.

I am pleased that you think this, dear brother. Moondra cut off her connection with Sundra and turned to face Darkrai. "I want you to keep an eye on Spirit for me." She ordered.

Darkrai bowed low and nodded, "Yes, mighty one."