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1. Love

The first time he says "I love you" to her, she's asleep, pressed against his side.

The first time she hears him say "I love you," she is just about to fall asleep. She has splendid dreams that night about a Princess falling in love with a Prince.

The first time she says "I love you" to him, he's fighting for his life, swords bloodied by death.

The first time he hears her say "I love you," he's slipping into the abyss. He forces himself towards the dim light to reach the Princess waiting at the top of the tower.

2. Anger

When he finally told her about his use of the Dagger, she kicks him out of the room in anger, slamming the door behind him.

When she can't fall asleep without him next to her, she opens the door, prepared to wander around the palace until she finds him.

When she learns that he has been sitting with his back against their door for the whole day, waiting for his chance to apologize, she feels guilty.

When he climbs next to her under the blankets, she snuggles closer to him, vowing not to do stupid things to him in anger.

3. Broken

He returns to the palace tired and dirty after the battle – grime and blood practically etched into his skin.

When he sees her pacing around the room in worry, he surprises her from behind with a hug – arms firmly around his waist.

As she spins around and crushes him in hug, sobbing into his chest, he embraces her with all he has, whispering in her ear that he's okay – everything is okay.

He thinks he'll wait until she finishes crying before he tells her about the four broken ribs – bones which she has been squeezing for the past four minutes.

4. Lust

When she storms into his chambers, one day before they are to be married, he looks at her, wondering about her sudden behavior.

He has no questions about her intentions when she drags him out of a chair and shoves him against the wall forcefully, hands gripping his shirt as she pulls him closer to her.

As he takes in the pure lust in her eyes, he knows this shouldn't be happening (only one more day to wait), but when her lips meet his, all he can do is groan into her mouth and press her body firmly against his.

5. Block

She's trying to grab more incense from the top shelf of a closet when a huge, block of pure metal drops straight for her foot. She closes her eyes, expecting a sharp pain in her foot; there is no way she can escape its landing.

When the pain doesn't come, she cracks open her eyes carefully. She's met with the sight of her soon-to-be husband holding the block, a smug grin on his face.

"Is being crushed by falling objects part of your traditions I will never understand?"

She scowls at him, but she wonders if he'll always save her.

6. Dagger

The Dagger is against Dastan's neck.

"One or the other. Choose wisely."

Tamina helplessly takes in the situation. Her duty to the world or her duty to him as a wife. Tears formed – she knew what she had to do. Vision blurred, she saw Dastan drop his eyes.

"I'll always love you."

Tamina's heart broke.

With one swipe, Dastan fell to the floor, and the Dagger appeared at her feet. Dropping to her knees, she buried her head in his chest, whispering "I'sm sorry" again and again.

The people were safe for the price of one body and one soul.

7. Guardian

"I am the Guardian of the Dagger! I must protect it! It is my duty!"

"I am your husband! I must protect you! It is my duty!"

Tamina glared, hands planted on hips, at Dastan who readily glared back. They were always going to have this argument. His stupid idea that she was more important than the world was ridiculous.

"It is my own choice to do so, Tamina."

Her eyes softened at his words; her arms falling against her sides. Sighing, she leaned forward, resting her cheek against his heart, smiling as his arms embraced her, making her warm.

8. Snake

They were lying in bed together one morning; Tamina cuddled against Dastan's side.



"I'm scared of snakes."

The words were whispered so softly that Dastan wasn't sure if he had heard them properly.

"You're scared of snakes?"

Tamina glared at her husband. If he was going to mock her right after she admitted one of her worst fears…

"I didn't mean in like that, Tamina. It's just that I could never imagine you scared of them."

Dastan didn't mention the fact that she had saved his life at one time by plunging a snake into his attacker's face.

9. Flower

Tamina woke up to a flower beside her head. She had no idea how it had gotten into her room and who had placed it there. Debating, she asked her servant to braid it in her hair.

At breakfast, she was reminded of the Persians that were residing in her city, in her palace. Her eyes landed on her betrothed. He was conversing, but he suddenly glanced up, their eyes meeting. A smirk graced his features, and she couldn't figure out why until his audience had left.

There, tucked into his belt, was a tiny flower that matched the one in her hair.

10. Fight

Dastan loved to fight whether in wrestling matches, fake skirmishes, or one-on-one sword fights – anything that was just for fun, for entertainment. He didn't really care for the audiences that always gathered though, except for one – one person who always stood apart from the rest, watching from a distance.

Tamina loved to watch Dastan fight from the window of her room – as soon as she had gotten over her fear of him getting hurt. She didn't know if he realized her habits, but she wondered that if he did, would he think of it as creepy, as maybe even stalkerish.

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