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21. Letter

When he was an orphan, Dastan had managed to learn only one letter – the letter T. It was a simple letter to write – two straight lines, and he scribbled it everywhere until Bis finally yelled at him after he had ruined Bis' favorite shirt with a million little T's.

He did end up learning all the letters of the alphabet and how to piece them together to form words when he arrived at the palace, but he still always loved T the most.

Dastan didn't think it coincidence that the only girl he married had a name starting with T.

22. Red

All she saw was red.

Her vision of the color was blurry due to her tears, but the dark, malicious color was as recognizable as ever.

A strangled sob escaped her throat as she ran out of the room.

It wasn't possible. It just wasn't possible.

Her hair flew wildly behind her as she sprinted for the Dagger – not caring that the Guardians weren't supposed to use the Dagger selfishly. Pressing the jewel, she closed her eyes, hoping. When she opened them, she knew hope wasn't enough.

All she could see was his body lying in a pool of blood.

23. Necklace

As soon as Dastan studied the hilt of the Dagger, now knowing its full potential, his eyes had been drawn to Tamina's necklace.

Well, in all honesty, at first, he hadn't really bothered to examine her necklace, simply noting it and staring at where it was resting. He wasn't alone in that action. Tus, Garsiv, and the other Persian men had done the same – once they had torn their eyes from Tamina's beautiful face.

Presently, he recognized the design of her necklace to match the Dagger's.

"Find what you were looking for?" Dastan's eyes flew up to meet Tamina's eyes.

24. Food

"I'm sorry about the food today. The main chef is sick." Tamina observed Dastan scrupulously as he sat down for their weekly breakfast together. It had become their little routine – the only one since Dastan was overseeing the reconstruction of the walls and she was appeasing the High Council about her betrothal to the Persian Prince.

"Fine by me! Food is food." Tamina was surprised at his simplicity.

"So if I served you snake, you would eat it?"

"Only if you gave me salt to go along with it." Tamina stared at him, wide-eyed, until she realized he was kidding.

25. Candles

Dastan frowned as he pulled another one of his shirts from the closet. Cautiously, he lifted this new shirt to his nose and took a tiny whiff. Damn it.


"Yes, Dastan?" He pivoted around to face the bed where she was sitting, looking all too innocent.

"I thought I told you to stop lighting your lavender scented candles in our room?

"What makes you think that I'll listen to you?"

"Because you don't want me smelling like a woman?" As Dastan reached the bed after seeing the sly smirk on Tamina's face, he captured her lips with his own.

26. Back

Tamina stood in the room as trying to loosen her muscles. It had been a long day of rituals. All she wanted was to plop onto the bed without even eating dinner.

She flopped onto the bed, landing straight into her pillows. Burying herself in them, Tamina groaned. She was exhausted but her sore body was relentless.

"I brought you back some dinner, Princess." Tamina mumbled as Dastan arrived in the room. "Someone's really talkative today."

Tamina didn't reply, wallowing in misery. Only when Dastan's fingers started to massage her back did she become content. Back rubs made everything better.

27. Play

"Tamina, I'm not attending this meeting of yours."

"You are required to be present before the High Council, Dastan!"



"You heard me. I. Am. Not. Going. To. That. Stupid. Meeting."

"Stupid? You think that talking about the defense of MY CITY IS STUPID?"

"No, I think it's stupid that they won't listen to me when I give good ideas and supporting reasons about what OUR city needs for defense."

"Oh, and what else will you be doing in this time of yours Dastan?"

"Playing with orphans in the street."


"Playing with them. You know, keep them company."

28. Garden

Tamina strolled around the gardens of Alamut, enjoying the rare minutes of relaxation. She wished that she could have more of these times – times in solitude when she could just think freely without interruption. As soon as she even reflected on the subject, a presence made itself known next to her. Turning her head slightly to take in the intruder, she resumed her walk once she realized it was simply Dastan.

Their hands clasped together, she leaned her head against his arm. She had lied. Alone time with herself was fine, but spending her free time with Dastan was better.

29. New

The city of Alamut rejoiced at their new royal couple. Once they had moved past their prejudice of the Persians and saw Prince Dastan for who he was, they went out in the streets to celebrate with the Persian soldiers. It was a time of joviality.

Tamina watched the scene from her balcony. It was a new period in her life, and though she didn't show it, she was nervous. As she felt strong arms wrap around her waist, Tamina closed her eyes, worries temporarily drifting away. New wasn't necessarily bad. Leaning against Dastan's chest, Tamina smiled to herself. Not bad at all.

30. Old

The High Council was obsessed with old tradition, and it irritated Tamina to no end. Dastan was simply trying to reinforce their defense. The old tales of Alamut as a religious city weren't going to be enough to stop Khan.

Dastan took in his wife's tense pacing.

"It's alright if they can't move forward. They're old men with nothing to do. Plus, we've been secretly working on the walls already. It's not like those council members will ever leave their seats and go outside anyways. Those fragile men."

Tamina stared at Dastan, wondering to be amused or annoyed at him.

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