Title: Maria's Diary

Summary: When Maria ran away from the Von Trapp Estate, she left perhaps the most valuable thing a girl would never even dare to leave behind: her personal diary.

Author's Notes: My first story I have written in more than 2 years, so please be kind with reviews. I'm getting back into The Sound of Music fan fiction (especially Maria/Georg) so I might as well take a crack at writing a story about them. Also, these are very short chapters since I despise writing long ones (not to mention that I suck at writing stories in the first place since I usually end at the first chapter, BUT NOT THIS ONE) Anyway, enjoy :D

Chapter 1: This Empty Room

She left them. She left him.

It was only a couple of hours ago since he had broken the news to his children that their Fraulein Maria went back to the abbey. He could recall the tears being wept by Marta and Gretl at the breakfast table while Brigitta had to comfort them, who also tried hard not to cry. Leisl simply looked down at her food and excused herself from the table while Louisa glared menacingly at the Baroness. It was only Friedrich and Kurt who showed no signs of emotion, although deep down he knew that they were deeply saddened by the news.

'Why did she leave?' Georg thought. He sat quietly in his study, staring down at the empty desk before him. He needed time…he needed space to think. He knew that Maria loved the children very much and that his children loved her in return. 'And I love her too.'

After they had danced the Landler last night at the party, his feelings had been confirmed: he loved Maria. She was different than any other woman he had seen since Agathe's death. Surely she acts a bit childish and humble most of the time, but that was what he loved about her. She was simple yet beautiful and unique at the same time, especially the way she was last night at the party.

The party. Georg knew something must have happened after the party, for he saw Elsa come out of the governesses' room without a word of what happened to Maria. Searching for answers, Georg left his study and headed toward the empty room that used to belong to the governess.

As he opened the door, he can sense the emptiness and the sadness that was left behind. The bed was folded neatly, as if it was never touched in the first place, and the armoire was left open with no clothes inside. Quietly, Georg made his way over to the bed and sat down. He could remember Maria's first night at the Von Trapp Estate, singing along with his children to ease the fear that came from that night's thunderstorm.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…" Georg sang to himself. She had touched each and everyone of his family's lives for the greater good, especially his. Without her, he would have still treated his children like sailors from the navy and would have shunned them from his life. He needed her. He knew that she was the last missing puzzle piece to this family of his. Why he was still with the Baroness, he did not know. He had to tell Elsa the truth later today, that he no longer felt the love he felt for her like he did in Vienna.

A yawn suddenly escaped from the Captain's mouth. It was a very quiet day without Maria, and he knew that whatever he was thinking, he decided to sleep on it. He adjusted the pillow on the bed and rested his head on it until he felt something hard underneath the pillow. Immediately lifting his head up, he placed his hand under the pillow and pulled out a brown leather covered book.

'What's this?' he thought to himself and opened it. The neat handwriting indicated that it was Maria's and smiled. 'Her diary.'

June 25, 1933

Dear Diary,

I must say, it has been a very busy first day on the job in the Von Trapp Family household. At first, I thought the children would hate me, which they did, but after singing "My Favorite Things" with them, I felt like I was already welcomed into their family. Well all of them except for the Captain himself. He doesn't look like a sea captain at all. Instead, he looks lonely. I understand his pain after losing his wife. It really is hard to deal with the loss of somebody you truly loved. But maybe perhaps the Captain needs a little love himself. The children love him, if only he would just accept it, but he needs to find that special someone to love him and his family. I hope God has something special planned for him in the near future so he can be happy once again. I must be getting to bed now, for tomorrow will be an even busier day filled with sewing new play clothes for the children from these drapes that hang on my window (hopefully the Captain doesn't find out).

Georg closed the diary shut. Even after yelling at her on her first night as governess, Maria understood him and wished nothing but happiness for him. Smiling, he placed the diary back underneath the pillow. Somewhere in the back of his head, a hope emerged. He doesn't think a girl like Maria would simply leave a diary behind without coming back to retrieve it first.