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"Absolutely not." The chair scraped as it was pushed back from the table, nearly toppling with the speed that Cal stood up.

"Wait, wait, Dr. Lightman, come on. We really need your help on this." The three other men in the room stood at the same time Cal did. Ryan Marshall, the man who was running this meeting, stepped in front of Cal to block his exit. Ben Reynolds stood behind Lightman, ready to follow through on whatever Lightman decided to do.

The third man stood meekly to the side, knowing that he was the cause for Cal's attempt at a quick escape. Marshall continued to present a compelling argument to keep Cal from leaving.

"Dr. Lightman I know you have a past with my colleague, but we need your help. This girl is being held captive in a foreign country. She's probably hungry, beaten, and scared. She may even be dead by now, but the State Department have to do everything possible within our power to find her."

Cal sighed as he turned back to Reynolds. Ben shrugged, not wanting to get in the middle of this mess. Cal fixed his gaze on the now quivering man in the corner.

"What will be your involvement if I take this case?" The man wiped sweat of his brow and adjusted his glasses before answering.

"I just want to help get this girl back, I've been on the case since the beginning and I just want to find her." That was a lie. Sure he wanted to find this girl but there was something else he would like to get out of this also. Cal crossed the room in three swift steps, cornering the man against the wall.

"I will take this case on ONE condition." He waited for a nod of acknowledgement before continuing on. "All dealings with the State Department, and more specifically you, go through me. You deal with no-one else in the Lightman Group especially not Gillian. Is that understood?"

There was a slight hesitation before the man finally nodded once more and Cal took a step back from him. He announced that the Lightman employees would review the files and recordings made so far and get back to them. As he was leaving the office he saw a small smile creep onto the man's face.

He was most definitely going to regret agreeing to work on a case with Alec Foster.

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