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He'd kissed her this time.

Sure, she'd managed to snag a few kisses when they were younger. She would have went after a few more if he didn't get that girlfriend. But nothing they'd ever shared before would have prepared her for this. Their first official kiss. She'd remember it always.

The seventh Friday of June. Junior year. Gerald Field on a peaceful night.

Her heart raced when he slid his hand almost comfortingly into her damp blonde hair. Could he hear it? It was thumping awfully loud and they were so close to each other...

It took a while for her body to actually register that she should be doing something in return. Kissing him back. It was nothing more than her lips moving against his but it felt like heaven. She felt as if she were on fire and she cursed his gentlemanly tendencies as he pulled away. That confused expression should have adorned her features, not his. But there he stood, head tilted, looking completely perplexed.

She blinked and his forest green eyes filled her vision. He was so close again. It was almost amazing, the way he was so oblivious to her obvious affection. As if he were the one taking the risk by being here. As if he were the one about to bare his soul to her.



They both flushed and looked anywhere but each other, lapsing into an awkward silence. Of course, she'd glance at him every couple of seconds and even though she didn't catch him in the act, she knew he was doing the same.

"Why don't you go first?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'd rather you go first!"

She didn't mean to shout but she couldn't tell him. Not yet anyways. She was entirely too nervous.

"O-okay. I know we haven't always been the best of friends Helga, and even now...," he trailed off as he looked up to the crescent moon that hung above them. "Even now we aren't exactly close. But I think I really like, like you. And if you gave me a chance maybe you'd like, like me too. It's a little weird. I must be a masochist or something, liking you after all we've gone through." He chuckled and looked back at her, a hopeful smile on his face.

"Yes," was the only thing to escape her lips before she fainted.

When they parted ways later that night, after she'd regained consciousness, she noticed something. Right before she went into her home she pulled her trademark pink bow off of her head. Now that he actually liked her, she didn't really need it anymore.

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