Damn that was fast! I guess a ton of people requested a Inception section XD. This is my version of just how the movie might have ended. Spoilers for those not having seen the movie!

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He left the top spinning on the table.

As he watched his children play, the top stayed in the forefront of his mind. He needed to know but he was too afraid. He missed his children so much and refused to leave their sight after being away from them for so long but he needed to know.

He told Miles he'd be right back.

Even as he walked to the door, he kept his eyes on his children. When he woke up, he was so ecstatic that he would finally be able to see and hug his Phillipa and James that Dom did not think to see if he was even really awake.

Dom didn't even think to do so when he arrived at his home. It felt so wonderful to be home. He forgotten just how lovely it smelled and how even though Mal was gone, her presence still radiated in the walls. It was comforting to a point Dom never could imagine on his own.

He spun the top out of habit. It wasn't till he was outside that the idea that it might still be spinning entered his mind and like all ideas, this one was persistent. He tried to ignore it, to push it away; the more he pushed however the harder it shoved.

His hand was on the door and he closed his eyes while he prayed. He prayed he wasn't dreaming. He prayed if was that he would be at ease with it. Time never moved as slowly as it did when he turned the knob.

Eyes still shut, he stepped inside. It was now or never. He opened his eyes facing the floor. He needed to look up. Taking a deep breath, he raised his head and when he looked at the table, his heart skipped a beat.

The top was lying on its side, several inches from where he left it spinning.

He was awake.

Dom's eyes watered with joy and he walked over, picking up the top and spinning it again. He needed to be extra sure. He laughed when it toppled over once after a moment.

He was really awake and the nightmare was over. Pocketing the top went back outside to his children, whom he chased about the yard and scoped up to hug and kiss. He was home and as he held his babies in his arms he whispered a promise that he would never, ever leave them again.

DAW! I for once, Leo needs a happy ending. I refuse to think other wise about what happened when the movie stopped. Hope you enjoyed!