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World-verse: This is obviously AU. Anew and Lockon are alive, of course. So don't be like 'wtf? I thought they were dead!' Well, Anew blew up, but Lockon's body was never found, so...yeah.

Pairings: Neil x Feldt, Lyle x Anew, Louise x Saji, Marie x Allelujah, Christina x Lichty, Setsuna x Marina. Got it? Good~

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Merry Go Round

Chapter 01 - Marina


Nervous didn't even begin to cover it. It was more than that. It was the smothering blanket of anxiety that wrapped tentacles around her, making her feel like she couldn't breathe as she stared ahead, biting her lip.

'How will he react?' she thought, glancing at the glimmering metal band around the ring finger of her left hand as she approached the house. He had always been rather hard to read when it came to figuring out what was going on in that Gundam-obsessed head of his, and that scared her the most.

Swallowing bitter bile that had risen into her throat, she inhaled deeply and got out, closing the door. She had requested to take the trip she was just now getting back from alone, without company. But in hindsight, maybe she should have made him go with her. Then she wouldn't have tos ay it, he would already know.

But she had made the decision to go alone, and so she knew that she would have to tell him herself. Squaring her shoulders, she made her way towards the house that loomed in front, bathed in a combination of light and shadows from the setting sun that splayed the ground in a warm splash of sunset hue.

The peaceful air did little to calm the young woman down as she played with the rings on her finger, watching as the diamond glittered back at her, reminding her of the vows they had said together. It was funny, Marina mused with a soft smile, it felt like yesterday that it happened.

But it was longer than just yesterday, and with that somewhat calming notion gone like the confidence that she had begun to build, Marina opened the door. Silence greeted her return as she pulled off her shoes.

"Setsuna?" She called, and the only response that the black-haired, blue-eyed female got was the faint echo of her own voice. There wasn't any audible movement from the upper floor, nor the stretch of hallway before her, and so she figured he was outside, most likely with his beloved Gundam.

He both amused and frustrated her with his attachment to the blue and white mecha. Amused her because he treated it as though it were a person, and frustrated her due to the depth of his devotion to an inanimate machine. Sometimes she wondered if he would have been happier marrying the Gundam than her.

Shaking that away with the upward curl of her lips, she brushed a few strands of hair from her face and tucked them behind her ear as she moved towards the back of the house. Her footsteps echoed, making the trek lonlier than first thought as she sighed and dry-washed her hands.

'How does one go about saying something like that?' she thought, staring down at her feet worriedly as her brow furrowed. Really, she felt like crying at the moment, loss of words making it even more nerve-wracking than before. 'I don't believe there's an easy way to say it. I'm more worried about how he's going to react...'

She wasn't sure if he was good with small children, though he seemed to be the kind of person to be a decent father, at the very least. Worries not abated in the least, Marina's fingers glided over the front of her pale blue dress with gold lining, and she strode forward. It was now or never, and she wasn't going to back out. She needed to tell him, because it wouldn't be fair with him not knowing as soon as possible.

Pushing her doubts to the back of her mind, the azure-eyed princess peered out the sliding door that provided the expanse of land that stretched out behind the house, and then the small shape of Setsuna leaving the tall, barn-like structure that hid his gundam from prying eyes. Smiling despite herself as her husband approached, she waited anxiously as he came closer until she opened the door for him.

He walked in, thanking her with a quiet nod of his head. Being married hadn't made him anymore loquacious, and it was rather endearing in a sense as she clasped her hands, preparing to tell him the news that was weighing heavily in her chest, words burning her tongue in a need to be vocalized.

Chewing her bottom lip, she took a moment to observe her spouse. He had gotten taller, and the years had been kind to the twenty-five year-old. His hair, the darkened color of chocolate, hadn't changed at all in style or length, though it was feather soft as it framed his lightly tanned face and startling sienna eyes.

Done with her mental observation of the male before her, she blinked when he turned to leave, and she caught his hand, lacing her fingers with his. He didn't protest to the touch, and a light squeeze was his response as she hesitated, staring at the floor.

"...Something's bothering you," he deducted in his soft, rich tone that made her glance up at him and then away, aqua irises focused upon anywhere but his face. "...Are you going to tell me?"

'I'm working on it,' she thought, and she wanted to say that, but it wouldn't fall as her tongue felt like sandpaper, and her throat seemed to swell shut. The outer noises were muted to her own ears, shapes pixilated and obscure to her eyes as she heard her own heart beating against her chest like a butterfly, and the blood rushing in her ears.

"Marina." Setsuna's call of her name brought her back to the present, and Marina eyed him, catching the glimmer of silent concern over her rather strange behavior as his fingers closed around hers a little tighter.

Taking a deep breath, Marina crossed to stand in front of him, her hand still linked with his. He watched her quietly, and she knew he was trying to read her face like a book. It was funny that he could read her rather well, down to knowing when she was upset, even if she never spoke about it. It was sweet, and a sign that he cared.

The touch of his thumb underneath her eye made Marina blink owlishly, the pad rough but the touch all together soft, like she were made of glass. "'re crying." he said, and it was a silent demand for an answer as his eyes narrowed subtly, cinnamon eyes watching. Waiting.

'Here goes something...' she thought. "Setsuna...I'm pregnant."

Silence so thick that you could have cut it with a knife. He simply blinked in response, and his expression didn't change from the blank face of indifferance. Cold fear washed over Marina like a wave, and the tears slipped down her face in twin tracks of crystaline liquid that was wiped away by her hands, and she pushed her husband's hand away when he tried to assist in ridding her face of the cold liquid.

"I understand if you think it's sudden," she began, not knowing why she was speaking as she continued to ramble, a slightly hysterical tinge to her voice as her shoulders trembled, and her lips wavered. "And I-I understand if you don't want children jus-"

His arms wound around her, pulling her forward and halting her sentance as her chin rested against his shoulder. "I never said that," he told her mildly, no sign of anger in his voice or visage as he held her against him. "Stop crying."

Cold fear was quickly chased away by relief, even though a part of her noted that it probably hadn't registered with him what she has said as she hugged him back, watery smile slipping over her lips before she pulled away. "I'm going to rest," she murmured, brushing a kiss across his lips before disappearing into another part of the rather large house.

Setsuna watched her go before turning and heading out the back door again, shutting it quietly. He was silent as he made his way back towards the barn, musing over the words that Marina had spoken. "...A child..." The lightest of frowns touched his lips. He didn't know how to deal with children.

He slid the door open, throwing the cavernous room into soft relief by the dying light that cast his elongated shadow against the floor. Fluorescent lights were flicked on and the door was shut as he strode forward, Gundam 00 looming above him. Pale and lifeless green eyes were focused ahead, and silence blanketed the entire room.

He came to a stop by a large leg, and his fingertips brushed against cold metal as his lips parted. "...I'm going to be a father." And despite himself, the severity of his face dimmed, and the smallest of smiles worked across his face.

01 - End

Ending Authoress Notes: *pokes fic* not bad, really. Next is Feldt's turn~ And Setsuna wouldn't be jumping around, you know. That'd be kind of freaky. 0.o;