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"I've always wondered something…" Rikku mused to herself. She chuckled mischievously.

"What are you up to?"

Rikku jumped with a squeak when she unexpectedly heard Auron's voice, already sounding as though he were reprimanding her.

"C'mon!" Rikku whined, "I haven't even done anything!"

"Yet." Auron added.

"Well," the Al Bhed thief huffed indignantly, "You'll find out soon enough."

This can't end well… Auron mentally sighed, resisting the urge to just tempt the answer from his young lover, Though it may well be entertaining to some degree.


Preemptive Strike!

"This should be easy; just some machina. Think you can handle it, Rikku?"" Tidus asked jokingly, knowing full well that machina disassembly was one of Rikku's specialties.

Tidus used Haste.

"Oh, I can handle it alright…" Rikku leered sneakily. She looked in Auron's direction and licked her lips inconspicuously.

Rikku used Steal. Rikku stole Auron's Jacket.

"Rikku!" Auron growled threateningly.

"But I've always wondered if you could steal from an ally. I just wanted to know." Rikku murmured faux-guiltily. Auron didn't seem to buy it, but played along for the moment.

Rikku used Steal. Rikku stole Auron's Body Armor.

Everyone looked at Rikku in surprise. Once could be a fluke, maybe.But twice, no way.

Auron smacked his own forehead in a mix of annoyance and exasperation. "Rikku, we're going to have a little talk later…"

"Lookin' forward to it, sexy." Rikku winked and giggled.

Auron blushed almost unnoticeably and turned angrily to Tidus. "And you, Tidus…! Didn't I tell you that Rikku was up to something?"

"But I-"

"And yet you Hasted her, knowing all too well that she could use that to her advantage in her little plot!"

"I thought she would steal-"

"Uggh… It seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"From the machina…" Tidus finished with a sigh.

Random Machina became bored and ran away.

"At least we won…" Rikku tried.

Auron used Threaten.

Rikku is Immune.

"How is that pos-"

"Believe me, Grump-pa, being with you as long as I have changes some things." She subtly exaggerated the word "with" and winked at him again, implying the true meaning of that particular word..

"At least my pipes aren't rusty." Auron countered with his own double entendre.

I can attest to that… Rikku pleasantly shuddered a bit at that thought. She tried verbally attacking Auron again. "Well… Well… I… Uhhhhh…"

And failed.

Rikku escaped.

"… Did we win anything?" Tidus inquired.

You received no AP.

You received no items.

"Aww, man!"