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I loved my job. Sparklings were adorable, and I just wanted to cuddle them for hours, but they were so untrusting. The safest time to pick them up was when they were in recharge.

"Arcee, it's your turn to leave to the Egg Hall." I smiled, hatchlings were the cutest. I walked over to the femme who had called me and handed her the sleeping sparkling. She took him and hurried off to the nursery. I sighed; some of them didn't enjoy the job as much.

I walked out and down the street toward the Egg Hall. I had gone to school to work with sparklings and now I'm in the nursery, taking care of younglings until they're old enough to be adopted. I hope to soon become a teacher.

"Are you here to take the new sparklings?" the receptionist asked. I nodded. "Four others have already come, I believe only one sparkling remains." she directed me around a corner and I followed the directions. Inside was a lone recharging hatchling. He was abnormally small and I briefly worried he hadn't had enough of the All Spark to develop fully, but I checked his systems quickly and was assured he was fine. My scanners were no medical scanners, but they checked if the subject had any obvious damage, and if this hatchling hadn't had enough energy to sustain his spark fully from the All Spark, I would have known.

He would probably grow to be smaller than me, and I was small.

I gently picked him up, trying not to bring him out of recharge. He shifted and I paused. He opened his optics and stared at me. For a moment he seemed to be studying me, then there was recognition in his optics and disappointment. I briefly wondered what that was about, but my processors went bland as he curled and closed his optics again.

Why? Why wasn't he resisting? He seemed to trust me, but sparklings start others only after about a year, though it takes at least five for them to really change. Our life span was much longer than any organic, so they stayed young longer.

I stayed like that for a moment; there was something different about this hatchling. I brought up the image of the young one staring at me, and at first I only noticed the recognition in his optics. But then I actually noticed his optics. They were blue.

I gaped and ran another scan; younglings, let alone hatchlings, were too young to understand the difference between Autobot and Decepticon. They have no concept of the Great War. And for one's optics to be blue is to mean they have chosen a side. Autobots had blue optics while Decepticons had red. The mechs and femmes that try to stay out of the battle have purple optics, so do the young ones that are too young to choose a side.

So why does this newly sparked mech have blue optics?

I walked outside, but didn't head toward the nursery; I instead walked toward the medical building. Something was going on, and I wasn't going to trust just any mech to figure out why this hatchling has blue optics. I was going to see Ratchet.

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