I am going to be writing about 10 different ways to kill a Saiyan in 10 different mini one shots. They do not fit in the story at any time, and please don't take them too seriously. Anyway, let's get started with chapter one:

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball/Z/GT.

Way one: Don't cook them a hot dinner

It had been a long day of training for Goku- he woke up at 7am and had been sparring all day with Vegeta who was being annoying, and as he entered his house, all Goku wanted was a nice, hot cooked dinner from his wife. He didn't care what it was, as long as it was hot and tasted nice.

You can imagine his surprise as Goku entered his house and didn't hear Chi-chi cooking, or smell the odour of food cooking. Instead, he saw a bowl in the middle of the kitchen with a note on it from Chi-chi:

Goku, I am going to be out tonight with Bulma, so I didn't have enough time to cook you a hot meal. Instead, here is a cold Greek salad. Put Gohan to bed at 9pm and don't give him any cookies if he asks for them-he needs to study!

Love Chi-chi

This was bad news for Goku. Didn't she know that Saiyans have to have a hot meal for dinner? If not their immune system shuts down permanently from lack of heat in their body and they die. Besides, Goku couldn't cook, and he knew Gohan couldn't-he was only 5 for heaven's sake. So. He'd just have to try his best.

Rummaging through the kitchen shelves and in the fridge, he finally found what he was looking for-a nice, juicy steak. He took it out from the fridge and took it outside. 'All I have to do is heat it with the energy from a Kamehameha' Goku thought, smiling at his smartness.

He laid the steak onto the ground, and blasted a mini Kamehameha next to the steak. Sadly, his Kamehameha wave was too strong and Goku's hope of a hot meal, and the steak, disintegrated in front of his eyes. 'All right, plan B' Goku walked into the kitchen, and looked at his salad bowl again.

"Why don't I just heat up this salad? It will be warm, even if it is disgusting." Goku mumbled, grimacing at the thought. Still, it was either limp leaves or death, so he picked the limp leaves. He put the bowl in the microwave for 20 minutes-'That should do it' he thought, as he sat at the table and waited for it to cook.

After 5 minutes, when he was losing his patience, he saw a fire start in the microwave. He opened it and poured water over the fire which was in the salad bowl and it stopped. Goku forgot that indeed, salad is made of plants, which is grass basically, which catches on fire quite easily.

His death suddenly started. He could feel his immune system beginning to shut down, and he fell onto the floor in pain.

"No, the pain! The unbearable pain!" Goku shouted melodramatically, clutching his empty stomach. His world around him started to fade black, and he shut his eyes for the final time. "Goodbye world...I'll be back soon though. Gather the Dragonballs." Goku mumbled to no one in particular, and just died where he was. When Chi-chi walked into her house after her night at Bulma's and saw her dead husband there she told him, thinking he was sleeping "Get up, you're getting dust onto your clothes. Tonight I am making a hot steak for you." Goku, watching this from Yemma's TV muttered "Oh the irony."