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The Natural Path

Chapter 8- The Trial

We began our journey at sunrise. Everyone was to take the journey though only Edward was going to accompany me into Volterra itself. We were to fly to Italy and make our way from there. The journey was taken on a private plane which Carlisle flew. Taking me on a commercial flight was too dangerous. The family was silent on the journey and each sat with their respective halves. Me and Edward sat in silence which I only broke to ask questions about the Volturi. In my head I went through their names thinking of each their abilities wondering which would affect me and which would not. I squeezed Edward's hand tightly and he returned it. Though I refused to let Edward see it, inside I was frightened. It took all my energy not to break down again. Jasper I knew could feel it, as he kept shooting me concerned looks.

"Shhh, it's okay" Edward whispered to me.

"You know you're just saying that" I replied.

"Yes" He said with a smile. I smiled back and for a second when I looked into his eyes I felt calm once more. I pressed a small kiss against his lips and then moved in closer besides him.

"I'm scared" I whispered.

"I know"

"Can you promise me something Edward," I said looking up at his face again. "If you know they won't let me go then just leave, don't make trouble. If they won't let me live I want you to live for the both of us."

"I can't promise you that Bella. Without you I don't want to live."

"Please Edward, please for me." He didn't answer but stared out of the window besides him.

"We're going to land soon." Upon landing, I gave each of the Cullen's a hug wondering if I would ever see them again.

"I'm sorry" Rosalie whispered in my ear and nodded understanding. In truth none of the Cullen's expected to see me again, and though I wished I would, I didn't believe I would see them again either. Me and Edward managed to get through the city unnoticed and as the day was cloudy there was no need to hide from the sun. Edward knew exactly where the entrance was and upon reaching it another vampire stepped out to meet us. His blood red eyes surprised me after being so used to Edward's golden ones.

"Aro is waiting." We followed him through the maze of tunnels and with every step we got closer I just wanted to turn and run. I stepped closer to Edward and gripped his arm tighter. He put his arm around me and pulled me close also. Then we stepped out into a large room and on what appeared to be a stage of some kind sat three vampires which I knew to be Caius, Marcus and Aro.

"Ah, Isabella you came and you appear to have brought one the Cullen's with you. Edward it's been a while." Aro said standing to his feet. Edward nodded. Aro stepped forward and as he did more vampires stepped into the room. The whole guard was present.

"We come here today to see the trail of Isabella Swan. Edward if you would step away."

"No." He replied. Aro indicated his head and two of the guard took hold of him and pulled him away. I looked at him pained before turning back to Aro.

"Isabella Swan you are accused of exposing vampire kind to the human population. How do you plead?" I looked up into the blood red eyes staring down at me and sealed my fate.

"Guilty." He nodded.

"Edward Cullen you are accused of improperly looking after a newborn. How do you plead?" I stared with horror at Aro and yelled,

"No! He has nothing to do with this. You will not harm him!"

"But Isabella, he is just as guilty. If he had trained you properly then you would not be here."

"Guilty." Edward said.

"In that case you are both sentenced to death." I looked once more at Edward. No, he wouldn't die as well; I wouldn't let them kill him.

"Stop!" I yelled and everyone in the room froze except for Aro, Edward and myself.

"This has gone too far Aro. I was willing to take my punishment, but Edward was no part of this. You leave me no choice now. You see my power before you. Now you will let me and Edward go or I will destroy the entirety of your guard before they can make another move."

"You challenge the Volturi?" He cried.

"Only if you do not let us go, I do not think your laws unfair. Neither do I think your reign cruel. All I ask is you leave me and my family alone and I will never harm you. If you try to harm us, I promise that you live to regret it. What is your decision?" I asked.

"Unfreeze them and you can go unharmed." Nodding I set the others free. I ran to Edward and upon taking hold of his hand ran from Volterra. Although we had probably not seen the last of the Volturi I hoped that as least for sometime we could live in peace.