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Now this is a pairing that I've wanted to do for a long time, and I've finally
gotten an idea for it!!!! Anyway, I know that I will probably get flamed for
this, but know that any flames sent this way will be used to make grilled cheese
sandwiches! xp In addition, I am using the American school system, because it
works better with the time I'll try to be more authentic. ^_^

Disclaimer: Don't own Digimon, I'm just using the characters for the twisted
fics I like to write.

Before I go, I would like to give a BIG holla out to Psycho G...a fantabulous
Daikari author and a great inspiration.

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Second Time Around

by Dream-chan (

Rating: PG (for now.)


On a quiet morning in the Odaiba district of Tokyo, birds called to one another
in song. The sky was a perfect clear blue, and the breeze carried a hint of
coolness alerting to the fact that autumn was fast approaching. However, this
was not just any ordinary day. This was a day that despised by most children,
yet adored by parents.

This was the first day of school.

Within one of the numerous apartment buildings, there lived a young man that was
about to start what should be the best time in a young person's life.

High School Senior Year.

With sunshine streaming through the nearly transparent curtains, this young man
and his Digimon slept on, sleeping the sleep of the weary. After arriving from
London last night, he was beyond jet-lagged. He was one of the last of his
family to make the move back to Japan, since his father had been transferred
back to the home office.

You see for the past five years, Motomiya Daisuke lived in England due to his
father's job. At first, he was steadfastly against making the move. He didn't
know how he would be able to leave the only home that he ever known, and his
friends. That was until the decision was made for him.

For the past few weeks, Daisuke has been trying to mastermind a plan so that he
could stay in Japan ever since his dad came home and announced that the family
would be moving overseas. No one knew of this because Daisuke had already made
up his mind about not going. It had began with him screaming bloody murder at
his parents and had ended with him begging to move in with his Aunt Reika who
also lived in Odaiba. Fortunately, it seemed as if his begging and pleading did
the trick since she agreed to the arrangement last night. This made him
extremely happy since this meant he wouldn't have to leave after all. He
couldn't wait to tell them, especially 'Kari. The girl that he loved more than
life itself.

Some said that she obsessed him, or that he only wanted her for her looks. They
couldn't be more wrong, for it was none of those things. Simply put, it was just
her. Her essence.her light. It was a pull that he had felt towards her since the
first moment they met. Even though he was only twelve, he knew that this wasn't
a crush. This was love.enduring love that would last forever. Of course he acted
like a jealous jackass whenever another boy came within ten feet of her, but he
couldn't help it. When Motomiya Daisuke loved someone, he fiercely protected him
or her, whether they wanted it or not.

Rounding the corner, with Chibimon in tow, he was about to enter the computer
lab, when he was stopped dead in his tracks.

There they were sitting on the window ledge, the sunset casting a warm orange
light about their figures.

Ishida Yamato and Yagami Hikari.

His predecessor and his love.

Friendship and Light

Embracing each other as if the world was coming to an end.

Then to add to his torment, he then witnessed Yamato giving Kari a small sweet
kiss, holding her as if she was the rarest treasure on Earth.

In that same moment, his world shattered into million pieces, each piece jagged
and rough.

Running at top speed, he made it home in ten minutes, wanting to put as much
distance between Kari, Yamato and himself. The kiss that he saw just kept
playing in his head, like it was stuck on repeat.

Arriving at his home, he quickly opened the door, kicking his shoes off in one
angry motion. Ignoring his mom's questions, he raced to his room, slamming the
door shut. Walking over, he plopped down on the bed, and began to blink rapidly
feeling the wetness that was beginning to buildup.

~How could they do that to me? Didn't I show how much I cared about her? Is this
the reason he didn't like me? Couldn't they have at least told me?~ he thought
sadly, his grip on Chibimon tightening exponentially.

With a heartbreaking sigh, he did something that he ever thought he would do.

Gave up his dream of being with Yagami Hikari.

After that debacle, he told his parents that he had changed his mind and that he
would be moving with them to Britain. Needless to say, his parents were shocked
and the drastic change in their son, but didn't really want to press the issue
seeing now that the family would be complete. For the next few days he avoided
everyone, not even telling them goodbye except to Ken. That was only regret that
Daisuke had when he boarded the plane. However, they promised to keep in touch
through email and letters after he made Ken swear not to tell the rest of the
Chosen where he had gone. Ken agreed, although he had deep reservations about
the whole thing.

Over the years, they had kept in touch, Daisuke telling Ken about his life in
London, while Ken told his friend the latest gossip about their fellow Chosen,
such as Mimi returning to Japan to finish school, Iori becoming the amateur
Kendo champion for the district, Jyou entering medical school, and the biggest
shocker of them all was Ken hooking up with Sora, seeing how they were both at
the same university in Kyoto.

Even though Dai got the distinct impression that his best friend was holding
back some other information, he didn't pester him about it, instead regaling him
with stories of the soccer and rugby matches he played in or about the raves and
social events he attended with his friends, that just happened to be Chosen as

All in all, his life was shaping up for the better. He had family, friends,
getting good grades, and most of all, Chibimon. Everything was going great until
his father got the phone call to come back.

Now back to the present situation.

FLYERS OF YOUR BABY PICTURES ALL OVER SCHOOL!" he sister bellowed, taking part
in one of the daily routines of the Motomiya household.

"JUST MAKE SURE IT ISN'T THE BATHTUB ONE!" he yelled back tiredly, dropping his
head back on the pillow, not willing to face the world just yet.

Ten seconds later, he felt the surface of the hard floor as he was ripped from
the cocoon of warm blankets.

"I SAID GET UP!" she screeched, her annoyance clearly coming to the surface.
Sometimes, she swore that her brother was God's punishment for something she did
in a former life.

"FINE! Are you happy now?" he asked grumpily, rubbing his head from his fall on
the not too cushy carpet.

Leaning against the doorway, his sister gave him smirk that he grew accustomed
to seeing almost every morning. "Not really, but I guess it will have to do. Now
hurry up, cause breakfast is getting cold," she told him sweetly, her mood
change almost scary.

Rubbing his eyes so he could see better he looked in the general direction. "
Remind me why you're here again? I am seventeen ya know," he muttered, a little
put out by her presence.

"Because brother dear, the last time our parents left you alone, you managed to
stuff half of your school population into our house for a party," she pointed
out, inwardly laughing at the memory.

"That was tenth grade," he pointed out, knowing where she was going with this.

"Then there was the time you tried to have a hockey game indoors," she said,
counting another point off her with her finger.

"I was just trying to relieve some stress during finals," he interrupted, while
his sister barreled on.

"and let's not even talk about your remake of 'Risky Business'," she grinned,
still finding amusement in that memory.

"Are you finished yet?" he scowled, still smarting from his impromptu meeting
with the floor.

"No, but I think that you get the point. Besides don't you want to show off the
brand new and improved Dai?" Jun smirked the hallway, loving the picture of her
disheveled brother.

"Like you're one to talk," he grinned, looking at the young woman that was in
front of him. Instead of spikes going every which way, her vibrant red hair now
hung slightly below the shoulders, layered so that wisps of it teased her chin.
She had filled out quite nicely and now exuded an air of self-confidence that
comes with being a student at one of Japan's top universities.

This fan-girl had definitely matured into a sophisticated young woman...except
when dealing with her brother, who she affectionately called 'Ke-chan.

"Shove off," Daisuke replied back sleepily, rubbing his eyes in order to see
more clearly. "By the way, don't you have classes or something that you need to
get to?" he said, hoping that she would leave him alone.

Looking at her watch, Jun's eyes widened considerably when she realized she had
five minutes to get to her physics lecture. "Damn! I'm gonna be late! Ja ne
otouto-chan! Ja Chibi-chan!" she yelled, running through the apartment at
breakneck speed.

"Ja" he yelled back hearing the front door slam closed.

"Dai-chan, why does your sister have to be so loud?" Chibimon complained,
wiggling his head underneath his partner's pillow.

"I think she was born that way..." he sighed, picking himself up off the floor.

Grumbling all the way to the bathroom, he turned on the shower and stepped
inside, allowing the slightly cold water to pour over his skin. Grabbing the
soap, he lathered up his shower pouf and began scrubbing hard, hoping that he
could jumpstart his body into wakefulness.

Ten minutes later he was out the shower, feeling somewhat refreshed. Wrapping a
towel around himself, he dashed back into his room. Opening his closet, he
glanced at his reflection on the full body mirror and once again was a little
surprised at the image that was reflected back at him.

Warm auburn cinnamon-streaked hair was no longer up in spikes now that it was
put into a more tamable hairstyle. His body had filled out due to hours of
soccer and rugby. His strong facial features began to emerge as well, loosing
the roundness that came with childhood. However the greatest feature about him
were his eyes (or at least that what those English girls always said). They were
so open and sincere, that it was a hard not for a person to want to fall into
their rich chocolate depths.

~No matter what Jun says, I haven't changed that much on the inside. I'm still
the same me...just a little grown up that's all~ he mused, pulling his clothes
from the closet so he could get dressed.

"Um, Dai-chan, what you lookin' at?" the small Digimon asked, wondering why his
partner had been standing still for so long.

"Just trying to see what Jun was talking about ." Daisuke replied absently,
still looking at his reflection.

"Well, no matter what, I'll always be there for you, goggles or no goggles"
Chibimon proclaimed, giving Daisuke a bright cheery smile.

"Thanks buddy. Now, since it's the first day I want you to stay here for the
day. Just leave some food in the fridge for the rest of us," he teased, tickling
him on his round white belly.

"'K. Have a good day at school, " Chibimon said, snuggling back down on the
pillow and drifting back to the land of Nod.

"Lucky bugger," he said affectionately, pulling up the blanket around the small
blue ball, tucking him in.

After about five minutes, Davis emerged from his room, decked out in the
fashionably challenged Odaiba High uniform that his mother had cleaned and
pressed. Grabbing a quick slice of toast for the road, he ran out the apartment,
running full speed to get to school on time. Dodging in and out of the sidewalk
traffic, he began to think how crowded it was in Japan. It seemed that there was
almost no room to move almost.

As the late bell was ringing, Daisuke sprinted up the steps, hoping that the
principal wouldn't chew him out for being late to his appointment. Reaching the
front office, he skidded to a stop, ran a hand through his short burgundy hair
and stepped to the receptionist's desk. After telling her his name, he was shown
into the principal's office.

"Welcome back Motomiya. I see some things never change, ne?" the principal, Mr.
Kusanagi said in a mocking tone, trying to hide his amusement.

Glad to see a familiar face, Daisuke gave the older man a small grin.

"Gomen, it's just that I'm still trying to get my bearings back after being in
the UK for so long," he began to explain to his former middle school, now
present high school principal.

With a gentle smile in return, the principal gestured for him to sit. "I
understand son, I was only teasing. Now to get down to business. I've already
talked to your school in England, and I must first sat that I am impressed by
your performance. Due to this fact, I have placed you in our honor curriculum
and have set up your schedule accordingly. It's finally good to see all that
excess energy going somewhere and that you are finally living up to your
potential young man," Kusanagi said, happy to see the transformation in the
young man before him.

"Arigato sensei," hiding his surprise at the older man's comments.

"Well I think everything is order," the principal told his new student, sliding
some papers across to him. "Since it is your first day with us, I have arranged
for a student to show you around until you get settled. They should be here
after homeroom, which ends in a few minutes. You are dismissed Motomiya."
Kusanagi stated, vacating his chair, while Daisuke copied his actions.

"Arigato sensei" he respectfully bowed, glad that little task was finally over

With class schedule and school map in hand, Daisuke walked over to the bench
right outside the front office and sat down waiting for his student guide to
show. He was trying to remain calm while on the inside he was a bundle of
nerves. Seeing how he was going to Odaiba High, he knew that it was only a
matter of time before he ran into his former friends, and knowing them, they
would have questions. Lots of them.

Sighing, he closed his eyes and leaned back, propping his head against the wall,
allowing the quietness of the halls to relax him.

Just as he was falling into a light doze, he heard feminine voice say, "Excuse
me, but are you the new student that just moved here from England? I am your
student guide for the week. What's your name?"

~This cannot be happening.This cannot be happening.~ he kept repeating to
himself, recognizing the voice within an instant.

Opening his eyes slowly, he begins to look at the girl standing before him. She
had grown of course, coming almost to shoulder level. She had allowed her
chestnut hair to grow so that it fell in a bob around her heart-shaped face.
Russet eyes exuded warmth, trying to put him at ease.

His heart started beating triple time.


Shaking his head a bit to clear it, he realized that she was still looking at
him with the same kind expression, concern showing on the edges.

Daisuke was touched at first, but then he realized that she didn't even
recognize him.

~I guess I have changed too much.Jun would love this~ came the unbidden thought.

Feeling some of his old anger come back, he gained control of his emotions and
put on the armor that he started wearing five years ago.

Looking back at her, he said coolly "I'm sorry about spacing out like that. I'm
still trying to get over this bad case of jet-lag,"

"Oh, I totally understand. I had a friend that lived in America for awhile and
it would take her a whole say just to feel normal again when she would visit,"
she said knowingly, giving him one of her fantastic smiles.

~Be strong Daisuke. Be strong~

"By the way, my name is."

"Yagami Hikari or 'Kari, " he interrupted smoothly, seeing the alarmed reaction
it caused.

"Do I know you or something?" she asked warily, slowly putting distance between

"Yeah, you could say that," he smirked, loving the feel of having the upper hand
for once.

"So, you never told me your name. I don't think it's right you know mine and I
don't know yours," she said a hint of annoyance creeping into her voice, taking
a semi-defensive stance.

"I'll give you a hint. Who is the only person you know besides your brother wore
goggles?" he asked quietly, knowing that he gave her more than enough

Hikari's face became very mobile as she went through various emotions. Annoyance
gave way to confusion, then disbelief, followed by instant recognition and
unequivocal acceptance.

So with a heavy heart, she spoke the name that had haunted her for so many
years.brought so many sad memories.



Now who was expecting that couple to make an appearance? Believe me, I was
shocked as I was typing it out. ^_^ I would also like to apologize for the
confusion in this chapter, but hopefully, all that will go away as the story
progresses. Plus, I know that this cliffhanger is particularly evil, but it will
all be worth it in the next chapter. Hope to see some reviews! Well, I'm off to
write some more chapters to other fics I've neglected lately. Until then.

Ja ne minna

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