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Sitting here watching the stands fill up with avid soccer fans brings back those good memories of when I used to play for Good Ol' Odaiba. Looking down at the field, I can do nothing but smile as I imagine my Mini-Me down there whipping the competition's ass.

After everything that has happened, I know he wouldn't appreciate me calling him that, but to me it was such an honor for a kid like Daisuke to look up to me. Not because I was leader of the Chosen, but because I was just Yagami Taichi, soccer god extradonaire. I have to admit that was a great ego boost, but I think that kind of dwindled when I had to take imouto-chan to practice with me one day.

I saw it back he felt about her. At first, I fell into my overprotective older brother mode, but that only lasted a few minutes. Seeing how Dai and I am sort of kindred spirits, I knew that I could trust him. Funny ne? However, as things developed, I started almost feeling pangs of jealousy. Along the way, I became the connection that Daisuke needed to get to Kari. So when I heard the real reason for 'Kari not revealing her feelings to him, all I could do is shake my head sadly. She really needs to do something about that self-esteem of hers.

Feeling someone poke me in my ribs, I turn to look into concerned cinnamon eyes. "'Niichan, are you okay?"

With my trademark grin in place, I reply, "I'm fine 'Kari. Just thinking of how good Dai's become...almost as good as me."

Knowing that I was lying, she just rolled her eyes in mild exasperation and said, "Whatever you say."

Tilting my head back to feel the sun, I pop the question that has been heating up the Chosen grapevine. "So, how are things going between you two?"

I could hear a small groan, but I knew that she would tell me the real deal. Besides being her 'Niichan, I know when she's lying. "Fine as it could be, I guess. It's just hard sometimes being near him. I mean we finally admit that we love each other, but yet we still remain friends."

"It hurts that I want to be with him so bad, but I have to respect his decision. After all, if I wasn't such a coward, we wouldn't be going through this," she smiles sadly, looking down at her feet with the same expression that she wore when we learned that our cat Meko died. Seeing her like that prompted me into instant action.

Wrapping an arm around her, I give her shoulders a gentle squeeze of comfort. "'Kari-chan, you know that this is not completely your fault, right?"

"I know Tai, but I can't help it. He more or less admitted that I was the reason he left..."


"Sorry. I didn't mean to drop this on you. Let's talk about happier things. How's Yama-niichan?" she asks, leaning back with me. I have to admit, when I first admitted my feelings about Yamato to her, I was afraid that she would reject me. Thank goodness that wasn't the case. The only thing she asked was, "Does this mean I have two older brothers now?"

Snapping back to the present, I answer her questioning looks. "Doing better. That night of the party, I stayed up all night with him trying to make him realize that Daisuke leaving was not his fault either."

"Why would he think that?"

"Because it was seeing you two kissing that drove Dai-kun to England. Also he feels that he wasn't much of a mentor for Daisuke, seeing how they both share the same crest."

"Hey now. Don't you get all in the dumps. What's done is done. The only thing that you can do is focus on the present and pray that the future turns out the way you want."

"Since when did you become so wise?" she asked me, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I swear, I will never get used to that.

"I've always been." I laugh, nudging her in the ribs. Noticing a now familiar ebony head, I called out over Hikari's shoulder, "Oi Kirei-san!"

"I thought I told you to call me Kiki" she mock glares, plopping down on the opposite side of Hikari. In a small way, I am grateful to her, since she is the one that kept Daisuke's spirits up when he was in England. Besides, she is almost as much as soccer nut as Dai and I.

"Sorry. Hey Kiki!" I smiled at the exuberant girl, glad to know that Dai had her as a friend when he moved away.

"That's much better." she winks, sitting back against the bleachers behind her. " Have I missed anything?"

"Nope. Matter of fact, I think you came just in time. They should be heading out to the field right about now."

"'Kari-chan, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

Looking over I noticed that Takeru had joined us and was in an animated conversation with Kirei. Smiling, I couldn't wait to tell Yama that his lil' brother has a crush, if the slight blush on his cheeks were anything to go by. I think that something between them two would be great.

Hearing the crowd cheer, I look down and see a bunch of red jerseys running out to the field. Seconds later I spotted Daisuke taking his position as striker. I almost felt like a proud parent watching his son play. Yama and I often joked that if we were able to children, they would probably be like Daisuke.

Hearing the whistle blow, my attention stays riveted to the action on the pitch, instantly spotting Daisuke in his usual position as striker, just as I was all those years ago. Giving one more squeeze to my imouto-chan's shoulders, I turn my attention to the game below, getting caught up in the action.


Five months. That's how long Daisuke and I have been 'friends' and frankly, I am beginning to hate it! I mean, I understand why he wants this, but it's getting harder and harder to act like one, especially when I want to pin him up the nearest wall and kiss him senseless. Yeah, that should really shock him.

"Ri-chan!" I heard someone call out, snapping me out of my thoughts. Turning around, I see Daisuke running down the hall at his usual breakneck speed. It still amazes me that he has that much energy this early in the morning.

Skidding to a stop in front of me, he leans against the wall to catch his breath. I grin loving the way he looks all rough and tumble. He is so adorable.

"So are we still on for after school?" he asks, holding the books that I just pulled from my locker. You see, we were assigned to be partners for a project in our life skills class. Basically, we were the new batch of students that would be getting 'married'. I still don't understand why they make us do this, but I guess it never hurts to be prepared. Anyway, we would be receiving the particulars about our jobs and stuff and we were going to meet up after school to work things out.

"Yeah, I'll meet you outside the gates once school lets out, k?"

"K. See you later."

"Bye 'Ri-chan" and with a wave he done racing down the opposite hallway. I don't know how long I stood there looking like a grinning idiot, but I was startled when I felt an arm slung across my shoulders.

"Are you sure that you're not going out?" a mocking voice asked, letting me know exactly who it was.

"I could ask the same about you 'Ruru.." I snickered, knowing that would take the wind out of Takeru's sails.

"How you-" he spluttered, turning an interesting shade of magenta.

"C'mon Takeru. You should know that when girls get together, we tend to gossip. So you have any information that Kiki forgot to give us?" I grinned evilly, happy at being able to turn the tables. "So what has been going on with you two and why don't I know any details about it?"

"Alright alright...I'll leave you alone. Sheesh..." he grumbled, pouting because he just lost a chance to annoy me.

Taking pity on him, I grab him by the wrist. "Hurry up, we don't want to be late, and I could really do without a detention." I replied back, rushing down the hall towards our first class.

Thankfully the day flew by and soon the school dismissal bell was ringing. Ignoring the stupid grin that Takeru was giving me, I rushed to my locker grabbed my things and went out the door, not wanting Daisuke to wait too long.

Opening and closing my locker at breakneck speed and head out the main doors of our school. Scanning the front lawn, I am not disappointed to see Daisuke leaning against the gates.

With a bright smile on my face, I walk over happy that we get to spend some time together, without our nosy friends hovering constantly.


"I know what you mean." he grins, as we begin to make the quick trip to my apartment block.

Fifteen minutes later, we were standing in front of my door, talking about everything and anything except what really needed to be discussed. Grabbing the key out of my pack, I quickly open the door and usher him inside. Hearing the small sound of slippers on the wooden floor, I look up to see "Hi Hikari, Daisuke-kun, long time no see..." my mom greeted us as we toed off our shoes in the entryway.

"Hello Yagami-san." Daisuke bowed, as he greeted my mom.

"Daisuke, you know it's never been that formal with us." my mom scolded, waving a wooden spoon at him.

Great. The first time I bring him home since his return, and mom declares it 'Let's Embarrass Hikari' Day.

Bowing lower and with a faint blush riding on his cheeks he replies, "Gomen, Reika-san."

Nodding my mom turns back to the stove and begins stirring whatever is in the pot. "That's better."

Deciding not to be embarrassed again, I interrupt. "Um, mom we are going to be working on our project for school, so can you call us when dinner is ready?"

"Sure dear." Mrs. Yagami smiled, going back into the kitchen. Walking towards my room, I noticed that Dai hadn't followed me. Looking back, I could see that he was still in the same position, staring at the door to the kitchen. I was confused for a minute, until I realized that there had been some changes in my house, especially the cooking.

Smiling, I walked back to him and started dragging him towards my room. Seeing the nervous look on his face, I figured that it was time to let him off the hook. "Don't worry. She got off that health kick awhile ago. I guess she got tired of finding her cooking behind the radiator or in the garbage."

"Sorry about's just that I still remember that time when she made fungus cookies and potato juice." he explained guiltily, scratching the back of his head. Sometimes, he is too adorable.

"Hey at least you weren't her guinea pig..." I point out, shuddering at the memories of soy soufflé and fungus surprise.

"You do have a point." he grinned, plopping himself into the computer seat.

"So, you ready to get started?" he asked. Nodding, I zip open my bag and pull out the papers we received in class today, meanwhile wishing that I could be preparing for the real thing...with him by my side.


Clearing my throat, I gain attention of the seven other people that are sitting around the table. "I call to order the first and hopefully the last meeting of the DHABS organization to order."


"Daisuke and Hikari Are Being Stupid." I elaborated, my girlfriend rolling her eyes as I said this.

She didn't quite like the title.


"Thank you. So, we are agreed that this has gone on long enough and it is time for some action to be taken?"

Nods came from all around the table.

"Alright, since there aren't any objections, who has any ideas on what we can do?"

"How about we just shut them in a closet and lock them up?" Miyako suggested, sounding enthusiastic at the

"I think that is a little too obvious Miya..." I snickered, knowing that I should have expected that from my blunt friend. I think she has yet to learn what the word 'tact' means.

"I know! How about we set it up like a 'blind date' sort of thing?" Iori said, sipping on a prune juice pack. I still don't know how the kid can stand that stuff.

"Unoriginal. We have to do something that neither will be expecting." I said, dismissing that idea.

"Well, I know that I am new to the group, but I think I might just know something that may work. How about we all go to the local karaoke bar?" Kiki asked, drawing confused stares but everyone except Takeru who seemed to be staring at her.

Hmm. Looks like another couple in the making. I'll have to talk to Sora later about this one.

"First, why a karaoke bar, and second why would all of us go?" Koushiro asked, looking up from his pineapple for the first time this meeting.

"The reason for a karaoke bar is that I think that it would be easier if this happened in a relaxed atmosphere and secondly, if we are all there then they wouldn't be seen as another set-up attempt, just a group of friends enjoying each other's company."

"How exactly is that going to work?"

"Well, I was thinking of telling Hikari that maybe it is time to up the stakes a little, and wouldn't be great if she could expressed her love for Dai-kun in a way that he wasn't expecting?"

"You mean, you are going to convince her to sing a song telling Daisuke how she feels?" I frowned, not really seeing how Kirei was going to do this seeing how Hikari is somewhat of a shy person.

"Yep.", she replied with the utmost confidence. It is times like these that I can see why her Daisuke got on so well.

"Um, not to be pessimistic Kiki, but how are you going to pull this one off?"

"Never underestimate the persuasion powers of a diplomat's daughter." she declared as if that was all that needed to be said, and by looking at everyone, I could tell that was all it took.

"Genius...simply genius." I declared, happy to finally have a plan.

"I know." she smiled, popping another chocolate Pocky stick in her mouth.

"Well, since that seems to be the plan, we now have to decide when to execute."

"How about next weekend? I figure that Kiki is going to need some time to wear down and for to iron out any kinks that may appear..." Jyou stated from the far end of the table.

"Wise as always, Great One." Takeru snickered, receiving a slap upside the head by Kiki in the process.

"And cute too." Mimi piped up from her perch of Jyou's lap.

"At least someone appreciates me..." he smiled softly, giving Mimi a quick kiss on the lips.

"All the time." she smiled sappily at him, as she gave him a similar kiss in return.

"Okay, can we please quit it with the PDA for a minute, and get back on track?!?" I pointed out, feeling my eye twitch a little.

"Sorry." they murmured together, slight blushes playing about their faces.

"Okay. I will inform Taichi and Yamato about the plan, and if there are any modifications to be made, then call Kiki or I ASAP! Does everyone agree that we make this happen, say next Friday?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Good. Meeting Adjourned." I grinned, banging my plastic cup on the table to signal the end of the meeting.

As I watch my friends get up, I start to pay close attention to Takeru and the sneaking suspicion that I had before becomes a certainty. Looking over at Sora, I can tell that she saw the same thing.

Takeru had a crush on none other than bubbly Mori Kirei.

It seems a matchmaker's job is never done.


As I sit here in this karaoke bar, I can't help but feel apprehensive, I mean I can't believe what I'm about to do. More to the point, I can't believe that I allowed Kirei to talk me into doing this.

Dumb could I forget about the guilt trip from hell.

"Are you okay Kari-chan?" I heard someone ask me. Turning around, I looked into concerned amber eyes.

"Well, if having vultures having a party in my stomach is fine, then I guess I am."

"C'mon Kari, it can't be that bad..."

You're not the one doing this, are you?

"Anyway, this is your time to take a chance. I know that you have done it once, but you know how hardheaded that baka is..." she smiled warmly, giving my hand a slight squeeze.

"I know Kiki. Thanks..."

"No problem. Besides, what are friends for?" she replies happily, letting me know in that statement that no matter what happens between Dai and I, that we will be friends.

Somehow I found that very comforting.

Hearing the applause of the small crowd, I snap out of my thoughts, knowing that I would be next. After the usual scoring, I jumped as I heard my name called and without looking back, I made my way slowly to the stage. Telling the DJ what I wanted to sing, I walked over to the microphone and adjusted it a little bit.

Locking my eyes with the warm umber brown of Daisuke's I prepared to do what I should have done months ago...

Tell him what was on my heart.

With one deep breath, I gave the nod to the DJ and damned the consequences.

Verse I

you look in my eyes and I get emotional inside I know it's crazy but you still can touch my heart

and after all this time you think that I wouldn't feel the same the time I sent for nothing nothing's changed


I still believe someday you and me will find ourselves in love again

I had a dream someday you and me will find ourselves in love again

Verse II

you stayed in my life I'm filled with all the joy I will find you know that I...I'm not the desperate type if there's one spark of hope left in my grasp I'm holding you with both hands to spare the risk of burning to have a second chance


No... no no no no no no

I need you baby

I still believe that we can be together

no no no noooooo

if we believe that true love never has to wait then we must know that we will love again

Hmm mmm mmm....

And as I began signing the chorus again, I looked once again at Daisuke and wanted to breakdown at the almost painful expression on his face. Almost as if telling him that I loved him was hurting him.

Could it?

~It has already......~ came the unbidden thought, causing the tears to spring into my eyes.

Stumbling off the stage and literally ran to the exit, intent on escaping the rejection that was so plainly displayed on his face.

I'm going to kill Mori Kirei for this.


All I could do was sit there as I watched Kari run out the door. My heart was screaming to run after her, but my body didn't want to obey. However fate had already planned a wake-up call.

"What the hell are you still sitting there for?!?! That girl just sung her soul out to you and you sit there like a bump on the log! Go after her you baka!!!" Kiki shouted, accompanied by a smack upside the head and a murderous glare.

"What the-" I shouted until the front of my shirt was grabbed by a ominous looking Yagami Taichi.

Now that is a scary site if I ever seen one.

In a super serious voice that I've never heard from him before, he growled,"Dais, you are about to get a real ass-kicking if you don't get up and find out how my sister is doing. I swear, you hurt her, I'll hurt you! Now get up!"

With all the motivation I needed, I sprinted out of the bar, praying that I wouldn't be too late. C'mon legs...go faster. I have to get to her. To make sure that she was okay. To make things right between us again.

Slowing to standstill, I stop and look around, hoping for a glimpse of Ri- chan. Walking a little further, I heard what sounded like crying to my left and decided to take a chance.

Moments later, I was standing over what had to be the only thing I can't stand.

Yagami Hikari crying her eyes out.

With slow movement, I gently grasp her upper arms and pull her into a standing position, without any resistance from her.



"What are you doing here?", she asks, her voice weighted down by the small sobs still shaking her body.

"Why are you crying?" I asked gently, gathering her to me and brushing the tear that made a lonely trail down her pale face.

"Because I know that it is wrong for me to be pushing you when all I know is that you want to be friends-"

"Wait. Before you say anything else, I have to tell you something. I lied...I lied about wanting to be friends with you." I stammered, cursing myself when I saw the tears make a reappearance in her eyes.

"I'm sorry...I didn't know that it was so hard for you-" she said shakily, her words making me feel even worse.

"No! That's not what I was saying at all. I was telling you that because I realized that I'm being an idiot. I want to be more than friends...much more."

"What are you saying?"

Looking straight into her russet eyes, I saw the answer to my question. I just had to hear it from her. Kami, I hope I wasn't wrong. I had to be sure.

"Do you still love me?"

"Does Chibimon still eat like no tomorrow?" she laughed, giving me that warm smile that made me fall in love with her in the first place.

"Well, if you're willing to love a baka like me, would you consider being my girlfriend? I understand-" I said quickly, not really knowing what to make of her answer. I figured the longer I stalled, I wouldn't have to hear the rejection that I was sure was going to come. Imagine my surprise when I felt slender arms wrap around my neck and soft lips press against mine in a tender kiss that reminded me of the one we shared all those months ago.

"Does that answer your question?" she asked me huskily, her cheeks looking rosy. Damn I have a kawaii girlfriend.

"Oh yeah." I answered breathlessly, pulling her closer and resting my head on top of hers.

In the crisp night air of autumn, we just stood there, enjoying the sensation of just holding each other. After what seemed like hours, I felt her lift her head from my chest and in that gentle voice of her ask me, "What changed your mind?"

"To be truthful...everyone. It seemed that everybody was so hell bent on getting us together and for the fact that I realized that I was doing the same thing to you that you did you did to me in the past." Taking a deep breath I continued, "I may not have meant to do it, but I did it regardless. Besides, life is too short for the past to dictate the future."

"Since when have you become so wise?" she grinned, running her fingers through my hair. Hmm, it seems that I have a touchy-feely girlfriend. Can this day get any better?

"Probably with the assistance of overbearing, nagging, well-meaning friends and the fact that I couldn't deal anymore. I've wanted you for long now and like I said before, I just realized that it was stupid just to let those feelings go just because of what happened in the past."

"I love you 'Ri-chan." I said soulfully, feeling a burden being lifted from my shoulders.

"I love you Dais." she whispered, squeezing me tight. "So, want to go face the 'I Told You So' Chorus?"

"Nope. We deserve this time to ourselves. Besides, they've probably already sent out a scout to see what happened with us anyway."

"Well, how about we give them something to scout out?" she suggested, with a playful glint in her crimson eyes.

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with my 'Ri-chan?" I joked, bringing her closer, concentrating on having her in my arms.

"Don't worry Dai-chan. I'm still the same Hikari, just a little grown up and not afraid to show my feelings for the person I love most in this world."

"That's good to know. For minute there, you had me worried..." I whispered again, nuzzling her hair once again. Hey, I can't help if it smells good. Hmm, I wonder if she uses Herbal Essences...



"Remind me to thank Kiki."


YAY!!!! They are TOGETHER, but that doesn't necessarily mean that things will stay that way. I hope you didn't think that this was the end, because it isn't. Matter of fact, there is someone from Hikari's past (someone that everyone conveniently forgot to mention) that will be making a debut and making it difficult for our fave couple. Plus, to add on to this, it seems that the Mori-Takaishi relationship maybe heating up! So please...

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