「Ashes of Snow」

Love has its burdens, love is unbounded, and love itself is deadly. Naruto X Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover

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◘Chapter Soundtrack◘

Wide Awake by Lacuna Coil

Sadness and Sorrow by Toshiro Masuda


「A C H E」

[We Can Only Stand Aside]

[And Abide]


[As We Walk]

[Through the Miles]

It hurts at first—slow, burning, an aching stretch.

Harsh and deep, almost too much to tolerate, some tension is released after the first few thrusts that plunge into his core setting off a bundle of nerves.

It is a euphoric sensation that sends him in a high, the pain is still evident, but it is all the more easily to bear with now because the aching is different.


That word repeats itself in the back of his head, the echo trailing after and searching for the little commonsense he had left.

This was taboo.

He ignores it all, lets it drift off into the arousing waves of their aftermath, the room occupied by their shortness of breath and gasps for air.

It all felt so wrong, the way his body responded to the ghostly touches and caresses, the way his legs straddled those milky white hips, and most of all it felt so sickening when he moaned out his name.

All so unsuitable, everything gone awry, this was so very wrong

[In their house]

[In their room]

[On his bed]

[With his BROTHER]

This was gay, incest, taboo.

It needs to stop, now.




The words never escape past his chapped lips, his voice rough and dry, it felt like his throat had closed up on him now.


His brother whispered into his ear, it was sinful and dirty coming from his younger twin's mouth. The redhead above him dips his head down as though he were about to kiss him.

He shielded his face with his forearms, hindering the other from going any further. His little brother does not say anything, and neither does he.


Why, why, why?

His thoughts, like a broken record player, played repeatedly in his mind.

In the end, its all blood and tears, all that which belongs to him and it hurts so very much.

He does not know when he lost consciousness or where the blood is coming from—but he has a good idea. All he knows that he is exhausted and his body torn from the inside out.

When he wakes up, he is met with the irritating light of the morning sun. The first thing he notices is that everything is clean. His body bare and in bed with new sheets, everything was [normal].

It is startling at first, but that's just from his bundled nerves and the lack of a body next to him under the sheets.

I was usually the one that was the early riser, he thought with slight bitterness.

Nowadays, everything had been melancholy and awry, it left a bland taste in his mouth.

Moreover, his mood had been just as bland and motionless as well.

"Hey, aniki,"

His brother's head popped out from behind the door that lead out of his room, red tresses curtaining over his cobalt blue eyes, a grin stretched across the other's face waving a spatula in his older brother's direction. "Breakfast is ready." He informed with an air of giddiness, it was almost sickening, the blond nodded faintly before slipping out of bed ignoring the fact he was still naked, wincing at mild pain that stung at his rear, thoughts of the evening before flooded his mind like a tidal wave. "I didn't even get my algebra homework done," mumbled the teen, pulling out boxers from his table drawer he didn't expect a pair of muscular arms encircling his upper torso and lean him into a clothed chest, but acts like these he has grown used to now.

"I finished your homework for you," The warm breath of his twin's voice tickled at his ear and he moaned unconsciously from the simple act, it didn't go unnoticed by the redheaded teen.

"You know"the blond suppressed a shudder at the sound of his brother's voice taking on a playful (almost seductive) tone—"we could always skip out on classes today." He didn't need to look to see his younger brother wearing that arrogant smirk of his it was obvious when he pressed his lips at a sensitive part on his older brother's neck.

"W-we've already missed half the week; Hibari-senpai is going to kill us if we miss one more day." Curse him for stuttering!

"Don't you mean he'll "bite you to death"?" The redhead emphasized the well known threat by nipping at his older twin's sensitive skin; he was rewarded with a soft groan.

"But, if you say so Naruto."

The blond-haired teen silently gulped, from the way his brother whispered his name so seductively so dark he knew what was coming to him after school when they got home.

What happened to the mundane life I once had with Kyuubi…?

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Okay, time for pointing out some key points for this story:

-Naruto and Kyuubi are twins (no duh) with Naruto being the eldest and Kyuubi the youngest twin and go by Uzumaki.

-Might have some reference to my other story "Coffin Birth".

-Contains: Incest, Twincest, Sex, Angst, and Gay Romance.

-Naruto will have another love interest besides Kyuubi, still haven't decided yet but defenitly one of KHR boys, fighting over for his love.

-Pairings: KyuuNaru, ? x Naru, One-sided 2795 (Tsuna x Kyoko), 8627 (Haru x Tsuna), and 95Kyuu (Kyoko x Kyuubi)

-Two new Guardians, Kyuubi as the Moon and Naruto as the Snow.

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