1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.

2. Put your music on shuffle/random and start playing songs.

3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs, either.

4. Do 10 songs and post. Be sure to include the song/artist.

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Rated G to PG-13

1. Linkin Park – My December 4:17

Hatter was fairly certain that it had not been winter in Underland in many moons. The cherry trees perennially bloomed and the days were always long. Yet, as he sat at the tea table waiting—which he had been doing now for what must have been years—he saw, touched, and tasted the descent of winter around him. The leaves dropped from the trees. The grass turned brown, the sky gray. Cold crept into his waistcoat, making his skin go numb. And then the snow began to fall.

He had made a deal. A deal to give everything away, even his allegiance to his Queen, if he could only have Alice back. A deal with potions and black magic and evil. He should have known that these sorts of things never worked as one intended. He was being punished: punished by Underland for his slurvishness. No Alice, no friends, no tea, and no sunshine. Only blanketing cold and snow. He imagined that the end would be slow. Eventually there would be no pain, only the niggling reminder that once he had had an Alice, given up everything, and lost her.


2. Panic at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon 3:14

Mally stretched a paw, emerging from a cracked teacup. "What Time is it, Hatter?" She frowned when she saw that Hatter was not at the tea table to answer her question. He was never where he was supposed to be nowadays. He was always with Her.

Mally scampered down from the table, hurrying into the Windmill House, where she imagined she might find the hopeless lovers.

"Knock, knock!" she shouted as she scurried under the door, knowing she was likely to find them indulging in horrible hormonally inspired things.

"Ahem," Hatter muttered, stumbling away from a table, where Alice was pressed with her eyes as big as the moon.

"What time is it, Hatter?" Mally demanded peevishly with a shake of her head.

Hatter dug in his waistcoat, searching for the broken time piece, which no doubt was in need of a good buttering.

Alice sighed in frustration, as if she very much wanted Mally gone. "Oh, who knows, Mally! It's nine in the afternoon."

Hatter paused, having finally found his pocket watch, but engaged in staring in wonder at Alice rather than providing Mally with the Information she sought. "I have left your mind quite muddled, Alice."

Mally growled as mightily as she was able: Alice's mind may have been jumbled, but that lump of a lovesick Hatter had the nerve to look rather pleased with himself about it.


3. Train – Hey Soul Sister 3:37

Alice had left a mark on his mind. A permanent mark, which he knew could not be erased no matter the amount of lye scrubbing. He knew from the first time he met her that he would never mistake her for anyone else, anything less, than The Alice. She was sane and he was mad, but they were two of a kind and that could not be bad.

And now she was back—just in Time. This must be obsession. Quite unhealthy, really, but he just wanted to do terrible things to her. Make her mind go blank for just a moment the way his did, blessedly, when she pressed her lips to his. Time went all funny when she danced. When she sang off key. When she smiled behind her teacup. Time might also stand still if she was ever horizontal as he had imagined her.

He simply did not want to miss a minute of Alice. Not tonight. Not ever. He would have to make her His.


4. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition 3:53

"Alice, run."

Alice squinted at Tarrant, but could not fathom why he was instructing her to run. They had been having such a lovely walk. Why should they need to trot anywhere?

He seized her hand. "Run, Alice!"

He began to drag her through the thick grass of the fields.

"Why are we running?" She could see no danger.

"Because we're alive!" he shouted back over his shoulder.

Alice hurried behind him being half dragged by the longer legged Hatter. There was only so long she could keep this up this pace.

"Are we going to stop?" she panted.

"Not until we're finished," he answered obtusely.

As they ran over a hill, breaching the top, a wondrous view presented itself to them. They came to a skittering halt. Licking her lips and gasping for breath, she imagined she could see half of Underland from here. A view worth running for, she mused, and then he spun her around, pulling her to his chest, putting a stop to her ruminations. Her heart was still hammering in her chest from the exertion of running. She raised a hand to press it to his chest, so as to feel his doing the same.

"Won't stop, Alice," he lisped, kissing her.


5. 311 – Amber 3:29

Alice had a color. Hatter assumed that everyone could see it, for he could see it so very clearly. She was bathed in it all around. But, the first time he had voiced his opinion on the perfection of Alice's color, he had been taken aback by the assembled company's ignorance on the subject.

"Alice Blue," he stated matter-of-factly. "The most lovely shade of blue every imaginable or unimaginable. Alice believes in the impossible, you see. So, it is quite possible that Alice Blue would otherwise be impossible if it were not for Alice's very smart practice of thinking the impossible."

Mally rolled her eyes. "Must we always spoil teatime with talk of the Alice?"

"No, not at all. My most sincere apologies," Hatter said, passing a pot of tea to Thackery, who was busy cleaning his whiskers with his paws in jerking motions. "We can talk about the Champion if you would prefer."


6. Coldplay – Clocks 5:08

She could see him through the looking glass, waiting upon her, sitting endlessly at a tea table bedecked with spoiled treats and cold tea. All she would have to do is go home. It was home to her, was it not? Not cold dreary London. And yet…

Every time she peered at him and decided to once more descend the steps for tea with perfectly matched crack-less china in London, she recognized that she was missing her opportunity. An opportunity for personal happiness; an opportunity to bring happiness to Another. Every time she said, 'no,' to the urge, she left herself a little sadder and Another a little madder. She had become a part of his disease.

Nothing in the world compared to Hatter. Nothing in this world, and yet she continued to turn from the looking glass and descend the stairs like a good girl, like a dutiful daughter. Time was slipping away.


"Coming, Mother."


7. The Killer – Human 4:06

Doors made Alice nervous. Looking glasses left her trembling. She checked her pulse. What was she to do? Could she merely step through?

If she stepped through, she would have to give her regards to everything she knew, including Filial Duty, because if she went through, she could not come back. Not when she knew what leaving again would do to Him.

Alice collapsed to her knees, her skirts billowing about her as she contemplated the looking glass and reached out a shaking hand to test its surface.

"Pay my respects to Respectability," Alice mused aloud, laughing nervously. Living with a hatter. "Pay my regards to Sanity." In an upside down mad world. Her hand dipped through the watery glass. "But, I must follow my heart where it will lead, I am only human."


8. Dashboard Confessional – Belle of the Boulevard 4:02

"Alice, you're leaking," Hatter observed.

"Mmm," Alice hummed, turning her head to wipe her eyes. She did not know why she could not learn faster. It was of the utmost importance that she learn how to wield this sword and wield it well. They all depended upon it.

He reached for her chin, preventing her from turning away from him. The cold metal of his thimbles brought her back to her senses, and she blinked back the undesired tears.

"You might try singing," he suggested, gazing at her with that wide eyed unarming stare. "That always saves me, when I'm falling apart. Or tea? Tea helps build courage."

"Do you think that Mally is correct? That I am in need of muchness?"

He tilted his head, contemplating. "Things are always hard for the Champion of Underland, but you never really lack for muchness."

"Sometimes I lack it a little," she sniffed.

His hand covered hers on the hilt of the sword, "Just hold on, wee laddie."


9. Smashing Pumpkins – The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning 5:03

Iracebeth liked to daydream. She liked to lose herself in the colors of her dreams: red, blue, and white. The color of her reign was red and in her dreams all of Underland would be painted red. Right after her useless sister was wiped clean, erased from all Memory. Her white rule would be smeared with her blue blood and then Iracebeth would paint Marmoreal red.

Her precious Jabberwocky would devour stupid Mirana's world. The meek one's little devoted doting creatures burnt up in the fracas. She would have the creature knock the once pale princess' palace walls down. Mirana's kingdom would come crashing down undone. Iracebeth, the proper ruler of all of Underland, would be left as the sole ruler. Time would stop and admire her work. All that would be left would be red. Underland's darkest hour would be her hour of triumph.

In her dreams she liked to press the blade to Mirana's pale neck herself. Watch the blood pour forth as it stained her pristine white gown. She devoured her milquetoast sister with hate. Delightfully delicious red hate.


10. Plain White T's – Hey There Delilah 3:53

"Hello there, Alice," Hatter said, helping Alice up onto the table, picking her up between his thumb and index finger about her tiny waist.

It was a shame Alice had not arrived for tea as Proper Right Sized Alice, for there were Naughty things he would like to do if she ever arrived Just So, but then, he was not going to mention that, seeing as she was finally Here.

"You look so very pretty," he lisped, assisting her in the creation of an impromptu tuffet from a white napkin so that she would have somewhere to sit.

Alice did not bother to thank him for his efforts. Alice did not say very much, but she rarely did these days. When she visited she was quite quiet, and he was forced to carry on both sides of the conversation.

"Tea, Alice?" he asked, offering her a teacup that was much too large. "That won't do," he mused, pulling off a thimble. "Here," he said, handing it to her, "much more suitable."

Alice did not drink. Perhaps she was put off by the thimble. Not everyone approved of tea served in thimbles. Or perhaps she was tuckered out by travel from Above. Travel in this Not Proper Size Alice body must be very exhausting.

"Of course, if you are too tired for tea, we can do whatever you would like."

Alice did not answer. He blinked, and Alice wavered: There and then Not There. Sometimes he thought he dreamt Alice. Dreamt her Here. Quiet Alice who never answered and never drank her tea.