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Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Other Pairings Mentioned.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, Smex, Porn, Likely a huge misunderstanding of the industry, Prejudices, Bigotry, Likely a breach of contracts and stuff like that, Angst, Love.

Summary: Castiel Novak, down on his luck and in desperate need of money, goes to a porn suite that will give him $1000 for a good day's work. There he meets Dean Winchester, a man who's about to rock his world.

Sarahlizzie is the best beta ever (:

I have no idea how court hearings go. If you're expecting procedural accuracy, then you'll be disappointed. (: Enjoy!

Wednesday morning found five men gathered outside a court room, dressed in that kind of casual business suit that everyone sees on TV, except for Gabriel who very pointedly refused to dress even remotely nicely – he was in jeans with ripped knees and a plaid t-shirt with a trucker's cap, the whole visual creating the idea that he was actually trying to be as redneck as possible. Dean had the impression that if he could get away with it he'd be chewing a piece of straw.

He smirked at the image, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back against the wall opposite the court room doors, all but glaring at the frosted glass as though it was a restrained monster or personal insult against him. Castiel smiled, running a hand along Dean's arm to try and find his hand, lacing their fingers together and letting their interlinked hands hang. Dean sighed, rolling his eyes, and smiled with a short huff, looking over with affection at his partner.

Needless to say, none of them really wanted to be there. All of them had one issue or an issue by association. Gabriel – well, it's obvious. Castiel had lost his job to this callous man, but it had landed him with the best thing that ever happened to him, so really he's not complaining. Dean was still just pissed that the guy tried to sleep with a minor – it was the hypocrisy that had pissed him off the most, to be perfectly honest. Sam…well, Sam wasn't angry with Michael. Not really – he wasn't involved in the situation enough because Gabriel hardly ever talked about his family and now this was one bombshell after another.

No, the reason Sam was uncomfortable was the lecherous glances coming from random loiterer number five. AKA, Lucifer. AKA, Nick. Gabriel's brother.

Needless to say, it was awkward.

Sam had arrived at the courtroom first, because it's kind of his 'thing' to be there before everyone else, as if he has something to prepare or get ready for that others can't be around for. Anyway, he'd been there, hanging around and waiting for Dean to drive up with Gabriel and Castiel in the backseat, when Lucifer had walked in, his giant Australian Shepherd leading the way. The dog was vocally trained, had halted as soon as Lucifer told him to in a little half-corner created by the meeting of a pillar and a wall that led to the main hallway that led to the exit, and then laid down, providing a means of occupying Sam's attention while the other man sidled closer.

"So, what brings you here?"

As far as pick-up lines go, it wasn't very high up and it made Sam smile. Still, conversation is always nice, and when Sam turned his head to look at the guy, he had to do a double take. He had that regal-esque look about him that reminded Sam of old portraits of rich families, with the dignified air and the whole 'holier than thou' aura.

He had these weird eyes, like they couldn't decide between being blue and green or just a mix, and they were light, which went nicely with his lightly tanned skin and sandy blonde hair. Very…Aryan. Sam jerked his head behind him towards the closed door. "Friend of a friend," he said, flashing the million dollar smile because despite himself, he always liked a little casual flirting. "And you?"

Lucifer smiled, folding his arms across his chest. "It's my brother's hearing," he said, and Sam's eyes widened. Shit, Gabriel's brother. He was flirting with Gabriel's brother. Okay, backtracking now. Sam straightened a little against the wall, forcing away the bright smile so it was a little less…friendly. Lucifer's eyes trailed up and down Sam's body with barely disguised intent, almost to the point that it was uncomfortable for someone who's taken, and then Sam felt a warm hand on his shoulder, sliding down his arm.

He smiled, turning his head and catching sight of Gabriel – doing a little inner raised eyebrow at his boyfriend's attire – and relaxed, leaning his body closer to the man. "Lucifer." Gabriel's voice was hard and flat, unimpressed with his brother's hardly-restrained interest in his boy, and Sam got the feeling that if it was socially acceptable Gabriel would start peeing all over him right there. "Looks like you made it."

"As did you," Lucifer replied with an edge of disdain, as though he was above talking to his own brother. His bright eyes took in Dean and Castiel as well, and he nodded to Dean briefly in recognition before he turned away, and ignored the rest of them until the court hearing began.

Gabriel took Sam off to one side, pinning the taller man against the corner opposite Lucifer's dog. "I wish I could own you right here, right in front of him," he growled, hands shameless along Sam's torso and around the younger man's ass and hips, practically molesting him while Dean and Castiel wisely turned a blind eye and ignored them. "Thinks he can fucking take what's mine…"

"Gabriel, calm down," Sam replied with a light, breathless laugh as Gabriel forced his head back, biting down at his collarbone almost savagely, the sensation barely dulled through Sam's shirt. "You're okay, alright?" Sam had grown to accept and work around Gabriel's insane jealousy – kind of got off on it, in fact – and knew that when Gabriel got like this, he just needed reassuring. For all his flare and bravado, Gabriel was incredibly insecure, sure that Sam would eventually leave him for some younger, prettier thing and he'd be left. After all, Gabriel had lured Sam away from Azazel…it could happen again.

Sam slouched against the wall, running a hand through Gabriel's hair and meeting and holding his gaze. "You're alright, okay? He's not my type, anyway," Sam said, looking over Lucifer's way with a slight smirk. "He's too…serious." Gabriel smiled a little, brushing his hand along the corner of Sam's jaw and down his neck and chest. "And I like small packages."

Gabriel laughed a little; "Trust me, Sammy, my package is nowhere near small."

Sam chuckled, rolling his eyes, and pressed his lips in a light kiss against Gabriel's. They were interrupted by an obvious throat-clear, and broke apart in time to see Adam and Jo, arms linked, standing in the front entrance and looking at them, very bemused. Sam flushed and bit his lip, smiling over at Adam and Jo with a little wave, and Jo came forward to give both men a little kiss on the cheek in greeting. It was weird, seeing her without her trademark turtle neck and thick coat, but nice. She was wearing a light green tank top that made her eyes seem aqua and black hip-hugging jeans, topped with flip flops and with her hair hanging loose around her shoulders. Sam smiled, feeling like she was a little sister to him and hugged her tightly, then nodded in greeting at Adam.

"How're you guys doing?" he asked while Gabriel and the pair exchanged greetings. Jo smiled over at him, tossing her hair over her shoulder, and Sam caught a little flash of the pinker part of her scars, and it was lost as her hair fell again.

"Pretty good, pretty good," she said with pursed lips and a contemplative look on her face as they basically passed the time not speaking and looking at each other.

Dean rounded the corner, coming to a momentary stop at seeing Jo – it would take a while before he was fully settled around her – and then smiled, coming forward and hugging the girl tightly like a family reunion, and then smiled, jerking his head back in the direction of the court room. "Hearing's starting," he murmured, and Sam, Gabriel, Jo and Adam nodded and followed him towards the room.

They filed into the last row at the back, Lucifer and Adam going in last.

"So," Lucifer said quietly as they filed in; "You're the one my brother might be going to jail for."

Adam's eyes met the older man's, a little wide, but he was sure Lucifer wouldn't try doing anything with so many witnesses. "Yeah," he said, awkwardly putting his hands in his pockets and staring at the ground. "Look, I'm sorry about this, really. You know what it's like, when you need money."

"Yes," Lucifer replied thoughtfully, "I suppose I do." And with that cryptic message, he left, going to the opposite side of the courtroom, pretty much as far back from the defendant's stand as he could get.

"The case of The People versus Michael Santos is now in session." The judge slammed her gavel, everyone rose, and then sat, and the hearing began.

Not surprisingly, Michael got off with a small fine. No one was expecting anything more – knowing Michael the prosecuting lawyer was probably dirty as well and paid with his money. Dean didn't know why, but he'd expected…more, from it, really. You know; faith in the system and all that.

"Well, congratulations," Lucifer said when Michael walked out, scratching his dog behind the ears where it sat next to him, its ass wagging through lack of a tail at Michael's approach. "Looks like you're home free."

Michael stared at Lucifer, trying to get a read on his brother, but years of separation had created a brother that he couldn't read, and that had learned to hide what he was feeling well. The older brother dipped his head, trying to meet Lucifer's eyes, and he met and held his gaze. "Will you be leaving now?" Michael asked with a low voice and carefully hidden hope, hope that he hadn't lost this relationship forever, that he could fix this and make things at least civil between himself and Lucifer again.

"Well," Lucifer said, sighing a little and looking at his nails. "Turns out that weather in my connection in Florida is shitty. Nothing flies in and out, and it'll take time for me to find a new connection. I guess I have a night to kill, or two." He looked up again, meeting his big brother's eyes, and Michael smiled.

"Would you be willing to join me for dinner tonight, Luci?" Michael asked, just stopping his hand from reaching forward and touching his little brother, unsure as to how he'd be received.

Lucifer was silent for a moment, looking over Michael's face appraisingly. "Yes. I think I would."

When Dean and Castiel walked back into the studio on the Thursday, Alistair was there, waiting for them with a cruel little smile on his face. Dean paused, hesitating on the doorframe before approaching the main room from Bobby's office. He reached behind him, grabbing for Castiel's hand (you know, for mutual strength that is totally mutual), facing down his enemy and rival where he stood, smirking. What do you want, Alistair?" Dean growled, all but glaring at the man as he approached. If looks could kill then the man would be a pile of ash right now. "I'm not in the mood, alright?"

"Just wanted to see how my little protégée had been coming along while I was gone," Alistair said, sliding his creepily black eyes over to Castiel, who stiffened underneath the scrutiny. "Well, Castiel? Do you think you're ready for a video? 'Cause Adler's been asking for you and since he wasn't able to find you yesterday, and you were with me today, he asked me to relay his message to you." Alistair shrugged a little, fiddling with the cuff of his sleeve, but his eyes were predator-sharp, his expression fixed on that creepy smile. "There's fully penetrative sex." His eyes were predatory, focused on Dean's face as he spoke and watching with a sick kind of glee as the man stiffened, jaw clenched as he glared at Alistair. "The best part is? It's you…and Dean."

Both men blinked at him. "What?" Dean growled, panicked for a moment that Castiel had been stupid enough to submit another suggestion. "How did that happen?"

Alistair grinned. "Zachariah went through the discarded videos – someone anonymously tipped him off – and he was intrigued by the idea of you and Castiel doing a video together. He's making it happen." Dean all-but-growled at the other man, realizing what the options were; either sub for Cas – something he wasn't sure he was willing to do – or Dom – something he sure as hell wasn't willing to do."

"When is the video scheduled?" he asked, voice tight and clipped.

"Monday," Alistair replied smoothly, smiling, then checked his watch. "Well, I'm late for my next appointment. I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about. Adieu." With a flourish of his hand, he left, heading 'Downstairs' with Castiel's and Dean's gazes burning into his back.

"Bastard," Dean growled under his breath.

"You don't have to, Dean," Castiel murmured instantly, turning his lover's shoulder so they were standing face to face. Dean was stiff, resisting his manhandling, as though in shock from the news – which wouldn't surprise Castiel one bit. "I'm serious – this is harassment at best, downright coercion and rape from the right angle. You don't have to."

"Are you ready?" Dean asked, hooking his hands over Castiel's forearms and keeping the other man close. He exhaled shakily, his eyes wide as though panicked, and Castiel wanted – not for the first time – to go and make Alistair choke on his own flogger. Fucking bastard. "Are you even ready to Dom someone, Cas? Have you qualified for it?"

Castiel shook his head – he hadn't had nearly enough training to safely Dom someone professionally. Not even close – if they did this, Dean would have to Dom. "But you don't need to do this. I swear – I'll talk to Chuck, or to Adler, or someone, something to get this -."

"It won't work, Cas," Dean replied with a low sigh, shaking his head and smiling at Castiel's righteous indignation and his naiveté when approaching this kind of thing. "I've already started doing things that I've written down I won't do – my contract's changed without me realizing it. It's either I do it, or he does." He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, because although he didn't want to Dom Castiel – didn't want to hurt Castiel, and risk losing control like he had all those years ago, but then again… "God, I don't…"

"Dean…" Castiel's voice was low and desperate, torn between his insane desire to see Dean in his powerful element and the desire to keep Dean safe and happy – he didn't want to hurt Dean and permanently fuck up his relationship with the other man, and he'll admit it – he was afraid. He trusted Dean with his life, but Dean didn't trust himself. The younger man was shaking his head when Castiel took his face in his hands. "I trust you. I love you. I don't think you could hurt me – that you would hurt me beyond what I enjoyed. Alistair's just trying to do this to fuck with you. You shouldn't have to do this – you don't have to do this."

"Cas." Dean's eyes were sincere, his smile small but genuine as he rested his forehead against Castiel's, his lips lightly against Castiel's, combing his hands through the older man's thick dark hair. "I love you…God, I love you, Cas, please be sure." Dean's expression was tortured, desire to do it warring with the fear of taking it too far. Again. "Please, I couldn't bear it if…"

"Shh, Dean," Castiel murmured, purred even, kissing him once more to silence him. "I trust you."

Dean walked into the room that Azazel had vacated for their use. It wasn't plain this time – there were three black leather ottomans in one corner, and on the wall hung a detachable rail that held a few floggers and bullet vibrators. There were two more rails hung at head height and then three feet above that, for grabbing onto.

If the young man was nervous, he sure as hell didn't look it. He was calm, totally in his element walking into that room, and Castiel felt an involuntary shiver run through him, watching Dean look around the room and arrange everything to his liking. He pulled over one of the ottomans so it was almost by the door and placed the other two next to each other. Castiel knelt in the center of the room for the longest time while Dean arranged everything – taking his sweet damn time about it, too – until Castiel's muscles burned from kneeling in the awkward position for so long, and his body was tense from imagining just exactly was about to happen. Dean was still fully dressed in black jeans that were just a bit tighter than what he normally wore, and a t-shirt that was one size too small, also black and plain. His feet were bare and made no noise on the black-tiled floor.

There was a minimal amount of filming equipment in there – Dean had asked Chuck how many were strictly necessary, and now it was just Dean, Castiel, Chuck with his camera, and then one other guy with his. It was at once a little more intimate and casual, as Castiel felt the weight of the cameras on him, but also didn't feel quite so much weight, if that made sense.

Finally, Dean approached him. Castiel stared at his bare feet for a moment before he felt a hand in the hair at the back of his head, manhandling his head so he looked up into Dean's eyes. It was there that the nerves were showing, just a little, and maybe there was a shake to Dean's hand that Castiel didn't pay attention to, and a gentleness when he ran the thumb from his fist over the kneeling man's head, but that was just for them – the cameras wouldn't pick that up.

Dean pulled, gently, forcing Castiel to stand, and led him over to the paired ottomans. "On your hands and knees," he ordered, and Castiel felt a little tendril of heat and excitement curl in his belly at Dean's commanding voice, so different from his regular, softer tone. It made Castiel shiver as he braced himself on all fours on the ottoman, the leather giving under his weight and already damp from the sweat slicking his palms.

Dean's hands caressed him like Castiel belonged to him, like he was some prize animal Dean was checking over; he stood off to one side of Castiel, running his hands down the older man's back and then to his ass, rubbing over the flashy part before landing a hard smack there. Castiel hissed, jerking at the unexpected flash of pain, and Dean did it again, and again, until his ass was red and sore. Castiel let out a broken moan when Dean's hands turned gentle again, rubbing at the sore area until all Castiel could feel was a pleasant tingle in the background of his mind. His cock was now hard, heat blossoming from wherever Dean touched as the younger man kept touching him, sliding his hands with deft thoroughness all over his shaking body.

"Good boy," Dean purred, low in the back of his throat as Castiel's head dipped between his shoulders, the older man breathing heavily and gasping when one of Dean's hands was at the back of his head again, jerking him. "Keep your head up," he growled, pulling back a little too far until Castiel's back bowed to compensate, and then Dean let him drop. Castiel obediently maintained the position as Dean walked away, going over to the shelves on the far side of the room.

Dean's hands shook when they grabbed for a small vibrator, a small bottle of lube and a flogger. He ran the leather straps through his free hand, remembering exactly what had happened last time he'd picked up one of those, and shook the thought away. Castiel trusted him, and Dean was calm – in control. There was no danger here. Chuck wouldn't let him mess up like that twice.

He went back to where the older man still knelt, having barely moved from his position, and Dean smiled, running a hand along the small of Castiel's back where he knew his lover was sensitive, fingernails digging in just slightly, and Castiel hissed. A quick check affirmed that Castiel was actually enjoying himself very much, and Dean relaxed somewhat, because he wouldn't be able to continue if he was just…Alistair. He couldn't.

He flicked the flogger just slightly over Castiel's back, just so that the other man could feel it there, and then let it rest in the dip of Castiel's spine as he lubed up the vibrator, slipping it in with no warning. He had a remote in the pocket of his jeans and fished for it, turning it onto a low background setting.

"You're being very good, sweetheart," Dean murmured lowly, pushing in the vibrator just a little further and watching Castiel's hole clench around it, circling the rim with his finger. The other man whimpered and moaned, his head falling forward before he remembered himself and raised it again. "Very good."

Dean picked up the flogger, running it through his hand again, and twisted the ends around his fingers so that he was pulling it taught, before he let it go, sending it whipping towards Castiel's back. The man jerked and cried out when the ends hit, immediately raising red marks to his skin, and his hands fisted in the leather as his head dropped forward. Dean hit him again and again, varying the power he put behind it and the place he hit so Castiel never knew what to expect. The only pause he made was to reach into his pocket and turn up the setting on the vibrator, and Castiel shouted out, muscles tense and quivering and Dean growled, jerking his head up again when he saw Castiel had let it drop.

He was starting to feel it – that inherent violence that he'd already unleashed on Castiel more than once. Everyone knows the sub has all the power – Dean had said it himself – but it was hard to remember that when he had Castiel like this, completely at his mercy.

Still, Dean swore to himself to keep an eye out for any signs of legitimate distress, and that's how he managed to catch Castiel's barely whispered 'please'.

"What is it, sweetheart?" he asked, holding the flogger in one hand and stroking down Castiel's reddened, burning spine, torn between staying in character and just calling off the scene, because if Castiel was hurting then he'd never forgive himself. "What do you need? Do we need to stop?"

The other man shook his head frantically. "Please, come. I need to come," Castiel gasped, eyes clenched tightly shut, and Dean felt a surge of relief and desire at the same time, and a small smile came to him before he could stop it.

"Oh, is that all?" he asked lightly, sliding back into character with ease as he trailed the tips of the flogger over Castiel's sensitive flanks, reveling in the tiny clench-shiver of his muscles. "I don't know, sweetheart, I don't think you've earned it. Do you think you've earned it?"

Castiel was a good learner; his response was prompt – "Only if you think I have."

Dean smiled, going around to Castiel's head, and he set the flogger down, smiling even wider at the small sigh of relief his lover gave. He grabbed Castiel by the back of the head again, forcing his face up, and kissed him – long, hard, and completely dominating. It was unlike what Castiel was used to from Dean – there was no gentle pressure and coaxing and soft submission, but a hard fast slide of tongue and teeth that was designed to get Castiel's mouth open as soon as possible, Dean's tongue fucking into his mouth like it had the right to.

Castiel let out a sound like a whimper and a moan when Dean drew away, the man's eyes almost completely black with just a ring of green around the edge of his iris, and he pulled Castiel up again by his head. "Over this way," he growled, directing Castiel to the bars that were nailed into the wall. "Grab the top one." Castiel reached up as high as he could, and he had to go onto the very tips of his toes to grab hold of the bar. The position was going to be a bitch on his calf muscles when he was allowed to relax – which could be in a few minutes or an hour. He had no way of predicting Dean's next move and he loved it.

The vibrator ramped up another setting at the same time Dean's flogger came down on his back again. Castiel's screamed into the wall, entire body tense as he instinctively shied away from the sensation, his hands an inch from letting go.

"Don't you fucking let go of that bar," Dean growled, closer than Castiel expected him to be before another blow landed. Down his shoulders, all over his spine and over his ass, making every part of him red, and Castiel gasped, tears flowing down his face at the delicious burn of it, the thrill of getting Dean like this, all to himself. It's fucked up but Castiel didn't have it in him to care, couldn't think past the throbbing in his cock and the fantastic stimulation in his ass.

Castiel gasped brokenly against the wall, his body lax against it as the only support he could find as Dean kept up the rhythm, occasionally changing angle and hardness, but always that slap-sting of pain followed by the burn as it rippled out and calmed, before the next blow came. It was delicious and had Castiel a writhing, begging mess within a few minutes.

"Please, please let me come – God, let me come…" Castiel begged, words slightly muffled by the wall but he knew Dean could hear him. God, he had to come or die at this point – his cock was hard and trapped between his body and the wall, unable to get friction aside from the cold, unforgiving paint that was damp from precome, and Castiel hissed when Dean stopped, rubbing a hand down Castiel's enflamed back again and cupping his ass, where the harsher blows had been laid.

"Do you think you've earned it?" Dean whisper-growled into his ear, the man's body heat suddenly behind him, pressing up against Castiel in a mesh of muscle and quivering tension. Dean's cock was a hard line against Castiel's ass, fit to burst from the feeling of it, and Castiel sighed out a breath at the question, his response still the same; only if Dean thought he had.

Dean 'hmm'ed quietly, then pulled away. "Let go of the bar, turn around, on your knees," he ordered, walking away to replace the flogger, and then turned back to Castiel, who had practically fallen to the ground on his knees, hands behind his back in tight fists, cock flushed and leaking, curling up towards his stomach. Dean smirked at the sight.

"I think…" he began, walking back towards Castiel slowly, hands undoing the button and zip of his jeans, "that you've earned a little bit of a reward." Castiel's eyes zeroed in on Dean's cock as he drew it out, fisting around the base and jerking just once as he came to a halt in front of Castiel. It was embarrassing the way Castiel's mouth watered at the thought of sucking Dean off, and how when the man touched himself, it was Castiel who moaned. "Do you want this, sweetheart?"

Castiel nodded.

"How bad?"

"So bad, please…" Castiel had never known one person could sound so wanton, but there it was, coming out of his own mouth as he looked up at Dean, practically shaking in a mix of pain and need. "Want it. Need your cock. Please."

Dean 'hmm'ed again, keeping his cock in hand as he ran the head around Castiel's parted lips, getting them all shiny and wet, before he fed Castiel his cock, hand gripping the back of the man's head so he couldn't move – Dean was in control, after all. He set up a smooth, shallow pace at first, letting Castiel get used to not having his own head before he slid in as far as he knew Castiel could take him, hearing him gag at the angle. The action made saliva flood Castiel's mouth and Dean hissed at the wet warmth as Castiel tried to swallow it, muscles contracting around Dean's cock.

"Yeah, sweetheart, there we go…" Dean purred as he really started to fuck Castiel's mouth, not once breaking from that blue-fire gaze that was burning into him from under thick, dark lashes, and he couldn't imagine how far he'd taken Castiel from when they first met. If you had told Dean he'd be in this situation not even two months after meeting the man, he wouldn't have believed you. "Feel so good – you were born for this, I know it."

Castiel moaned around Dean's cock, sinking his head down just a little for it, his hips bucking into air as he desperately tried to get friction, so turned on and this close to coming he couldn't even begin. Dean pulled out, because the video needed all the way sex and he wanted to be inside of Castiel, right the fuck now. He pulled Castiel up by his head, and led him to the double ottomans again, bending him right over until Castiel's forearms were on the edge, fingers digging into the soft padded sides, his legs either side of the ottoman and toes just brushing the floor. Dean pulled out the vibrator without bothering to change the settings, and Castiel whimpered at the sudden stillness and emptiness.

Dean lubed up his cock thoroughly, because he didn't intend to prepare Castiel very much – he wanted to fuck the man open. His fingers trailed teasing, slick little trails around Castiel's clenching hole, watching as the man relaxed, eager for him, and grew frustrated when Dean refused to push any part of himself inside.

The man let out a needy little whimper, and Dean took that as his cue. "What do you say, sweetheart? You have to ask me nicely or you can't get your reward for all your good behavior."

Castiel whimpered, turning his head to look back at Dean, but the younger man caught his chin and made him face forward again, the order going unspoken. "Please, please fuck me," Castiel moaned, because if he didn't get something he was going to spontaneously combust, and that would suck.

"Mmm…Good enough," Dean mused, pressing the tips of two fingers inside Castiel at once, and the older man hissed, clenching at the suddenness as Dean pushed almost all the way in, crooking his fingers so that they dragged along Castiel's prostate. Castiel's whole body jerked, his cock painfully hard, but because of his position he couldn't thrust against the ottoman, couldn't give himself any friction whatsoever.

Dean had been a very good student.

When Dean finally slid home, it was like nirvana. Castiel's whole body practically melted as Dean braced himself against the ottoman, knees against the edge as he fucked into Castiel, hands grabbing his hips savagely, leaving bruises behind. One of his hands ran up and down Castiel's still-aching spine, and there was a tenderness to it that Castiel knew was all Dean, was him thanking Castiel for trusting him, was relief for trusting himself and having himself pull through. Castiel moaned as Dean's cock repeatedly dragged over his prostate, and almost cried with relief when he asked for the third time for permission to come, and Dean granted it between heavy, panted breaths and muffled swears, biting down underneath Castiel's shoulder blade as he stilled, coming at the same time as Castiel, driven over the edge by spasming muscles and his own turbulent emotions. He kept rocking into Castiel while he came, filling the other man up and then reached down around Castiel's body, milking the other man through his own orgasm until they were both too oversensitive to keep going, and Chuck called for the cameras to stop shooting.

Dean was reverent, cleaning Castiel up, as though he couldn't quite believe they were there. He seemed nervous, suddenly, and Castiel could understand why – it needed to be put down right the fuck now. He followed Dean when the younger man went over to grab for Castiel's clothes, and instead of taking them he plastered himself to Dean's front, wrapping his arms around him.

"Are you okay?" Castiel asked, framing his face in his hands, his eyes dark and concerned as he leaned his forehead against Dean's, still breathing hard from his recent orgasm. "Dean?"

"I…don't know," Dean said, scratching the back of his head and trying to avoid Castiel's eyes. "I don't know how I'm feeling. It's kind of…anticlimactic, I guess," he said with a dry laugh, shaking his head. "I didn't lose it at all."

Castiel smiled. "I had every faith in you," he replied, drawing Dean into a chaste kiss, brushing his hands through the younger man's hair. "And that was fantastic, Dean – I never knew it could feel like that," he said honestly, because with Alistair it is pain, all the time. He doesn't care if you get off because his videos aren't like that. But Dean…Castiel had felt everything, and the intent behind it all. He felt the connection between getting pain from this and getting pleasure, taking pleasure in the fact that you trusted someone so much to do this to you, and the fact that they trusted you to say when it was getting to be too much. "But…you're okay, right?"

Dean smiled, exhaling heavily as he drew Cas closer, inhaling the scent at his neck. "Yeah, Cas, I'm fine. You were okay, right? I didn't want…I don't want…"

He didn't know how to finish that sentence, but that was okay, because Castiel did. The older man hugged Dean tightly, taking comfort from the feeling of Dean, warm and solid in front of him, and sighed happily. "Thank you, Dean, for doing that for me." It was either Dean or Alistair, and Castiel would pick his lover every time.

The younger man chuckled, pulling Castiel down one more time, and they kept making out until someone had to come down and kick them out of the room for the next video.

When they left the place, going upstairs (after Castiel had gotten dressed and they'd made themselves presentable), they found Alistair, the bastard just waiting for them with barely restrained glee. "So, boys, how did it go?"

Castiel couldn't help himself; he saw red. Alistair was on the floor before he realized what had happened, cradling a split lip and there was a minor, dull pain in Castiel's fist where it was still clenched. "It went fantastically, and fuck you very much."

"Cas," Dean said, surprised but grinning despite himself. "Way to be badass."

Castiel just smiled.

The four boys grew closer, after that. The drama cooled down after a while, although it's naïve to think that it disappeared completely. Gabriel still had a strained relationship with his family and an insane amount of jealousy when it came to Sam, and Castiel still had urges to claim Dean in ways that aren't exactly normal, but nowadays, after passing his assessment to be a Dom, he gets to take that out in a 'Downstairs' room. As long as it didn't bleed into their actual love life, Dean became perfectly okay giving Castiel control, and taking it. The two became 'versatile' in their roles and were okay with that.

Jo and Adam got married when Adam turned twenty-one – six years after the whole drama and the person that had brought them together in the first place. Jo's now pregnant with her second child – they're hoping for a boy, this time.

Years ago, two brothers went out to dinner once. Then twice, and then once more before one of them finally managed to forgive, and they started anew. Now they're living in the city in a penthouse apartment on a strictly don't-ask-don't-tell basis, wherein Lucifer remains by his new name and to anyone looking from the outside, they're just two gay guys living a very nice, ritzy life.

Chuck and Becky finally got together. It took Sam actually physically planting Castiel in front of the girl with a freaking post-it on his face asking Becky out. As far as the boys know, they're still going steady, even if Becky has embarrassing tendencies to write slash stories about the porn stars she's suddenly hanging out with a lot more.

When Adler retired, Dean got the company. He didn't fire Alistair despite the fact that he desperately, desperately wanted to, but he did restrict the 'Downstairs' hours and changed things drastically. The company may be a little lower profit (which may have ended in certain employment cuts that a certain person may or may not have suffered from) but it's a much, much better place to work now, and Adam's got a desk job working Bobby's position once the old guy retired as well, not long after Adler.

Dean gets to return home to Castiel every day, as they'd moved into Dean's apartment together once Uriel had announced he was fucking tired of his job and of Anna, and was moving to a sunnier climate down south, and the couple got a dog. Castiel had suggested actual children, but Dean didn't think a porn suite job was the best example to set, and so they settled with the dog. They called it Bobby-John and it's the most excitable thing anyone could ever buy.

Sam dropped his job at the studio and went back to school to get his law degree. He's now a practicing attorney and he did adopt a child. The kid's a hell raiser and Dean totally blames Gabriel's influence on it.

He's also pretty sure the boy and Jo's daughter will end up married, because that's the sort of thing that happens. He never imagined he'd have such a domestic life, but now, looking at it, he has no idea what he was so afraid of. He remembers thinking that if only he could find a nice girl (or guy) who would understand and get his job, he'd be alright. He also remembered thinking it would never happen. He's been proven wrong.

And he's okay with that.

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