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Harry Quack, Hermione Moo and Ron Baa on the adventure to Hogwarts farm to kill the evil Lord Chicken!

'Mooo Baaa Quack!' Went the Golden trio 'AHHHHH!' Screeched the evil lord chicken as he was strangled by a worm from one of the team's pea shooters

'Don't worry i'll oink you' Whispered the ever loyal pig, Lucius Malfoy!

Next on the scene was Narcissa the Slug, who had narrowly avoided being eaten by her one time husband,'What are you going to do? Slime us?' Squawked Harry, as Bellatrix appeared.

'No! Worse!' Bellatrix the Hen clucked at them. 'O we're really scared' taunted Hermione the cow but right at that second in walked Draco the goat eating everything in his way.

Draco the Goat spotted Narcissa the slug and despite her squelchy protests, he proceeded to eat her, 'mm... a little slimy, but not at all bad, now minions, what is going on round here?'

'Moo, Quack, Baa, Oink, Cluck, Cluck, Squelch' everyone shouted in shock for Draco wasn't talking to Lord Chicken, he was talking to Harry Quack!

Lord Chicken got so flustered by this he started to swell and Draco said 'What's got your feathers ruffled',. that was the final straw...

Lucius the pig attacked Draco the goat! 'Bang Bang Bang'. Harry Quack was starting to get worried, who was winning? He hoped Draco Goat won because if he died Harry Quack just wouldn't survive, his beloved couldn't die!

Lucius the pig got stuck in the mud, sitting on and squishing to death, Bellatrix the Hen, he proceeded to drown, no one was going to help.

'Remember Quack' Draco shouted, 'Chicken's can't fly! Push Lord Chicken off the cliff's edge, then we can finally get married!' Ron the Sheep's eyes proceeded to rall back into his head and he promptly fainted.

Grabbing Lord Chicken by a leg, Quack pulled him to a cliff edge which had convieniently appeared and pushed him off, but Lord Chicken grabbed Quack!

'NOOOOOOOOO' screamed Draco Goat while grabbing hold of his wing and starting to slide off the cliff too! Hermione Cow had the quick reaction to grab hold of Draco Goat's leg but she was also sliding but then Ron Sheep had enough sense to grab hold of her but miscalculated where he was gonna grab and ended up holding her udder!

'Mouuhh! Ron! You know that's my special spot! really in front of all these people!' She gasped, 'grab my leg!' Ron Sheep looked extremely embarrassed as he clung onto her leg trying desperately to walk backwards and pull Quack back up again

Slowly Ron the sheep managed to pull Quack back up with Lord Chicken still attached to him. 'Haha' he evil cackled. 'I defied your attempt at killing me once again. I am in...' He was cut off as he was once again pushed off the cliff to his death! Neville the cowardly Horse stood where Lord Chicken was looking massively proud of himself.

That could be the end, but with that bunch of farmyard animals, who knows?

A/N Stay tuned for more...Quacky adventures! ¬.¬