Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Revenge of the Titan's

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Summer at Camp Half Blood was always the best and the worst. Like in the normal world it gave all the demigods a chance to relax from their studies of literature, architect, mathematics and history. But that means that they would have to double their training regimen. For Percy Jackson he was relishing the fact that he would get to see his mother and that made the extra training for four months all the more bearable.

His mother, Sally he hadn't seen in a year and a half and it made him edgy each and every time he thought about her but now...he would finally meet her right outside the gate of the camp for a few minutes and just talk. But that's all it was going to be...a few minutes.

Walking out of his cabin on the lake with it's open pillared walls his father; Poseidon had left for him, he walked through the camp in faded blue jeans, a old blue hoodie with a white shirt underneath. He raked his fingers through his hair hoping to make it lie flat from sleeping on it and only waking up ten minutes ago, and trying desperately to wake himself up and making himself look presentable for his mom. He just didn't want her fussing or worrying over him.

He saw Grover, a sytar, and best friend standing near the pathway to the gate and he grinned as he held his hand out and high fived him and then shared a brief manly hug before Grover started talking at a machine gun pace that he was so well known for.

"It's been forever since you've seen your mom! You nervous?"

"I'm excited. I think I worry about her more than she worries about me."

"Psh. Mama's boy." Grover teased him as Percy shoved him lightly which still made the goat boy stumble on his awkward goat legs.

Percy only smiled at his friends teasing and headed further towards the gate.

When he came there he saw his mom waiting and immediately ran through as he jumped up and hugged her and she laughed holding onto him and burring her face in his hoodie. In Sally's mind he had gotten so big in only a year and a half and he looked so much like his father it was radiantly crazy. Pulling back she examined his beautiful sea colored eyes and his tall almost six foot form that seemed to never stop growing.

"My Perseus. Will you ever strop growing!" she held his face. "You've been taking good care of him Grover, thank you." Sally said towards Grover who was leaning against the camp's gate.

"No problem-o Mrs. Jackson. It's my duties as Senior Protector." Grover fixed his vest and then pointed at his horns on his head and Sally nodded and then looked at her son again who was standing there looking so happy.

He seemed happy here with kids like him. That was all she asked for.

"I brought you a few presents." Sally said as she walked over to a tree and picked up a duffle bag as she then came over and handed it to her son who unzipped it eagerly and looked inside. "Just some new clothes and junk food and some books I thought you might like." she shrugged and Percy zipped the bag back up and pulled his mom back into a hug as he kissed her cheek.

"You're the best." he then picked her up easily off her feet and it took her aback at how strong her son was now and how effortless it seemed. I suppose that was supposed to happen...he was after all half god.

Her son set her down and she looked up at the gate of the camp and then back at her son.

"You should go back inside the camp. It's not safe you know just being with me and Grover. The barrier will protect you better." she said sadly and Percy held his mothers hand and sighed.

"Can't we talk just a little more?"

"If you like, I can just, you know go over there a few yards and give you some privacy?" Grover suggested pointing to the side and Percy nodded as his best friend nodded and walked off a distance.

Sally and her son sat down on the ground right at the gate and started talking about everything. He told her that his studies were good and that he was learning a lot, and finally he could control his little problem with reading English when his brain was hardwired to read Greek. He also told her about all the training he was doing and how far he was excelling and she couldn't help but feel grateful for it...her son could defend himself though she always knew he could, especially after the incident with Luke and him stealing Zeus's lightning bolt.

He then proceeded to tell her all about Annabeth and how much he enjoyed hanging out with her and that made her smile...for her son sometimes was so blind sometimes. Especially when it came to pretty girls.

"Though there are a group of kids that don't particularly like me..." Percy said slowly as he shredded a leaf he had picked up off the ground and was staring down at it and his mother watched him.

"Who are they?"

"They're well...they're the kids of the Titans. Annabeth and Grover explained to me that before the Olympians like my father and uncle and then everyone else the Titan's ruled on Olympus. They really don't like me...or Annabeth or anyone who's a kid of the Olympians."

"Well, you know the story of the Titans. I'm sure that they would hold a grudge because their parents were sealed away for time and all eternity and also they were your father's uncle's and aunts. You have a chance in all the world to know your father in some way, where as those poor children don't. Be kind to them Percy even though they are not to you...maybe something good will come of it, you'll see."

"Hey sorry Mrs. Jackson but Percy's time is up. It's almost nearing six and it's been more than a few minutes, it's been four hours. I gotta get him back inside." Grover said walking towards Percy and Sally and Percy's good mood suddenly deflated but his mother scooted closer and kissed his forehead before they stood up and gave each other a parting hug.

"You can write me all about your problems. I'm always here for you." Percy nodded into his mothers hair and then they parted as he followed Grover back through the gate with his duffle bag securely around his shoulder and he turned to look at her one last time before he waved and she did too.

After he was out of sight she stood there a few more minutes looking completely forlorn before she turned around and headed back to the road where she had parked her car and would take it back to the city.

Meanwhile Percy and Grover were talking and walking along the pathway back to camp

and walking out of the mess hall as they passed were the people that Percy had just been talking about with his mom...the offspring of the Titans and all their menacing glory. There was five of them, three boys and two girls, with bronze armor all stamped in each of their parents insignia's and all very tall, lean and muscular like their parents. One in particular Percy always seemed to admire even though she glared at him with dark sea blue eyes.

Arina Bishop who's name meant "of the sea" was the daughter of Oceanus the Titan who also was also his fathers uncle.

In a way, at least in Percy's mind, Arina hated him the most because his father took her father's position as god of the seas.

Arina stepped down off the final step the other four hanging back and blocking the doorway to the mess hall. They all seemed to travel in a pack, all of them with skills of the gods themselves masked underneath their pleasing physical forms.

Arina was very tall, almost as tall as Percy was, with bronzed skin and black hair that fell down her shoulders in waves that seemed as rolling as the ocean themselves. Her armor was clad with a trident and very ornate. Her features were so dark it was impressive to see those sea colored eyes staring out at you from under the shadow, glowing in the sunlight.

Percy swore he saw flecks of gold in them sometimes.

She had a shield on her back and a long broadsword at her hip but he also noticed her bronze nails...bronze, as in her nails were made of metal. It was a feature he hoped he never saw the other end of in battle because everything about her was clearly threatening.

"What are you staring at Jackson!" but these words didn't come from Arina they came from a tall boy with flaxen blond hair and light grey eyes named Alcander Wells son of Hyperion and a mortal.

"Enough Alcander, we have training we need to do, we do not need to pick a fight with our distant cousin." Arina said glaring back at Percy and Grover.

It was true Percy and Arina were related in some very strange and distant way. Arina's father; Oceanus, Alcander's father; Hyperion, then the twins Caius and Callus Jacobs were sons of Mnemosyne and sister to Oceanus and Hyperion and then there was Dea Davens who was daughter of Crius and brother to Oceanus, Hyperion, and Mnemosyne. Oceanus, Hyperion, Mnemosyne and Crius were related to Cronus and Rhea whom were parents of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. There were other Titans of course but these four had children with mortals. In such they were related to Percy and even Annabeth (for her mother was Athena and daughter of Zeus.) by the fact that they were cousins...very distant cousins with much mortal blood separating them.

But this fact also made the children older. Arina and Alcander were both eighteen and the twins were twenty, whilst Dea was nineteen...much older than most kids at Camp Half Blood. Well at least much older than Percy was at a lanky sixteen.

The other four followed Arina as she walked away from Percy and Grover her hair swaying back and forth against her armor and the others followed without saying a word.

Grover let out a breath that he was holding and slumped his shoulders.

"I swear Arina's stare is like death. She should have been the offspring of Hades or something. But that meant Persephone would have had know...and she's too good for him. Plus that would have made you two first cousins...which would suck!" Grover rambled as he walked into the mess hall and Percy had no choice but to follow him.