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All good things come to a close...famous tales of heroics, fairy tales and bed time stories that put you to sleep. Whether they be good or bad, they all have an ending. This ending however was more bittersweet than anything. After Cronus had been defeated, the underworld had collapsed taking Arina with it. Oceanus had barely made it out in time and had told Percy, Alcander and the rest of what had happened. She had sacrificed herself in order to save the world.

And that's what it read on the statue erected for her at Camp Half Blood in her image. It sat on the edge of the lake by her cabin and the image was strikingly similar to the girl it resembled. She was dressed in a traditional Greek dress with her armor over it and helmet under her arm and a trident in the free hand. The eyes had aquamarine's set into them and stared down at the ground at whoever stood at the base...which is where Percy stood right at that moment.

In Memory of Arina Bishop, Goddess of the Ocean and Protector of all Demi-God Children. She saved the world.

Percy stood there as he kicked at the dirt for a moment with his shoe and then looked back up at it and sighed. He then took her necklace out of his pocket and placed it next to the open flame that never went out even when it rained. He placed it on the alter as a offering. From the left Annabeth walked down the hillside and she came up to Percy's side as she too looked up at the statue.

"She was different than what we thought." Annabeth said softly.

"Yes she was."

"I know you loved her, but it's been months. I don't know when she's coming back. If she'll come back."

"I know." he said thoughtfully. "Funny thing is, the moment we made it to the surface I knew she was gone."

"Oh Percy..." Annabeth placed her hand on his shoulder and he looked at her.

"The bond is gone." he said still deep in thought. "She broke it, and I don't know why."

"Percy she's a Goddess. She couldn't be with you even if she wanted to. It was something she didn't necessarily choose but she always had a great sense of responsibility. And because of that she makes a great goddess and a good protector of this camp and any future generations that come through here."

"It has been safer since we've returned. You can feel it. I don't know it's just going to take time."

"Take all the time you need Percy. We're here.'

three years later...

It was moments before Annabeth was going to walk down the isle to take Percy Jackson as her husband and forever partner. She was standing in the bridal room in front of the mirror dressed her her beautiful white dress and thinking back to a time when the world was coming to an end and a certain person who without her wouldn't have ended up with the person she had loved for so long. Without her sacrifice she would have never gotten to this moment. It was a special moment that before had not been mentioned...a small moment in the underworld that was saved just for Annabeth and Arina.

All the sounds in the underworld shut off as if Annabeth had gone deaf as she looked at Arina. All she heard was the soft swell of the ocean and a single voice rolling off the waves as the heat licked at her face and skin.

"Take care of him Annabeth."

"I don't understand."

"Percy...one day you will be with him and I see now that you were meant for him. You know him in ways that I don't and you can give him a life he was meant for. A mortal one. A fulfilled one. I can't be with him, even if I choose it. I have to see what I can do with the power given to me and I can't give up my father. I've already lost him once Annabeth...I cannot lose him again. So please...stand by him...when I cannot."

"But he loves you...the bond?"

"Love fades, and the absence of that person puts them out of mind and eventually out of heart. Once you leave this place this bond we share will be broken. I assure you...so promise me Annabeth...promise me you will be with him and love him. Help him."

"I...promise." Annabeth said and that was the last time she had spoken to Arina.

"I remember that moment well." A voice said behind her and Annabeth gasped as she turned to see Arina sitting in a chair behind her in the corner dressed in a long blue greek dress a circlet of gold leaf around her forehead. Arina arose from her chair and smiled and Annabeth just stared in complete disbelief.

"You're here?"

"I was allowed a moment away to come see my two friends get married. And to give my gift and blessing."

"He...he would want to see you."

"I will see him after the vows have been exchanged. He will see me for a moment and I will fade away as if a long lost memory. And you will never tell him that I was actually here."

"Why not!"

"Because that will ruin the future that has been set before you Annabeth."

"You...know what's going to happen?"

"I'm a Goddess, of course I do. And I will tell you that you will have many joys in life."

"You mean we'll have children?"

"Two...a boy and a girl. They will be smart like their mother and powerful like their father. And I will be there every step of the way for their own quests as they too become a thing of legend. And so I give you my blessings and my gift."

Arina placed her hand out and in the palm where two necklaces. One bore a a U shape and the other a spear. Arina placed them together and it magnified until in her hands was a giant trident.

"A gift from both my father and I. It is his trident. And so this will be passed to your children as they will receive all the protection of the sea. And I will always watch over them from my seat on Olympus as your parents watch over you. Your mother sends her love, and after your children are born you will tell Percy that his father sends his as well."

Arina separated the trident and they receded back to necklaces and she gave them to Annabeth.

"I'll name the girl Arina." Annabeth said sadly as she looked at Arina and the latter smiled.

"I'd be honored."

"Will you visit after everything?"

"I will try as often as I can. I have a wedding gift from my mother as well." And next Arina took a key off from around her neck on a chain and gave it to Annabeth too. "This is the key to our home in Washington...it's yours. Arion and everything else. My mother and father have decided to go elsewhere to live on their own...and me I'm subjected to serve under Percy's father as a protector of my own Ocean."

"You are?"

"The Pacific Ocean to be more precise. A starter...so one day I can take over for Poseidon and he can be a father to Percy. Every since the death of Cronus, everything on Olympus is changing. Making way for new Gods and Goddesses...some even our friends we made at Camp Half Blood."

"That's amazing. Well thank you, this is more than I could ever imagine."

"I want you to think of us as sisters Annabeth." Arina came forward and the two girls embraced until Arina pulled away and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"See you soon?" Annabeth whispered.

"I promise." and when Annabeth opened her eyes Arina had gone once more.

Just then the door opened to the room to reveal Thalia.

"It's time."

"Yes it is." Annabeth said and she walked over to her bag and stuffed the gifts into them and then picked up her skirts and walked out the door ready to get married with much more comfort in her heart.

Ten years later...

It was the summer of the twins thirteenth birthday as they would be sent to Camp Half Blood. Arina and Alcander named after two whom where more brother and sister than anything were sitting outside at the beach saying goodbye to all that they knew. Their home, their parents and lives. Arina reached up and placed her hand on the necklace that she had had since she was born and looked over at her brother. His messy black hair in his face and his greenish blue eyes that resembled their fathers. Arina looked more like her mother her straight black hair and ice blue eyes reflected her face. Alcander looked at his sister with a sad face and then put his arm around her and sighed.

"It's almost time to head back."

"Maybe we should wait a few more minutes."

"Rina we have waited long enough..."

"Okay." Arina picked up her bag full of seashells she had collected that day and stood with her brother to head back up to the house. But as they turned to walk away the wind picked up and the sky darkened above them almost looking like it would threaten rain. The thunder cracked in the sky and Arina felt this pull so she turned around to see a woman walking on the surface of the water towards them.

"Al..." Arina tugged on her twins sleeve and he turned around and too stared at the woman until she hit the beach and walked towards them. "Al it's...her."

"I have been waiting for this moment for thirteen long years." Arina Goddess of the Sea said and she reached out and touched their faces. "Come you two, let's go see your parents."

"You're...you're Arina Bishop aren't you?" Alcander asked and Arina the elder nodded.

"I am...I am the Goddess your sister is named after and you are named after my cousin...God of the Sun. Come you two. And here today, fate changes again. Today is the start of your journey into a world your parents are from. A world faced with new challenges and perils. A world that needs you two."

And so the three of them walked back up to the house and the two parents waiting on the doorstep greeted a friend as if a day had not passed and they where not in the presence of a goddess. To them it was a family reunited and a story coming to a close.

And thus...it was the start of an entirely new one.

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