Harry wasn't sure what he was expecting. He had been lookin forward to the day when the war was over. He would be able to be a normal kid for once. He would be free of the pressure of the war. And when Voldemort was defeated in May he was sure it was a sign. But his life wasn't turning out as expected. He found many of the people he once thought friends were after his fame including Ron. He had been informed even with the war over he had to return to the muggles once more. Remus was named his guardian by his parents and Sirius but the ministry fought it. Harry found Albus was behind it. Harry had to remain here till he was seventeen. And then he planned to leave and never come back to this place. If not for Remus he would have fled the country all together.

On the eve of his birthday he had it all packed. He was Lord Potter-Black tomorrow and he would have access to his money. He knew the vault wasn't much but he would live at Grimmauld and he would find work. The twins were still close to him. He knew they would help out.

He looked at his bottomless bag as the countdown till midnight approached "Almost there."

But just as the clock struck midnight he heard a voice "Seems we were just on time."

Harry turned to see the twins "Fred and George?"

Fred beamed "In the flesh Happy birthday little brother."

George took his bags "But if we want to leave we have to leave now."

Harry was a bit confused but he trusted them. He had been rescued by them before. This time though they went out the front door. He was surprised when they had a portkey to take him. He realized they hadn't done this alone. It was either an illegal one they learned to make or they had some aid from someone. He knew he would have answers so he took hold of it. He had to be steadied by Fred when arrived.

He was surprised to find himself standing in the bank. He would have thought it closed but he saw the goblins at work. But his eyes went to the two people waiting. He ignored Severus and flew into the arms of Remus.

Remus kissed him on the head "Happy birthday cub."

Harry held to him "Moony what is going on?"

Before he could answer a goblin appeared "The manager is waiting for you."

Remus steered him to follow "I promise you will soon have all the answers you want."

Harry was led into the office. He was surprised to find Bill was there. The manager when told he was Harry handed him his rings as Lord Potter-Black and some documents to sign. He was claiming control of the two estates or so he thought. His first shock came in his vault was a trust fund and he in fact owned over sixty vaults and fourteen homes between Black and Potter. The second was there was a third title.

Harry looked at a third ring he was handed "Gryffindor? My dad was an heir?"

Remus shook his head "No your mother."

Severus saw his confusion "Lily and Petunia's mother was a squib. Since your Aunt was also a squib the title passes to you."

The title could only be claimed by one with magic. Rosamund had been adopted and had no idea she was a squib. Lily was informed by the bank on her seventeenth birthday. On the death of her great grandparents no one could claim the title to Lily. But she knew the risk from both Voldemort and Albus if she did. The heirs of three lines had been hidden and thought dead for centuries. There was 20 more vaults and two manors that went with it.

Remus explained "Albus has been using your money to fund the order."

Harry was in a rage "He has stolen from me?"

The goblin nodded "We have forms which will force him to repay every knutt if signed before the end of the first hour you are seventeen."

Harry understood "Moony you were allowed to take me this afternoon. I would have been unable."

There was more. If Harry remained living with his relatives for the summer he would be considered a minor for certain purposes for another year. Albus would have access to Harry's money for another year. Remus told Harry Albus informed him he couldn't take Harry for the day. He had convinced the ministry there was still danger to Harry. Remus was teaching in the fall Harry could leave campus evening and weekends. Remus could take him for apparition and to celebrate then.

The twins had been happy to help. There was a ten minute window to get him out of the wards. Now Harry was out he was an adult and even the ministry could not force him back. School was another matter. Harry wasn't too sad about the prospect of not returning.

Severus spoke "Then there is still the matter of what to do with you. We can have you apprentice instead but with whom and where is the question."

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