Bill and Harry were home, and free of Albus, they could enjoy it. Harry would be apprenticing full time in the fall, with every intention of joining the United, the following year. And Bill returned to the bank, the new head of the curse breaking department, not minding the desk job. Charlie was enrolled in the vet program, and he and Viktor moved permanently into Grimmauld, claiming just to be friends and roomies. But by early fall, there was no denying the two of them were dating, even before Harry nearly walked in on them. He reminded them, if they were not wanting to be interrupted, they should not be half naked in his sitting room. That had led to a lot of blushing, Harry reminding them even if he was meant to have been at school, others knew the passwords to. He and Bill were living at school, and spending weekends though, here in London.

Bill felt the draw tug on him more, and he knew he couldn't wait. He proposed to Harry, on Halloween, of all days. He had used memories from their travels, and had included even a living vampire, Harry's grandsire had come. They decided not to wait, and marry on Christmas eve.

Harry stood in his room at the manor nervous. "I don't know why I am so nervous. I love him more than my own life."

Fred reminded him. "And you're already bonded."

Remus kissed his godson on the head. "It's normal cub, I promise."

Vlad had appeared. "My young kin, I must say it is quite unusual to be invited to a human wedding."

Harry turned to look at him. "I am grateful you were at my proposal, and here today."

Vlad noticed that Harry wore the dagger he gave him, though it would be hidden under his robes. "I am grateful that was never needed."

Harry had been told he could summon help from those like the centaurs with it. "I'm glad as well."

The man kissed him on the cheek. "I will not be seen by the others, but I am here. I know your mother would have been proud."

Harry hoped so, he had been told so, by all but Molly. He was led from the room by Remus, Fred with Luna and Oliver followed. He had claimed Fred as his best man, while Charlie would be for Bill. Viktor and George were also standing up for Bill, Viktor a bit surprised, but was happy to. Fleur was among the guests, they were getting married at the home they spent last Christmas, in Wales. The snow covered back gardens were a perfect backdrop, a warming spell used so their guests didn't freeze, and winter roses poking through the snow, on the bushes lining the area. The arch Bill stood under, was actually a gate into the next part of the garden, but had been done up in the roses, and some lilies added.

Harry was close to tears, the entire time as he and Bill pledged their love, once again. They had already bonded themselves, sealing to one another until one of them died, but this was the last step. Harry knew he was only eighteen, but this was what he wanted, more than anything.

Lucius looked at Harry. "Do you Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor take William as your husband, in body, soul and magic, till death?"

Harry nodded. "I do."

And he turned to Bill. "Do you William Arthur Weasley, take Harry as your husband, in body, soul and magic, till death?"

Bill nodded. "I do."

Fred handed his brother a ring. "Take this ring and claim Harry as your husband, while I stand witness."

Bill slid the ring on, next to the engagement ring, the bond ring on the next finger. "With this ring I take you as my husband and bond."

Charlie handed a ring to Harry. "Take this ring and claim my brother as your husband, while I stand witness."

Harry slid the ring on him. "With this ring I take you as my husband and bond."

Lucius was proud to have performed the ceremony. "By the powers that be, I pronounce you husbands. You may seal it with a kiss."

Harry and Bill shared a long passionate kiss. When they were done, they signed the forms, and Bill became a Potter with Harry. It would be some time before they had kids, Harry wanted to play quidditch for a time, but the day would come. Arthur was there as well as his sons, Molly and the other three weren't invited, and wouldn't have come likely anyways. Molly had not spoken to any of them, since the dinner.

Speaking of dinners, the reception was in the dining room and library. The doors between the two had been opened, and spells used to make them feel one room, as there was no ballroom. They only had their close friends and family, so only about forty guests, so it was enough space.

Fleur came over to them in the room. "I'm so happy you guys invited me to come."

Bill kissed her on the cheek. "Your friendship means a lot to both of us. I am happy your grandmother and Gabrielle came as well."

Narcissa had come over. She and Andromeda had been the ones to plan this all for them. "Dinner is about to start boys.

Harry kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you for doing this all for us."

Andromeda had come over as well. "You're family, and we're happy you allowed us to be part of it, and help plan."

The room was beautiful, lined with massive Christmas trees in lights and silver snowflakes, the ceiling had a spell like the school did. The centerpieces were beautiful vases of lilies and winter roses, but the bottom was filled with ornaments. The dinner had the feeling of Christmas dinner, they had celebrated the day before, as they would be away on their honeymoon. There was a dance in the gardens, out on the patio, once again with spells, but it felt like you were in a snow globe. Their bond ceremony had been special, but nothing like this.

Harry was amazed as they went off on their honeymoon later. "Today was so perfect."

They had been married now for almost four years, bonded just over that. Harry had spent his three years with the United, league champions two years, and was ready to teach next semester. He had played out the season, as he was early in his pregnancy, and had retired for good. Bill had never regretted taking a desk job again. They had thought to wait until now to start a family, as Harry wanted to play, but it hadn't happened. Bill had found himself pregnant two years ago, and given birth to their son. Harry had always wanted to be the carrier, but they swapped places, and spells didn't always work. Bill never regretted it, though he wouldn't be the carrier again, as they loved their two year old little boy.

This time Harry was the carrier as they always intended, wanting another one at least. Remus and Severus had married a year ago, and had named Harry the heir of the Prince estate, and another title. For now their little boy was the Potter heir, and this one would be the Black heir.

Harry looked down at his beautiful daughter as she nursed. "This is amazing."

Bill kissed him. "I felt the same way when I nursed. I never thought I'd enjoy it as much."

Harry had a mischevious grin. "Since we may need four, since we gained a new title, you could always carry again."

Bill went pale from that. "Or we could just double up on titles."

Harry kissed him tenderly. "You know I love carrying, and now I am teaching, it will be easier."

Bill took their daughter for a burp. "No longer an apprentice. I think you have the record for longest, a year with me, four with Filius."

Harry shrugged. "Different jobs and besides it was never full time with Filius."

He hadn't needed to apprentice with the man, not needed for charms, but he had been happy to. It was September 2nd, and Filius would teach this semester, before he retired for good. He was happy for Harry, when he learned he was pregnant, and to help out. The family was waiting outside, the Malfoys and Tonks with Harry's dad, and Arthur with the four welcoming brothers. Arthur had divorced Molly two years ago, and kicked her out, the boys surprised the two weren't bonded. He had come to the end of his patience with the woman. Ron had taken off a few years ago, and last they knew, he was working and living with Hermione in Australia. Ginny was playing for the Harpies.

Remus led the way in, when they were allowed. Viktor and Luna were there, they were as close as ever, the bond for the heirs. Luna was holding a two year old, not her own who Neville had in his arms, but theirs. Their little boy Jaden William had turned two in June.

Jaden smiled when he saw his daddies. "Daddy, baby?"

Harry reached for his son as Bill still had the baby. "Yes Prince, this is your little sister."

Bill held her so Jaden could get a better look at his sister. "What do you think little man?"

Jaden smiled. "Cute Papa, we keep."

Remus laughed when he heard that. "Well if she is a keeper, perhaps I should take a look at her."

Bill handed her to him. "Go see your Grandpa little one."

Arthur and Remus both took a look, and shared the honors, of her grandpa. Harry may have been an adult, but in the last years, he had come to call Remus his dad. He had always felt like a dad, but the bond had grown stronger, especially with the kids. Harry was happy, as he looked around, that his kids had such a loving family to take care of them.

Fred and Charlie served as godfather to Jaden. This time they asked Luna and George for their little girl this time. Charlie and Viktor had been married now for almost two years, so since Viktor's husband was, he wasn't chosen yet.

George was happy to accept and looked at the baby. "What name have you chosen for her?"

Harry did the honors with her. "This little princess is our Camelie Lyra Potter."

Remus was a bit surprised by the name. "That is quite pretty."

Bill explained. "Camelie is the Romanian name for the Camellia plant. And it was the name of Harry's vampires ancestor."

Camelie would be Lady Black, so her middle name was a constellation, for the family tradition. Harry wanted a flower for his mother, and the name was not only that, but for the mother of Cleone. Jaden had been named for their travels, they were reminded of all the Jade, down in the emperor's tomb when they were in China. Jaden had William as a middle name, both for Bill, but also Harry's grandfather's name.

Harry snuggled with his husband and two kids for a photo. "I never thought an apprenticeship at the bank could lead to such happiness."

An: I thought the end of Harry's second apprenticeship, and his happy ever after, was a good finale for the story. I hope you enjoyed.