FATE (Gundam SEED - Kira, Fllay, PG)

Disclaimer: Gundam Seed is (c) to Bandai Entertainment.

Mornings like these are what Kira fought so long and hard for. Waking up next to Fllay, the thin sheet barely shielding his roaming eyes over her nude frame; looking over to the sun streaming through blinds, and hearing the tweets of Fllay's pet birds ready for their breakfast. Kira smiles pleasantly, stretching on his side of the bed before propping himself up to stare at Fllay. Her flaming red hair is much longer and strands have made their way to rest teasingly between her rising bosom. He has to resist to move them-and cop a little feel-because she needs to sleep. Last night proved too strenuous for her fragile body.

It's been two years since his visit to Lancon Rest Home, and two years since his visit where he was told Fllay's memories had returned. When walking towards her room that day he pictured being hit over the head with something. After all, he did fail to save her and her family. What else was waiting for him except a angry coordinator-hater. However, he was surprised when she wanted to just talk with him. Though, throughout their conversation he suspected she wanted to deck him across the chin when her fist would curl in tight balls after hearing about the fates of all she had come to respect during the war.

It took a year for him to convince her that he loved her. Another few weeks convincing the doctors she was fine. But when he had succeeded and she was safely at his side, then did he feel it was only natural for him to promise her. He promised her during Memorial Day that he loved her and would spend the rest of his life proving that he did.

That was the night she smiled after so long from being gone. It was tiny, almost unnoticeable as her thick hair was whipping around her figure, but it was the most beautiful sights Kira ever laid his eyes on.

And now two years later, he was still proving himself of his love for her. Finally unable to resist, he leaned over to kiss her temple, murmuring, "Good morning, love."