I can't understand! Why he always have to do exactly the opposite of what I say? He never listens to me! He always gets in trouble and I always have to pay the price for it.

Master Splinter always blame for that, even when I know whose fault it is. But he says as the leader of this team I have to be more responsible, more mature, and so on…

I know I have to be a great leader for this team, but why I have to be good when Raph makes me feel that my training is useless?

I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of everything! I just want to give up!

But… I can't… I just can't! Especially for Raph. Maybe he doesn't know… but he's my favorite. He's my best friend!

I don't care if he hurt me; if he never obeys me. I love him so much… I would give my life for him. I hope someday we could get along at least for a week!

Well… I'm starting to write some TMNT POVs. This is about Leo as you can see.

I have to tell you… I wrote this 'cause I had an argument with my "sister"… and my "mother" blame for that.

She and I have the same love-hate relationship like Leo and Raph… ^_^ Interesting huh?

Maybe you're asking why I put " " when I write family terms like sister, mother, etc… well, if you read my bio… I don't have a good relationship with the members of my "family". I don't hate them but I can't love them either.

Well… if you want to review this… then do it! Thanks ^_^